8 Easy Oven-Baked Desserts to Prepare on The Weekends

There’s something deeply satisfying about spending a weekend afternoon in the kitchen, with the sweet aroma of baking wafting through the house. And if you love whipping up delectable treats to share with loved ones, this weekend is the right time to make the most of oven-baked desserts and bring everyone together.

Baking is an activity that not only fills our homes with the alluring aroma of sweet treats, but it’s also an extremely versatile method that allows for a host of exciting dessert options. Plus, baking itself can become a joyful weekend activity for the whole family. From mixing the batter to waiting for the sweet treats to emerge from the oven, every step can be a shared experience.

Here are some easy-to-prepare oven-baked desserts that are perfect for your weekends.

1.   Cakes

No dessert list would be complete without a cake, and wouldn’t it be great if it’s sugar-free? Like other cakes, the sugar-free version has a rich history and owes its creation to health-conscious bakers looking to enjoy sweetness without guilt. This cake uses substitutes like fruit purees or artificial sweeteners coupled with the usual ingredients like flour, eggs, and butter. The result is a moist, fluffy cake that satisfies your sweet tooth without the extra calories. Interestingly, several traditional cake recipes can be tweaked to be sugar-free, much like these sugar free cake recipes.

2.   Fruit-filled Galette

Galettes are a beautiful example of French pastry culture and offer a perfect way to showcase seasonal fruit. A galette’s primary components are a buttery, flaky pastry filled with sweetened fruit. The fruit’s natural flavors, whether you use apples, berries, or stone fruits, shine through and provide a lovely contrast to the rich pastry. Making a galette is simpler than it might appear – you roll out the dough, spread the fruit mixture in the middle, fold the edges over, and bake until golden.

3.   Chocolate Chip Cookies

We cannot compile a list of oven-baked desserts without including the classic chocolate chip cookies. Born out of an accidental experiment by Ruth Wakefield in the 1930s, these cookies have remained a firm favorite worldwide. Their key ingredients are straightforward: a combination of butter, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, and of course, chocolate chips, all coming together to create that distinctive, beloved flavor. The crispy edges and gooey chocolate interiors make them irresistible, creating an exquisite blend of textures in every bite. Baking them is a breeze, requiring simple mixing and dolloping onto a tray before being baked to perfection.

4.   Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are another classic treat that hails from the American culinary landscape. Originating in the late 18th century, they’re a beautiful amalgamation of flour, sugar, eggs, and milk, livened by a generous helping of juicy blueberries. These muffins offer a burst of berry flavor in every bite, contrasting the sweet, cake-like muffin base. Making them involves gently folding the blueberries into the batter to ensure even distribution and then spooning the mixture into muffin tins before baking.

5.   Savory Scones

While typically considered a breakfast or brunch item, savory scones make a lovely oven-baked treat for any time of day. Originating from Scotland, these delicious biscuits are crafted from flour, butter, and milk, with added savory ingredients like cheese, herbs, and sometimes bacon. The result is a crumbly, golden pastry that’s satisfyingly savory. Like many other pastries, scones are made by cutting chunks of cold butter into the flour, creating a coarse mixture, and then adding the wet ingredients until a dough forms. Baking them to golden brown yields a delicious treat that’s as good with a cup of tea as it is with a glass of wine.

6.   Cinnamon Rolls

Few things compare to the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls wafting through your home. An import from Sweden, cinnamon rolls are made of a soft, yeasted dough filled with a buttery cinnamon-sugar mixture. Once baked, they are typically topped with sweet icing for a layer of decadence.

Making them involves preparing a yeasted dough, letting it rise, rolling it out, and spreading the filling. Once rolled up and sliced, they bake in the oven until puffy and golden.

7.   Classic Cheesecake

While cheesecake’s origins can be traced back to ancient Greece, the New York version is most well-known today. A typical cheesecake consists of a buttery graham cracker crust, a smooth cream cheese filling, and often a sour cream topping. The cream cheese filling is sweet, tangy, and creamy, contrasting the crunchy crust.

Making a cheesecake involves baking the crust first, then adding the filling and baking again. Though it requires some patience, the result is well worth the wait.

8.   Apple Tart

Lastly, let’s discuss the apple tart, a dessert that’s as classic as delicious. Believed to have originated in Europe, the apple tart is a dessert that showcases the beauty and flavor of apples. The main ingredients are pastry dough, apples, sugar, and often a bit of cinnamon. The beauty of an apple tart lies in its simplicity. The sweetness and slight tartness of the apples, combined with the buttery crust, create an elegant and comforting dessert.

Baking an apple tart can be a delightful way to use extra apples in your house and create a dessert that will impress everyone.

Tips for Successful Oven Baking

Now that you’re armed with these fantastic dessert recipes let’s share some general tips for successful oven baking:

  1. Always preheat your oven: This ensures even baking and accurate cooking times.
  2. Know your oven: Some ovens run hotter or colder than others, so adjust your baking times accordingly.
  3. Use quality ingredients: The better the ingredients, the better your baked goods will taste.
  4. Don’t overmix your batter: This can result in a tough end product.
  5. Use the middle rack: Unless the recipe states otherwise, the middle rack will provide the most even heat distribution.


Baking is a fantastic way to spend your weekends, filling your home with delicious aromas and your bellies with delicious treats. These easy oven-baked dessert recipes can add a special touch to your weekend, especially if you’re baking for relaxation. What’s best is that you get to share these treats with your loved ones and spread and receive some love.