5 Best Hot Dog Steamers For Home Use [Kids Love It]

The 5 Best Hot Dog SteamersThe best hot dog steamer allows you to recreate an authentic taste of hot dog stand. Additionally, steaming not only warms your sausage or minced meat but also makes them softer and more easily digestible.

There are several ways to steam a hot dog that are all easy, and none of them take longer than the usual time it cooks a hot dog. Steaming hot dog requires you to have all your relishes, toppings, steaming device and you’re ready to go. To do so, there is no better device than a hot dog steamer.

To choose the best hot dog steamer for you, consider features like steamer type (whether 2-in-1 or not), size capacity, controls and settings, and power requirement.

When you want to go out and still want to eat healthily, you can carry the homemade hot dog in the thermal launch box and carry it with you.

Buyer’s Guide

With a hotdog steamer at home, there is no reason for you to go out or order for a hot dog. All you need is to find the best hot dog steamer that is perfect for your needs.

Finding the best hot dog steamer doesn’t mean buying for the most expensive device that will drain your pockets. There are a lot of options, guaranteed to deliver mouthwatering hot dogs and buns. Here are a few things you need to consider before buying one.

Types of Hot Dog Steamers 

Two basic types of hot dog steamer are available in the market: a 2-in-1 model which includes a hot dog steamer and a bun warmer, and a single hot dog steamer. You might consider buying a 2-in-1 device, which can save you from purchasing an additional device for warming up buns.

No right size fits all. The steamer capacity depends on your needs. For personal use, you can opt for a more simple device with a capacity of up to four hot dogs per cooking.

As for family use, you can consider a capacity of six to eight hot dogs and at least four buns per cooking. However, you should consider larger capacity size for family gatherings and parties, such as twelve plus hot dogs and twelve plus buns per cooking.

Ideal Settings

Choose a device that has the ideal settings for your need. Most hot dog steamers come with an on/off dial or switch. However, you can choose one with a cook timer dial, which shows you the exact time you take to steam your hot dogs and warm your buns.

Advanced steamers come with an adjustable thermostat that automatically turns off at the desired temperature. It turns on again when additional heat is required. Get familiar with what each setting on your steamer does.

Lastly, the power required to run a specific hot dog steamer determines how long it takes to steam hot dogs or warm buns. Choose the one that gets the job done faster.

You can also have food dehydrators which will preserve the prepared hot dogs for a longer period of time.

Best Hot Dog Steamers

1. CuiZen ST-1412 Hotdog Steamer – Best Overall

The CuiZen ST-1412 may seem simple and cheap to most of you, but it is the most effective hot dog steamer for the money. It is an incredible item, which allows you to have your hot dogs like you just stopped at your favorite hot dog stand for that incredible and tasty flavor.

It is a conjurer of 12 tasty minced meat sausages, 12 steamed buns, and it does all this in 12 minutes. A price range of $60 to $70 is an excellent price, considering its quality performance. What a fantastic gift this is for you.

It steams your hot dogs just like any hot dog cart you have come across in the streets. The beautiful retro design features four parts: the metal base with a cooking timer, the simmer tray, the bun warmer, and the lid.

Using the CuiZen ST-1412 Steamer

It is simple to use. All you have to do is remove the lid on the base metal, add water, then return the cover and position the simmer tray along with the bun warmer. The cooking timer goes up to 60 minutes. Therefore, every 12 minutes you have 12 hot dogs and 12 buns to munch.

Place your hot dogs or Italian sausages into the simmer tray, which has over one hundred holes that are going to steam your sausages perfectly. Then you can place your twelve buns on the warmer, where they are warmed faultlessly by the excess steam from the simmer holes.

The manufacturer also provides you with “hot dogs around the world” cookbook. The additional methods are amazing. You get a chance to prepare something special for your family from your kitchen.


  • Steams up to twelve hot dogs and warms twelve buns in just twelve minutes
  • Beautiful retro design that is remarkably easy to operate
  • Simmer tray has more than 100 holes that ensure superior cooking
  • The cooking timer goes up to 60 minutes for five different outcomes


  • The capacity for more hot dog is not large enough

2. Nostalgia HDS248COKE – Best Home Hot Dog Steamer w/ Bun Warmer

Are you in search of a high performing cooker for your hot dogs? Look no further than the Nostalgia HDS248COKE. This particular machine is the best fit for family gatherings and birthday parties among other events — there’s no need to order food anymore.

The very first important feature of this machine is the design which is composed of a durable metal base, removable simmer plate, and a bun warmer. The simmer plate and lid come with chrome-plated handles that keep your hands safe because of its cool-to-touch feature.

The base plate is fitted with a three-position cooking dial, which allows you to conveniently change the settings from warm to high depending on how you want your hot dogs cooked. Two level settings will enable you to prepare hot dogs impeccably.

The base plate is also incorporated with an easy view water level indicator, which makes sure there is the right amount of water when steaming and allows you to find the ideal temperature effortlessly. You’ll know precisely when to add water.

The steaming drawer is capable of handling up to twenty-four hot dogs at any given time. The bun warmer is designed to hold up to twelve buns at any given time. This capacity is a large enough number that ensures the whole family is all served per cooking.


  • Steams up to twenty four hot dogs per cooking
  • Warms up to twelve buns per cooking
  • Easy to view water indicator that allows you to check water level and temperature
  • Three-position cooking dial for more effective cooking
  • You can use other liquids like beer to improve taste
  • The whole steamer collapses easily for cleaning


  • No real timer and just come with an off-warm-high dial

3. Maverick HC-01 Electric – Best Personal Hot Dog Steamer

If you are in the market for a personal hot dog cooker at an affordable price, then the Maverick HC-01 Electric is your best bet. Its design is remarkably simple and very easy to use compared to other bigger models.

The simplicity of this model is seen in its construction, which resembles a kid’s playing tool. It definitely makes an excellent addition to anyone’s kitchen. It is engineered to steam six dogs in nine minutes and four dogs in seven minutes. It’s quick and handy.

How To Use It?

To use, lift the lid by holding the tail followed by the simmer plate. Then add the right amount of water into the base plate and reposition the simmer plate. Now place your hot dogs into the slots and return the lid. Switch on to cook.

There is an indicator that tells you when the device is on. Cooking has never been this easy. The Hero auto shut-off switches the machine off when ready. A feature unique to this steamer is the barking sound it produces when your sausages are cooked. The barking stops when you unplug the device from power to ensure that you are alerted of the cooked hot dogs. The package also comes with a food tray that is dishwasher safe and a measuring cup.


  • Cooks 6 hot dogs in 9 minutes and 4 in 7 minutes
  • Indicator light tells you when the device is on
  • Auto shut feature switches the device off when cooking is complete
  • Continuous barking alert sound once cooking is complete
  • Comes with a measuring cup and dishwasher-safe food plate


  • It is not fitted with a bun warmer
  • Can only steam a limited number of sausages per cooking

4. Smart Planet HDS-1 Steam-O-Matic – Best for Small Family Hot Dog Steaming

Do you have a small family who enjoys delicious hot dogs? You should choose no other steamer than the Smart Planet HDS-1 Steam-O-Matic. The design appears simple, but rest assured that the cooking process will impress you.

The construction includes the following parts: the base plate with on/off switch, a simmer tray with a pullout cool touch handle, a bun warmer, and a top lid with a cool touch handle. All parts assemble and disassemble easily for cleaning.


The simmer plate can hold up to eight hot dogs, and the warmer can hold up to four buns. It steams and cooks your hot dogs and buns in approximately five minutes. This feature is extraordinarily fast for a quick treat for a small family.

On /off light indicator tells you when you are using the device, all you have to do is switch to the right to switch it on and to the left to switch it off. The cool touch handles on the simmer tray, and top lid protects your hands from burning.


  • On/off light indicator tells you when the device is in use
  • Can steam eight hot dogs and warm 4 buns for a quick treat
  • Takes the shortest time possible to cook, five minutes tops
  • Removable components and tray allows for easy cleanup


  • No cooking timer dial
  • Small bun warming capacity

5. Adcraft Countertop Stainless Steel – Best Value for Money

Do you want something bigger for larger family events, such as gatherings and parties? The one special steamer that will give you excellent value for money is the Adcraft Countertop Stainless Steel. It is pricier, though.

No need for repeated cooking because your steamer has a small capacity. With the Adcraft, you can satisfy all your people in a single serving. It can remarkably hold up to 100 standard size sausages, and 36 to 48 buns.

Stainless Steel Construction 

The stainless steel construction comes with a 6-quart water capacity along with an adjustable thermostat. Therefore, there is no need for you adding water all the time. The adjustable thermostat allows you to control the temperature effectively.

Moreover, the bun section is fitted with a suitable humidity control system that ensures the buns stay warm and fresh. You can observe the hot dogs cook and the buns warm through the tempered glass on the side.


  • Largest capacity for family gatherings and parties
  • Stainless steel lids and body are easy to clean and durable
  • Tempered glass showcase displays cooking and warming
  • Bun section comes with humidity control feature that keeps buns fresh


  • May be too large and expensive for some users


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do hot dog steamers work?

A: Hot dog steamers are available in a wide variety. However, the mechanism is all the same.

The device uses steam to cook hot dogs. Unlike other devices and griller where you must continuously check the cooking process, steamers are designed to stop or give alerts once cooking is done.

Q: Can you put frozen hot dogs on a steamer?

A: Yes, but it will take much longer to cook. It is recommended to let hot dogs thaw before putting on a steamer.

Q: How long does it take to cook hot dogs in the steamer?

A: Cooking time depends on the power and capacity of the steamer. It is highly suggested to refer to the individual manual for each steamer type.

Q: Can I use the steamer for other products beside hot dog?

A: As the name suggests, the steamer is explicitly designed for hot dogs. However, depending on the type, some steamers have features to warm buns.

Q: What if I put more hot dogs more than the required capacity?

A: To ensure proper cooking process, it is discouraged to put more hot dog than what is stated in the manual.

Ready To Buy?

There are a lot of questions to consider before buying a hot dog steamer. The best steamer will always depend on your personal or family needs. So you should consider questions such as, “Why do I need a hot dog steamer?” or “How much am I willing to spend?” Is it for your personal use or family events and gatherings? Whatever reasons you have for buying a steamer, our research and analysis indicate that the best steamer is one that can multitask and is easy to use.

If you are looking for a hot dog steamer that has the capacity to cater to individual and family that comes with suitable wattage and settings, you might consider CuiZen ST-1412. Not to mention that it comes with a competitive price range that you can afford.

However, if you are working with a flexible budget, aim for a mid-range product like the Adcraft steamer. It a relatively affordable option that offers the largest hot dog steaming and bun warming capacity.