Best Battery Powered Cars for Kids [Top 5 Reviewed]

Best Battery Powered Cars for KidsThis article reviews the best battery powered cars for kids. It does not matter if they are toddlers or older, children are often excited with the thrill and the joy of having their own battery-powered ride.

Children often enjoy playing around with moving objects including cars. One of the best toys for kids is battery-powered cars (Source).


Top Battery Powered Cars 

1. Henes Broon T870 Powertrain – Best Overall

The Henes Broon T870 brand is available in various versions and is one of the premium cars that you can purchase for your little one. It provides great traction on the rubber tires, which are perfect for off road action.

The car comes with bucket seats, doors with handles, lights, speedometer, turn signals, suspension and electronic steering. The company has outdone itself with the T870 cars. As much as they are on the premium end of the market, the power wheels are not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are after the top battery powered car on the market, then this is the best deal. It comes in various colors such as red, black, white, mustard and cream. It also comes with a tablet on the dashboard for convenient control of the car’s unique and exciting features.


  • Remote controlled
  • Luxurious
  • Comfortable leather seat


  • Not user-friendly

2. Batman Bat mobile 6v Car – Best For Kids Ages 1 Through 5

Our guess is this model was what batman must have driven when he was younger. It is a great model for kids between age 1-5 as it has low port and a remote control for the parents to use. The cool batman design is every kid’s dream. It brings sanity and peace of mind to mothers while giving fathers something to tinker with.

When it comes to batman cars, there are a variety such as the Dune Racer and the ATV series. The popularity of batman has been in existence since the early 60’s. His popularity since then has continued to rise, as he is a super hero that appeals to kids who are younger. The bat mobile is like taking a trip down memory lane.

The classic bat mobile styling makes this car stand out. It comes equipped with a music player and multicolored center lighting. A parental remote control makes the car easy for parents to manage.


  • Fancy music player
  • Cool and classy look
  • Headlights that work
  • Remote controlled


  • Short battery life

3. John Deere Kids Electric Tractor and Trailer – Most Sturdy 

This is a durable and long lasting battery powered car for kids. Aside from that, it offers farm fun especially since the battery motor makes children feel like they are driving a real tractor. For kids who are into farm machines then this is the ideal car. 

John Deere carefully considered all the details in the manufacture of the car. The trailer assists in reversing in an almost real way that will make the driver copy his favorite farmer. The car itself is reliable and has at automatic braking system. The seat is adjustable with armrests that flip up. The attached trailer is a great fit for kids in the entire family as they play and become entertained by the FM radio.


  • Wheels offer great traction
  • Suitable for kids between 2 and 7 years old
  • FM radio
  • Reverse option


  • Small for a tall child
  • Tires wear off easily

4. Peg Perego John Deere Gator 500 XUV – Best for a Group of Kids

The Peg Perego range has come up with another farm vehicle that can carry up to three kids if one seats on the trailer. Toddlers will definitely enjoy such a car and out of all the farm vehicles this model has appealed to most parents especially those with multiple children. 

The vehicle is strong and weatherproof and does not require special parking space. As for the shell of the car, it is basically unbreakable. The best part about this ride is it performs quite well even on wet terrain. Among the exciting features of the car is a cup holder that allows your little farmer to go around working while taking little sips.


  • Seats 3 children
  • Long warranty
  • Reverse and forward gears


  • Extremely large vehicle

5. Razor Force Drifter Kart – Best for Kids Older than 7 Years

When it comes to ride on cars, it is difficult to find one that accommodates kids older than seven. The Razor Drifter has turned that dream into a reality and sure indeed parents are finding it handy for their older children. If your little ones are too young for a gas-powered kart then the electric kart is an excellent choice. 

The Razor Drifter Kart does not fall short of its expectations. The tires offer a strong grip and the cart can slide around corners without tipping over. You will however need a bit of space so that your kid can enjoy the thrill of the Razor Drifter kart. 


  • Extended battery life
  • Well built
  • Does not tip over
  • Perfect for older kids


  • Needs plenty of storage space

Top Benefits 

Although battery powered cars for kids are a relatively new concept in the market they have many benefits. Compared to gas cars they are environmental friendly and safe to use.

One of the key benefits of the cars is the fact that they are responsible for the mental development of your children. Most kids who have the ride on cars expect to ride real cars in the future. You can see how keen they are when their parents are driving real cars when they emulate them.

It is a great way to get kids to enjoy outdoors fun. For the longest time since the introduction of internet into homes, most children prefer to play video games and indoor games as opposed to going out. By introducing such cars at home, it gives children the opportunity to explore and enjoy outdoors.

This version of vehicles relies on electricity to charge the attached battery so you cut costs on having to buy gas to keep the car running. The skyrocketing prices of fuel has made electric cars a more affordable and loved option.

More on the Benefits

The rechargeable batteries are not entirely free but they are easy to maintain compared to the gas options. With electric powered motors, there are no emissions of toxic smoke or gas because the cars run on clean source of energy. Basically, these cars encourage a green environment and are safe for the health of your children.

Noise pollution is a menace and battery powered cars reduce noise pollution. You can easily drive in crowded neighborhoods without a chance of disturbing the serenity of your surroundings, Due to the reduced noise there is also reduced vibration, which makes the cars comfortable to ride.

Electric drive system promise low maintenance. This is because with less moving parts comes less maintenance responsibility. There is no unnecessary engine work to be done or the need for lubrication, which lowers operational costs of the cars. 

In case your kids are looking for bigger toys like trucks with full remote control, buying top-rated Nitro RC trucks could be truly exciting. You kids will never forget the thrill and excitement of RC trucks against another competitor.

How to Choose 

Parents looking for battery-powered cars for kids have plenty of options to consider. At the same time, it is important to understand that each parent has different needs and expectations for the child’s safety when operating these toy cars.Therefore, what appeals to one child may not necessarily appeal to another one. It is essential to know what factors one should consider before making a purchase.

Age Guideline

The most important thing is the age guideline. This means the age of your child needs to be the first thing you consider because at the moment there are electric cars for various age groups .Choose a car that is appropriate for the age of your child.

It does not make sense to choose a car with complicated features for a one year old that half the time will not understand what is happening. To understand this further, compare with the guidelines given by the manufacturer.


To buy the car you need money and a budget as well. There are plenty options many of which are pocket friendly. Create a budget and stick to it .Check online or visit nearby toy stores so that you can know roughly how much you may require or how much you are comfortable spending.

The prices vary from shop to shop and from brand to brand. An electric car can cost anything from 100 to $500.The larger it is and the more features it has the more it is likely to be expensive.

Car Style

They come in various styles, which range from unique models that do not fall in any category .Then there are styles like trucks, SUVS, ATVs or luxury cars. Select a car that matches your child’s taste and character.


Emphasis should always be put on brands. The model you want to select needs to be influenced by the brand. There are many upcoming and already established brands but you are best suited with a brand that you know.

A brand that has good reviews and top ratings is great to go along with especially since you are assured of getting a quality product. Another major importance of a reputable brand is the fact that you have a manufacture to rely on in case anything goes wrong.

Nobody wants a manufacturer who cannot help you when the car has an issue or you have a query.

Power Supply

Children cars are powered through electric batteries therefore the strength and size of battery has a say in the general performance of the car. Most of the batteries used in kid’s cars are around 6 to 12 volts.The power supply has an impact on the run time and speed.That is why it is important to settle for batteries that are high quality so that you do not have to change batteries often.

6-volt batteries can allow a car to move for more than a hour. A total of 12 volts on the other hand will allow cars to operate for at least three hours. A good brand will most times have a battery and charger combination kit.

An important thing to note is the part number, which will make it easy to choose a replacement battery. Also, select models that charge quickly so that your child may be able to take the car for a spin at least more than once.


The cars come in an array of speed, design and weight limit that can affect the driver plus the way it is driven. Safety is a major concern to most parents and they would rather go with a car that considers the ability and age of a child. In regards to safety equipment, ensure things like helmets, harness systems, safety belt and knee pads are among the available options.


A good product has an extended warranty and battery powered cars should not be an exception. With a warranty, you are guaranteed of the quality of a product. It is advisable to settle for a warranty that is long.This comes in handy and prevents inconveniences that are as a result of defective parts.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Currently electric ride on cars are the hottest and trending items in the printing world. It has created a fun way for kids to enjoy outdoors while keeping them excited.

More kids are continuing to emulate their parents and are finding a way to better relate. As for the experience of driving a car, it is exciting especially since many of the features are almost similar to the ones of a real car.

If you have been wondering what to get your child as a gift worry no more with the review given you have plenty of options on what to get your little one.

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