Best Collapsible Wagons For Beach & Camping

Best Collapsible WagonsAre you planning a tailgate party at your favorite sports venue? Or maybe you’replanning to enjoy a nice sunny day at the beach. Whether you are going camping or having a picnic, a collapsible wagon can make things a whole lot easier.

Moving around your stuff from your car to the spot can be tiring and even extremely annoying. But with a folding wagon, you can safely and easily move everything you need at one go without breaking a sweat.

Simple things like taking groceries from the car to your home or items to your garden can also be simplified with a wagon. It can make it easier for you to move your items around. The main stumbling block is finding the right wagon because they come in different styles and serve different purposes. A good collapsible wagon though should be sturdy, spacious, made from quality materials, offers easy maneuverability and is very easy to store. Below we’ve listed the top 5 folding wagons you can find in the market. We have included a short review of each product. It will give you more insight into what makes them stand out compared to the rest.


Top Collapsible Wagons

1. Mac Sports Utility Wagon – Best Overall Collapsible Wagon

The Mac Sports Utility wagon is by far the best folding wagon on the market. It strikes a very good balance between price, quality, and functionality. It’s reliable, sturdy, and durable and looks quite simple but offers valuable functionality.

Build Quality

The unit is supported by a strong stainless steel frame and weighs around 22.6 pounds, so it’s really solid and sturdy as you pull it. The frame is firm enough to hold very heavy items without getting damaged.

The canvas covering the all-metal frame is a 600 denier polyester fabric. It’s thick and quite tough. It’s not going to wear and tear easily. You can carry sharp garden tools like trowels, clippers, and shovels without having to worry about ripping or puncturing the canvas.

Given that it’s made from polyester, it will also withstand the harsh outdoor conditions without compromising its integrity.

Maneuvering this Mac Sports’ wagon is no hustle. The handle is adjustable allowing you to extend it to your preferred length and steer the wagon by turning its front wheels. It also features a latch that holds it in place which makes storing it much easy.


The wheels are relatively heavy duty but will navigate most types of terrain. They are made out of durable rubber and have deep groove tracks. It provides plenty of traction to prevent the wagon from sliding side to side even when carrying heavy loads.


The wagon is heavy duty and as well very spacious. It can carry up to 150 pounds of stuff which is quite a high load limit for folding wagons.  The internal space is also roomy measuring around 32.5 x 17.5 x 10.5 inches.

So, it can handle even more labor intense-jobs like toting heavy sports equipment for a team or moving lumber on a job site. You can easily fit lawn chairs, bookbags, coolers, and other supplies inside the wagon without overwhelming it.

There are even mesh cup holders on either side of the handle where you can store more fragile items. This particularly refers to beverages which might bump around if placed in the main compartment. It’s fairly convenient as far as storage is concerned.

Folding Mechanism

One of the best parts about the Mac Sports Utility wagon is its folding capability. There is a little black piece of fabric that’s attached to the inside. All it takes is to pull it up and the wagon folds up in a cinch.

It’s around 8 inches once folded and feels lighter. You can easily grab it from any side when you are on the go. Finally, you won’t break a sweat assembling this wagon because there is absolutely nothing to assemble. The moment you receive it you just unfold it, load it up and haul anything you want.

The only slight setback but shouldn’t be a deal breaker is that the wheels might strain a bit in sandier areas but will not slide. They have good traction but they are a bit thin hence more suitable for asphalt and some rockier areas.

So, overall, if you are not planning to frequent the beach that much, then this Mac Sports Utility collapsible wagon should be on top of your list. It has the durability, stability, capacity and portability you would want in a foldable wagon.


  • Very strong construction
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Lots of room for loads
  • Rubber tires offer great traction
  • Stain resistant canvas that’s easy to clean


  • Not ideal for sandier areas

2. Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Wagon – Best Multifunctional Collapsible Wagon

Are you looking for a multipurpose collapsible wagon that can address all your needs without digging deep into your pocket? If so, this Radio Flyer 3-in-1 wagon is the right option for you.

Build Quality

The wagon is sturdy and has one of the strongest metal frames on this list. It can hold very heavy items or even three kids without breaking down. The DuraClean fabric that covers the frame is tough as well and not likely to wear or tear easily.

However, the highlight of this Radio Flyer collapsible wagon is its multi-mode design. There’s a flatbed mode for hauling your stuff, a 2 rider seating mode, and a bench seating mode.

For the 2 rider seat mode, there are thick soft paddings on both ends that act as seats. It will keep your kids comfortable while riding the wagon. They also provide ample protection to everything that you put inside the cart.

You can equally turn the unit into a bench by simply zipping the side panel and removing the Velcro strap. The best part is that the unit features a canopy with built-in poles that retract smoothly and snap in place. So, it’s a very versatile wagon that you can transform according to your needs.

Handing this wagon will not present any problems. The handle is telescopic and as such, you can adjust it to accommodate your height. There is also a magnet inside the handle that helps keep it in place when you are not using the cart. It doesn’t hang on the ground like other models which can be a tripping hazard for children.


The wheels on this Radio Flyer unit are not the most rugged but will hold up pretty well on asphalt and smooth surfaces. They don’t provide much traction like tires that have deep grooves so they might be a bit harder to pull through wet grass and sandy beaches. Nonetheless, they roll very smoothly providing a unique quiet ride experience.


The interior of this collapsible wagon is large enough to accommodate a wide variety of items and can withstand a weight of up to 150 pounds.  Like the Mac Sports above, this too features two cup holders on the front with the addition of storage loops on the rear side. It allows you to attach several other items like towels and shoes.

Folding Mechanism

The unit is lighter than the other four and has a simple folding mechanism. All it takes is to pull the nylon handle that’s in the middle of the wagon and it folds into place.

If there is an issue to point out, it would probably be the lack of seat belts. They would have been a nice safety addition especially considering that the unit is to be used for hauling kids as well.

All in all, the Radio Flyer 3-in-1 wagon gives you plenty of options when it comes to usage. It’s sturdy, tough and likely to last for quite a long time.


  • Strong metal frame
  • Tough canvas
  • Spacious
  • Padded sides provide comfort
  • Very versatile
  • Folding up is a breeze
  • Easy to handle


  • Has no seatbelts
  • Might be hard to manoeuvre through sandy grounds

3. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Wagon – Best All-Terrain Collapsible Wagon 

In the third position, we’ve another Mac Sports and it’s none other than their heavy-duty collapsible wagon. If you are looking for the most stable and versatile unit that can conquer almost any terrain, then this is it.

Build Quality

To start off, everything about this Mac Wagon is built to the highest standard possible. It has a hefty frame made out of thick metal. This makes the entire structure once unfolded stronger than any of the other four wagons on our list.

The canvas that wraps around the frame is as well thicker and tougher. It’s a 600 denier polyester fabric that will definitely withstand the roughest conditions out there.

This wagon will easily and smoothly move over a wide variety of terrains including sandy beaches and rocky paths. The wheels are large and rugged with the front two wheels positioned closely together while the rear wheels are spread apart.

They provide a large surface area and great traction which translates to superior maneuverability across any terrain surface. Furthermore, they are rugged but don’t have deep grooves that might make the wagon to bounce. This means you will enjoy the smooth ride throughout.

You will also face no challenges when it comes to navigating the wagon. The handles adjust easily to fit nearly anyone. Plus the layout of the front wheels provides an ample turning radius allowing you to navigate tight spaces and sharp corners with much ease.


The unit can hold a lot of items at any given time. The interior space measures 36.2 x 21.4 x 24.6 inches, which is plenty of room for storing small to large objects. Considering its robust structure and tires, it can manage to support the weight of up to 150 pounds.

Set up and Folding Mechanism

No need of a sit-down either in order to figure out how to set it up. The wagon folds out to full size within seconds, hence no assembly required.

Folding it up is also pretty much straightforward. Its width is about 9.7 inches once folded and the two front wheels fit nicely in between the rear wheels making the whole thing compact and easier to store.

The only setback is that due to its robust structure and wheels, the unit feels somewhat heavy to carry. However, it comes with a handy carrying case that has a fabric strap which you can zip around the wagon to transport it with little straining.

Generally, when you look at the layout of the frame and wheels of this Mac wagon, you can tell that it’s built for heavy usage and maximum durability. It’s a quality unit that’s worth every penny.


  • Robust and durable construction
  • Suitable for almost all terrains
  • The interior is spacious
  • Easy to navigate
  • Folds up quickly
  • Has two cup holders


  • A bit heavy to carry

4. Timber Ridge Folding Wagon – Best Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon for Hard Terrains

collapsible wagon for toddlersFollowing the Mac, Sports is the Timber Ridge wagon which is also a bit of a beast by its own right. Timber Ridge is a very reputable brand that has been producing high-quality reliable sports and recreation equipment for long. This wagon does well to cement that reputation.

Build Quality

The frame is strong and solid made from steel and is covered by a fairly thick 600 denier polyester material. So, it’s not going to break down easily and you can expect it to last for a long period. Controlling the wagon is easy on most terrains.

The handle can extend and retract to suit people of varying heights. However, if you are bigger than an average tall person, the length might be a bit short even when fully extended. You will have to do some stooping when moving your gear.


Like the Mac Sports, this Timber Ridge wagon features four oversized wheels each 8 inches wide with rubber tape at the middle. They are thick with sufficient traction for traversing across most terrains.

The width is good for rough terrains and beach as well. But if the beach sand is soft and wet you might have a problem pulling it especially if it’s loaded to the maximum.

The best part though is that the front wheels can rotate 360 degrees, so it’s easy to turn into different positions. However, moving around sharp corners will take a bit of practice because the back wheels do not rotate, they are fixed.


The large-sized wheels combined with the heavy-duty frame provides enough stability to hold and transport heavy as well as light items.

The unit can support up to 150 pounds in weight on hard surfaces and around 110 pounds on the beach and sandy surfaces. It’s big and spacious too, measuring 35.5 x 18.4 x 12 inches. So, you won’t have to make frequent trips in order to move everything that you need. It can take a lot of stuff at a go.

Folding Mechanism

No assembly required with this one too. All it takes is pushing a nylon handle at the bottom and it opens up instantly. It can also be easily folded to a compact size and placed in the carry bag it comes with for storage.

Overall, this Timber Ridge wagon is solid and spacious just like the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Wagon. You may strain a bit with it on sandy and beach areas but in all other terrains you will have a smooth ride.


  • Strong and very sturdy structure
  • Wheels will roll smoothly on most surfaces
  • Allows for easy manoeuvring
  • Sets up instantly and folds up easily
  • Extremely durable


  • A little hard to pull on sandy beaches
  • Handles could be longer

5. WonderFold Outdoor Wagon – Best Collapsible Wagon for Money

The WonderFold takes the last spot on our list but not because it has little to offer. This is a high-end wagon packed with some nice features that make it stand out.

Build Quality

The first thing to like about this WonderFold Outdoor wagon is its unique design. The shell covering the steel frame is a 600 denier polyester fabric which is completely removable.  In other units, you can’t remove the fabric but this one allows you to remove it with buckles and Velcro, and clean it thoroughly.

The wagon will also keep your items dry in case it starts to rain. It features a canopy which not only gives it a nice modern look but also protects your items from the rain. The canopy doesn’t wobble around as you pull the wagon like in other cheaper models.

It’s very secure and is attached to a retractable pole that allows you to adjust it and lock it place into the steel frame. One of the things to appreciate about this WonderFold model is how easy it is to steer it around.

It has a very simple telescopic handle that can swivel right to left smoothly allowing you to maneuver almost at all angles and navigate tight corners.

Like the Radio Flyer 3-in-1 collapsible wagon above, the handle of this unit does not fall on the ground which is a common occurrence with many regular wagons. The handle has a special spring bounce design that ensures it’s always within arm’s reach.


Another area that the WonderFold Outdoor wagon seems to dominate very well is the wheel design. The wheels are EVA foam tires measuring 8 inches in diameter. They are quite thick but even much better, they have smooth rolling bearings.

They will withstand almost any type of terrain. From sand, gravel, grass, mulch and rocky surfaces, the wheels will keep the wagon stable and deliver a smooth roll that won’t require a lot of effort.

The feature that makes the wheel design of this WonderFold wagon the ultimate choice if you are planning to transport a lot of items and they are heavy is the safety brake system. You don’t have to put a stick under the wheels to hold it in place.

All it takes is to step on the foot pedal and the break is activated. It keeps the whole unit firmly fixed in place even when pulling it down or up an inclined surface.


When it comes to space, you will have very little to worry about because this collapsible wagon offers the largest storage space on our list. It measures 45.2 x 21.65 x 23.62 inches. It’s very roomy and tall with a padded bottom, and there’s even an additional storage basket that’s removable.

Aside from just size, this unit can carry the weight of up to 165 pounds and that’s the highest on this list. So, you are well covered as far as storage space for your stuff is concerned.

Folding up Mechanism

There is no assembly needed at all. You just unfold it and get it up and running. There are no clamps to come off, thereby no sweat when taking it down either. It folds up into a compact unit that’s small enough to fit almost in any trunk.

In general, if you are looking for capacity and stability, then this an option you might want to consider. The unit has all the features you would want in a wagon. It safe, convenient and will last for a long time.


  • Firm and stable construction
  • Removable fabric for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable canopy for protection against rain
  • Has an auto safety locking system to control front wheels
  • Can hold large and heavy items


  • The fabric may not be that durable

How To Choose 

Now that you have checked the top collapsible wagons on the market, it’s only wise to understand the core factors that make up the best wagon. It will help you make a more informed decision when doing you selection. These are some of the main areas you should focus on when purchasing a collapsible wagon:

1. Frame

Best Collapsible Wagons For CampingThe frame of the wagon and the fabric that covers it are the first things you want to consider because they form the foundation of the wagon.  The fame should be robust, made from thick steel or any other strong metal.

A sturdy frame means that you will be able to carry heavy loads without overwhelming the unit and it adds to the overall stability of the wagon. The downside though is that the unit might be a bit heavy, however, this you can live with but definitely not a flimsy wagon.

2. Material

The material covering the frame should also be thick and tough. You are going to use the wagon outside most of the times, so you want something that can take some roughness and tumble.

The best option here would be a canvas that’s made from a 600 denier or higher polyester material. The key is to ensure that both the frame and the shell are tough. In addition to handling the loads you will be carrying, it should also be able to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

3. Steering and Stability 

No matter how much a wagon can help you move so many things at one time, that won’t matter at all if it’s difficult and frustrating to maneuver around. The steering needs to be good and easy. In this case, two of the most important things to look out for are the handles and the wheels.

4. Handle 

The handle is what enables you to steer the wagon, so it needs to be comfortable and easy to use. Most models have a simple to pull handle.

However, a good option would be a unit that has an adjustable handle that can extend to suit individuals of varying heights and retract for easier storage.  You don’t want something short that can force you to stoop.

If the handle is directly attached to the wheels, that’s even much better. It will give you direct control over any direction without even having to pull the wagon itself. A good example here is Mac Sports Heavy Duty Wagon’s telescopic handle which is attached directly to the wheels.

If you are planning to haul kids most of the time, then you would also want to consider a unit where the handle does not fall on the ground as this can be a tripping hazard.

A good example is the Radio Flyer 3-in-1 wagon above which features a magnet in the handle that helps keep it in place. The WonderFold Outdoor wagon is also a great example. It has special spring bounce design that always keeps the handle within arm’s reach.

There are other wagons where you can snap the handle in to place or fit it into some sort of dock if not in use. Both are good options as well since you won’t have to keep picking the handle from the ground every time.

5. Wheels

Wheel type will vary from one wagon to another. Furthermore, your choice of wheels will depend on where you are planning to use the wagon. Here, you have two options, thin or thick wheels.

If you will be hauling your wagon over driveways, sidewalks or planning to use it on flat surfaces, for the most part, then smaller or thinner wheels are more efficient.

However, for sandy beaches, rough and uneven terrains or anything else that’s difficult to traverse, you will need a wagon with wider wheels. They offer a large surface area which makes rolling through sand easier.

Aside from the width, you also want to ensure that the wheels have good traction to provide great stability when moving. In this case, you should consider the ones that have groove patterns but not too deep especially for wider wheels as this may lead to a bumpy ride.

You want wheels that roll smoothly on any terrain. At the same time, they should be strong enough to handle the weight of the items you will be carrying.

6. Capacity

The amount of cargo space will solely depend on your needs. If you are planning to use the cargo for transporting groceries or household items, a smaller wagon will do fine.

On the other hand, if you are going to haul a lot of cargo or even kids, then you have to look for a larger wagon. A more convenient option would be a unit that has an interior space measuring 35 x 18 x 15 inches or higher.

In addition to cargo space, the weight capacity of the wagon is something else that’s worth checking. You need a strong wagon that won’t wobble on the road once it’s loaded up.

Most top wagons can support a maximum capacity of around 150 pounds. This is the minimum weight you should consider, but if you planning to carry heavier equipment, then a higher weight capacity will be much better.

7. Ease of Folding and Unfolding

One of the advantages of buying a collapsible wagon is that there is very little assembly required and there are even some models that require no assembling. However, while the folding mechanism might be straightforward for most wagons, not all will be easy to store once folded down.

Therefore, if your storage space is limited, then you have to look for a unit that folds down to a more compact size. Such a unit can take up less space when you need to store it.

8. Extra Features & Added Accessories

Best Collapsible Wagons For FieldFinally, there some special features you might also want to take into consideration as they can come in handy in certain situations. This includes cup holders for storing beverages and canopy which can help provide shed for your stuff or kids.

Furthermore, if you will be hauling your kids around, make sure you pick a cart that has comfortable padding and seat belts to keep them safe and cozy. As the market becomes saturated with folding wagons, manufacturers are coming out with various improvements in their design.

For example, we have seen wagons with umbrella holders that can hold five beach chairs at once. Many companies incorporate insulated coolers in their designs to stand above the rest on the market. Features like cell phone holders and utility trays accompanied by lightweight design are becoming prevalent these days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a Collapsible Wagon?

In addition to featuring a collapsible design, these wagons have sturdy construction. By sustaining weight, they can make it easier for you to carry a number of objects, even if you have heavy ones among them. This is why you should consider using a collapsible wagon.

Be careful when shopping for such a wagon though. Look for something capable of handling the outdoor conditions and not wear or tear easily. You want to use a wagon that can last for years without having any issues.

Why Collapsible Wagons Are Preferred Over the Traditional Ones?

Just like the traditional wagons, the folding models are meant to make it easier to transport various items from one place to another. So, why most people prefer them over traditional ones?

Collapsible wagons feature a compact design, which makes them fit in any car. This allows you to put your wagon just about anywhere when not in use. Once folded down, it takes up less space and is easy to store.

How To Fold A Collapsible Wagon?

Having a good understanding of how to correctly fold and unfold your wagon will prevent you from struggling with the unit assemble. It’s all about the folding mechanism.

However, keep in mind that every wagon works slightly differently. This is why you need to closely study the instructions and try to fold and unfold a new wagon several times at home. That will help you streamline your day at the beach.

What’s the Best Way To Pack Your Collapsible Wagon?

To get the most out of your wagon, make sure your items are well organized by laying them out in one of the common areas. That will help you create a clear vision of how much you can fit inside. Take into account the specific layout of your wagon when packing your items. If the wagon comes with side pockets, you’ll need to use them for water bottles, books, electronics, or glasses. Then, you can proceed with a large main compartment.

It is advisable to start with the heaviest items. That will keep your gear safe while dispersing the weight at the same time. Things like a tent, cooler, and beach chairs should go in first. You will then need to place bulky items like blankets and big towels. Food, sandals, toys, and smaller items will go on top.

Portable & High Quality

Best Collapsible WagonCollapsible wagons are trendy and highly portable. They are extremely robust and come at a very reasonable price. If you want a high-quality, durable folding wagon that offers valuable functionality, Mac Sports is a safe bet. Yet it’s a matter of picking a wagon option that best suits your preference.

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