5 Best Jessica Rabbit Costumes [For Halloween Spirit]

Best Jessica Rabbit CostumesShe is not bad; she was just drawn that way. With this quote, Jessica Rabbit cemented herself as one of the greatest animated characters. She is so popular that in 2008, 20 years after her debut, Empire magazine named her as one of the greatest movie characters of all time (Source).

Hence, it is not surprising that numerous people are drawn to her and want to embody her through costumes. Her iconic red dress has inspired countless costume designers over the years. These designers have not only recreated that classic outfit; they have reimagined versions of it, too.

So, if you are shopping for a Jessica Rabbit attire; you need to decide whether you want the classic version or a reimagined version. Here is a list of the best and top-rated costumes available.

Top Jessica Rabbit Costumes


1.Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume—Classic Jessica Rabbit Dress

This attire draws its inspiration from the 1988 film — Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In this film, Jessica Rabbit wasn’t just a sex symbol; she was also an up-and-coming singer who knocked Peggy Lee’s song out of the park in the movie’s first scene.

The Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer costume allows you to embody this songstress persona. It is made up of three things: a dress, a pair of gloves, and a pair of adjustable clear shoulder straps. The fabric of the red dress is 35% polyester, 60% polyethylene, and 5% stretch-knit spandex. Consequently, the blending of all these fabrics ensures the apparel is denser and non-see-through.

It is unlike what would happen if the costume was, for instance, just polyester: Pure polyester is too lightweight and non-breathable. Moreover, its 5% spandex, in particular, adds a layer of flexibility and increases the range of motion. Additionally, sequins cover this attire to pay homage to the sparkly nature of Jessica Rabbit’s dresses. It has a slit on the right side just like one in the film, too.

Meanwhile, the adjustable clear shoulder straps effortlessly hook into the loops on the gown’s neckline. These almost-invisible straps help hold the dress in place to ensure it does not slip. Finally, the stretch-knit purple gloves that extend above the elbows are easy to wear and are good at warming your skin. That means they are perfect for a cold Halloween night. The costume is available in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large women’s sizes.


  • The costume is affordable.
  • The attire is of high-quality.
  • The dress sparkles like crazy.


  • The sequins on the dress easily fall off.

2.Women’s Toon Hottie Sexy Costume Dress Set—The Chicest Jessica Rabbit Costume

Daring, chic, and a tad devious. These are the words that best describe this Jessica Rabbit inspired attire. The Toon Hottie Costume Dress Set is aimed at youngsters who adore all things short. This package consists of three items: a dress, purple gloves, and a clear strap halter. The stretchy low-back red shift is a mini with a side slit on the left side. Hence, it easy to wear and effortless to fit.

However, its sequins that are near the skin are a bit itchy and irritating. On the other hand, because the dress is lined, only a small portion of your skin will be in contact with sequins.

Meanwhile, the straps exist to keep the costume up, especially since it has a sweetheart neckline. They are clear, adjustable, and hook into loops of the clothes without ruining aesthetics.

Take note that this attire does not support wearing a bra, so it incorporated an underwire bra of its own to provide the necessary support. Finally, this product is available in all the standard women’s sizes. However, if you usually wear a small but are taller, it might be better to go for a medium.


  • The attire is affordable.
  • The lining makes the costume comfortable.
  • The dress sparkles.


  • It can be a bit itchy.

3.Women’s Top Drawer Miss Jessica Corset Costume—The Trendiest Jessica Rabbit Costume

Corsets are back, and their popularity is spreading by the day. Witnessed on runways, worn by celebrities, and adopted as a street style, corsets are the trend of the moment; their allure has made its way into costumes as well. This attire is made up of four items: a corset top, a skirt, a pair of gloves, and four garters. Note that it is 100% polyester sequined mesh and satin, and 100% cotton twill.

Additionally, it has a sequined shell to make the top sparkle, cotton twill lining to provide a layer between the sequins and the skin, and boning to shape your curves and make your stomach appear slimmer.

This corset easy to get in and out of: It fastens with a side zipper. Moreover, it also features a privacy panel behind the zipper, which facilitates comfort. Likewise, the red sequined skirt has thigh-high slit similar to the slit on Jessica Rabbit’s dress. Similarly, the skirt has a hidden back zipper that is fully lined for comfort. On the other hand, the purple velvet gloves that extend beyond the elbows help to complete the look.

However, the fitting on the skirt might be a bit of a let-down; adjustments might have to be made. Other than that, though, the costume is gorgeous, and it comes in all the standard women’s sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.


  • The attire is affordable.
  • The costume is comfortable thanks to the twill lining.
  • The dress is sequined, so it sparkles accordingly.


  • Fitting issues on the skirt which means you must be extra vigilant in determining the size to order.

4.Forplay Women’s Mrs. Rabbit to You Costume—The Most Multi-Purpose Jessica Rabbit Costume

The Women’s Mrs. Rabbit to You Costume mirrors the classic Jessica Rabbit outffit with one fundamental difference: This apparel does not sparkle. For that reason, it is multi-purpose and can be worn both as a costume and as an everyday wear.

The costume consists of two items: a dress and a pair of gloves. The red shift is 95% polyester and 5% spandex stretch knit fabric. Consequently, the mixture of these two fabrics increases the quality of the overall material. Likewise, the stretch knit fabric ensures the attire has a range of motion and is easy to wear. The gown is strapless with a fitted princess-cut bustline. The fitted bustline helps the dress stay up; thus, there is no need for straps.

Additionally, the dress has a back zipper and a thigh-high side slit on the left side. The thigh-high slit is reminiscent of the original Jessica Rabbit dress.

However, it is essential to note that though the bustline is fitted, it does not have chest padding or an underwire bra. It might be necessary for the wearer to have a strapless bra for comfortability. Lastly, this costume is available in all the standard women’s sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.


  • The attire is of high-quality.
  • The outfit can be worn for more than just costume events.
  • There is no possibility of irritation or itchiness.


  • The outfit is a bit pricey because of the fabric used.

5.Do It Yourself (DIY) Jessica Rabbit Costume— High-Quality Jessica Rabbit Costume

The DIY Jessica Rabbit costume involves purchasing separate pieces that once combined constitute a full Jessica Rabbit costume.

i) Women Sexy Elegant Floral Lace Formal Evening Party Maxi Dress

This red Women Maxi Dress closely resembles Jessica Rabbit’s costume. It has the sweetheart neckline and the thigh-high slit synonymous with the classic dress. However, it has lace cap sleeves instead of clear straps.

While the Jessica Rabbit did not have sleeves, these cap sleeves have the added advantage of making it possible for you to wear a bra without spoiling the dress’ aesthetic. Furthermore, the dress is made from high-quality delicate lace and 90% polyester alongside 50% spandex lining. That makes the dress elastic, thick, and only slightly transparent.

Most notably, its slit has an adjustable zipper as well. In short, if you are not comfortable with a high slit, you can lower the zipper until you are pleased with it.

Hence,  if you purchase this dress, you get the best of both worlds. You get apparel you can pair with purple gloves and wear as a costume or an attire you can pair with high heels and wear formally.

ii) EmaxDesign Wigs 28 Inch Cosplay for Women with Wig Gap and Comb

A Jessica Rabbit look is not complete without the flame red hair. While you can always dye your long hair red, it might not be worth it for a one-day costume event. Thus, this wig is the perfect solution. Plus, it completely personifies Jessica Rabbit.

Moreover, it is high-quality, adjustable, and heat resistant. Note that you can use the wig for characters other than Jessica Rabbit as well. Examples of other red-haired characters include Ariel, Undyne, and Poison Ivy.

iii) DreamHigh Women’s Evening Party 21” Long Satin Finger Gloves  

Jessica Rabbit is not Jessica Rabbit without her purple gloves. These inexpensive satin gloves that extend beyond the elbows resemble the gloves Jessica Rabbit is known for. Made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, they are stretchy, soft and shiny.

Repurpose Possible

The benefit of the Jessica Rabbit DIY costume approach is that you can repurpose the separate pieces. For instance, you can pair the gloves with a regular dress and attend a wedding or evening party. Similarly, you can repurpose the wig.


  • High-quality
  • Versatile
  • Professional


  • Pricey

Jessica Rabbit Plus Size Options 

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Jessica Rabbit Costume

If you are convinced that this is the costume for you and are ready to order, here are two things you ought to remember.

Appropriate  Shoes Are Necessary

Jessica Rabbit outfits do not come with shoes, but the shoes are an essential part of the costume. Red high heels are ideal because they pay homage to the movie. However, if you do not have red high heels, then you can find heels of another color. Just ensure the color you choose goes well with the red. A good example is black.

Makeup Completes the Look

To perfectly recreate the Jessica Rabbit look, you need a cartoony appearance. You can only achieve this via makeup. For instance, you can blend light and dark eye shadow across both eyelids, then create a circular shape to maintain a cartoony appearance.

Additionally, you can add a bright red lip color synonymous with Jessica Rabbit. However, these are just a few examples. It is advisable to find tutorials on the internet that enumerate how to get Jessica Rabbit’s makeup right. Once you get the makeup right, then you are ready for Halloween or cosplay.

DIY is An Option

The guide above lists the different types of Jessica Rabbit outfits in the market. It goes an extra mile and ensures the costumes listed are of the highest quality. If unconvinced, you can always go the DIY route, something we discussed as well. One thing is for sure, however: If Jessica Rabbit is your Halloween pick, then you are in the right place. .

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