Best Face Masks For Kids [With Glasses & Without]

Best Face Masks For KidsKids now have to wear face masks in public spaces, as all the adults do. Safe to say, this time last year, none of us were expecting to buy face masks for kids.

So much has changed this year alone and just one of those changes is that we need to be wearing face coverings in public spaces, older children included.

As this is new territory for all of us, you may be struggling to decide what face mask to even purchase your child.

In this list, we review the best face masks for kids from brands like Cat & Jack of Target to masks with your kid’s favourite characters and even the disposable masks. We’ll also highlight masks for those who wear glasses or have asthma.

Best Face Masks For Kids

Product NameBest FeatureAge Range
Kids’ 2pk Cloth Face Masks by Cat & JackMade of comfortable 100% cotton3 years and up
Kids’ 3pk PAW Patrol Face Mask by TargetFeatures favorite characters3 years and up
Dr. Talbot’s Disposable Kid’s Face Mask by NubyDisposable 4 to 12 years
Crayola 5-Day Cloth Face Mask SystemHave name tags for school use3 to 11 years
3-Ply Reusable Face Mask by EnerPlexThree-layer design3 to 9 years old


1.Dr. Talbot’s Disposable Kid’s Face Mask

You may decide reusable masks aren’t the way to go with your child. You may find yourself preferring the convenience of disposable masks. Standard disposable masks are suitable to fit a child’s face snugly, so you’ll have to choose disposable masks made for kids. 

What We Like

These Dr. Talbot masks include an easy-bend nose clip for the perfect fit. 

These masks don’t have filter pockets because they don’t need them! Each of these masks is made with a high-density filter paper in the middle layer! This layer is efficient at blocking out irritants like pollen, making it the best mask for a child with asthma or allergies.

What We Don’t Like

Disposable masks are great for convenience’s sake, but they aren’t the best choice for the environment. Plus, if you need a mask often, the costs can add up.

2. Crayola 5-Day Cloth Face Mask System

Crayola is a name we have all trusted for years. Now, they are offering us bright and colorful face masks for kids that are perfect for back-to-school! 

What We Like

Most schools require all masks to be labeled with names. These masks have attached name tags for your convenience! 

Thanks to adjustable ear loops, these masks can accommodate children from three years old, all the way to 11-year-olds!

If you’re stressing about safely washing all these face masks, worry no more. Included with your mask system is a mesh laundry bag for keeping these masks clean and strong all year long.

What We Don’t Like

Check the sizing chart before purchasing. Customers have found these masks run small.

3. Reusable Face Mask (3-Ply) by EnerPlex

Right now, the market is flooded with masks, both mass-produced and homemade. There are so many patterns and color choices out there, but sometimes we just like a classic look. These breathable neutral masks will match just about anything.

What We Like

These premium face masks are made with three layers of high-quality and water-resistant materials. The center layer is tightly woven to filter out particles but still allows breathability

The mask’s lay-flat seams mean a snug and secure fit across the nose and along the underside of the chin. Nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out!

Whether your child is running or jumping, this mask stays in place. Your child won’t have to touch their face to adjust their mask because it has started creeping up to their eyes! This security makes it the best mask for children with glasses.

What We Don’t Like

While these masks are super comfortable, they only come in solid colors, so they aren’t the most exciting on this list. Your kids may want something with a bit more pizazz. 

Best Face Masks for Kids with Glasses

With face masks, glasses present unique challenges. While wearing a mask, glasses wearers often find their glasses fogging up from their own breath. Of course, impaired vision isn’t ideal for a child trying to navigate the world. 

To prevent the fog, your child will need a mask that fits snugly on the face. For the best fit, look for a nose wire and adjustable ear loops. Here are the best masks for glasses wearers.

4.Crayola 5-Day Cloth Face Mask System

 These bright and colorful masks offer a close fit to the face to help prevent glasses fog. With an adjustable nose clip and earloops, your child can create a custom fit just for his or her face.

Best Face Masks for Kids with Asthma

You might feel apprehensive about your asthmatic child wearing a face mask at all. Surely, sufferers of a condition that makes breathing difficult should avoid masks? 

Actually, no. For asthma sufferers, COVID-19 symptoms could be especially severe, so a face mask is a vital tool in protecting your child. Here are two masks that are ideal for asthmatic children. 

Disposable masks may get pricey, but at least it means your child doesn’t have to wear anything washed with irritating detergents on his or her face. Also, for many asthmatics, pollen is a significant trigger. These three-layer masks are recommended for blocking pollen from entering the airway. 

When it comes time to mask your child, you’ll need to offer them something to easy to breathe in. The Cat & Jack masks are not only comfortable, but they are made from 100% breathable cotton!

These quality face masks are designed with lay-flat seams. These seams fit snugly around the nose, the cheeks, and under the chin for a tight seal to keep hot air from causing glasses condensation. 

5.Kids’ 2pk Cloth Face Masks by Cat & Jack

Cat & Jack is Target’s brand that has come to be known for its fun and stylish children’s clothing. With the global pandemic still raging, the company turned its efforts towards making 100% cotton face masks for younger ones.

What We Like

In this pack, you’ll receive two reversible face masks. Most of the styles include one patterned side, while the other is a solid color. You’ll have a mask for every mood!

If you have a stash of filters or plan on getting some, this mask has a filter pocket ready to accommodate. For the best fit, be sure to adjust the plastic nose wire!

What We Don’t Like

Be sure to check the sizing chart before purchasing – customers have found these masks run large

6.Kids’ 3pk PAW Patrol Face Mask by Target

You can consider these bright and vibrant masks toddler-approved. It’s the only mask I have been able to get my 2-year-old to keep on for a long period of time!

What We Like

While this particular set features the doggy friends from Paw Patrol, Target sells these mask 3-packs designed with other popular characters, including Batman, Trolls, and L.OL. Surprise Dolls.

In terms of comfort, the outer layer and ear loops are made of a soft polyester and spandex mix. Meanwhile, the inner layer that touches the face is made from 100% cotton and is so breathable.

What We Don’t Like

The only real downside of these masks is that they have a rather irritating inner tag that would rub the face. Fortunately, this tag can easily be snipped off with some scissors.

Buyer’s Guide


First and foremost, if you have any hope of a child wearing a mask, it is going to have to be comfortable. For face masks for kids, comfort is all about breathability, which is wholly dependent on the material its made of. For the most comfortable fit, look for breathable fabrics like cotton. 

The material of the ear loops is also vital. The loops on a mask will be rubbing against the ears as it’s worn. For a child, especially one in school for eight hours straight, this can be irritating. Opt for masks with soft ear loops for the best results.


When the pandemic first caused people to don face masks, disposable single-use masks were the face covering of choice. However, as time passes and we realize this may last longer than we thought, we’re all seeking out masks that express our personalities.

Your child, too, is hoping to wear a mask they feel represents who they are. This may mean a mask stamped with their favorite TV character. It could also mean a more minimalist design, like polka dots. 


For a pandemic of this scale, it’s best to have more than one mask for each person in your household. This allows a back-up for when one is being washed. 

Since you’ll be buying multiple masks for multiple people, price is an important deciding factor. We may be required to wear these masks, but no one wants to spend a small fortune on some!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a child old enough for a face mask?

Excellent question. The CDC only recommends face coverings for children 2 years and older. Babies should not wear face masks. We all want to do what we can to protect our babies, but for a baby, the risk of suffocation from a mask is greater than the risk of the virus.

Does my child need to wear a mask at school?

As a whole, we don’t have a blanket guideline for masks at schools. The decision to enforce mask-wearing during school is a decision left up to each local government to decide. If your child’s school is returning to in-person learning this fall, be sure to check in on the face mask policy.

Which Face Mask for Kids is Best for Your Child?

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child – even when it means a face mask in unprecedented times. Using this guide, you should be able to make the right decision for you, your child, and your entire family. What’s been your experience with kids and face masks? Any advice? Let us know in the comments!