Best Marty McFly Costumes [Reviews & Rankings]

5 Best Marty McFly Costumes

Marty McFly costumes that draw inspiration from all the three films. Voted by Empire magazine as the 12th greatest movie character of all time, Marty McFly is as beloved now as he was in 1985 when the first movie came out.

He continues to be a frequent source of inspiration for Halloween costumes (Source). Even more so, Back to The Future costume parties and conventions are continually happening across the world.

Hence, whether for Halloween or cosplay, if you are searching for a Marty McFly costume, it is important to determine the version of Marty you wish to portray. Additionally, having an idea of what is available in the market is vital.

Top Marty McFly Costumes

1. Back to The Future Marty McFly Costume — The Most Original Marty McFly Costume

This kind of clothing is perfect for driving Doc Brown’s DeLorean through the fabric of time. It is the classic Marty McFly 1985 look consisting of a jacket, a vest, a shirt, a holographic card, and a “Save the Clock Tower” flyer. The short-sleeved and center-buttoned black and white plaid shirt takes you on a trip to memory lane. Moreover, the blue jean jacket, complete with metal snaps at center front and paired over the shirt, recreates that Marty look.

However, although these metal snaps allow you to fasten the jacket, it is essential to remember that Marty never fastened his. Thus, if you want to remain faithful to the original, leave it unfastened. Additionally, both the shirt and jacket are made of 100% polyester. That means it is durable and reusable for multiple events.

Lastly, the well-known red vest, with a separating zipper in front, is the final piece of the outfit set. For enhanced appearance, fiberfill has been used on it. Additional Reasons to Love this Costume

Aside from staying true to Marty’s first film outfit, it also has a “Save the Clock Tower” Flyer and a holographic card. The flyer prop is a replica of the flyer the clock tower lady gave to Marty. Meanwhile, the holographic card is a photo of Marty and his siblings. It fades in and out.

The manufacturers of this outfit allow you to rent the costume at a lower price. However, if you decide to rent the costume, the flyer and the holographic card are not included.

Additionally, pants and shoes are not part of the costume, so it is up to you to find the denim jeans and the Nike Bruin shoes that will complete the ensemble. The costume is available in all the standard men’s sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Rentable
  • Warm and best for a cold Halloween night


  • Extra cost for appropriate shoes and pants

2. Fun Costumes Women’s Marty McFly Costume — The Most Stylish Marty McFly Costume

The Women’s Marty McFly Costume draws its inspiration from the first movie and reimagines a female version of the classic Marty costume. The apparel is made up of four items: a tank top, a shirt, a jacket, and a vest. The red tank top and the short sleeve shirt bring the movie to life. The tank top has narrow shoulder straps. Meanwhile, the black and white shirt has buttons at the front for ease of wear.

The chambray jacket has sleeve cuffs that complement the shirt in terms of color. The metal snaps at the center front pay homage to the original costume.

Lastly, the red anorak vest completes the look. Though it is not a down vest in the strictest sense of the word, the puff nature allows it to resemble Marty’s down vest. Welted pockets on the vest’s front add exciting detailing and make the vest more stylish.

Extra Details About this Look

The short shorts are not part of the outfit; neither are the hat and skateboard replica props. Additionally, while short shorts pair best with the costume, you can always match the costume with something else.

Furthermore, you can purchase the replica props separately at an affordable price. The costume is available in all the standard women’s sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • 100% polyester
  • Stylish


  • Props are not part of the costume

3. Back to The Future Cowboy Marty Costume — The Costume That Best Represents the Marty of Back to The Future III

If you are a fan of the Back to The Future Movies, then you vividly remember Marty traveling to 1885 to rescue Doc. He arrived in the middle of a Calvary pursuit of Indians, and he had to blend with 1885 style of clothing. The Cowboy Marty Costume draws its inspiration from the third movie. It is made up of four items: shirt, pants, bandanna, and belt with a buckle.

The pink button-up shirt, with fringe detailing and atom-shaped designs, instantly transforms you into a time-traveling cowboy hero. Moreover, it has a contrasting yoke for design aesthetic; one cannot fail to notice the piping that adds an element of style.

Meanwhile, the red pants have a piping trim and a zipper fly complete with a button at the top. They are a replica of what Michael J. Fox wore in the film.

Additionally, the faux leather belt has an oval metal buckle which deviates a little for the movie because the buckle in the film is distinctively golden. You can tie the 24-inch square bandanna as desired; but if you want an authentic Marty look, tie the bandanna on your neck. However, note that the hat and boots are not part of the costume and you have to purchase them separately.

The costume is available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to wear
  • 100% polyester twill fabric
  • Authentic replica of Back to the Future III


  • Hat and boots are not part of the costume

4. Back to The Future Marty Mcfly Toddler Costume — The Most Adorable Mart Costume

How cute would your toddler be bedecked in the full Marty McFly costume? Similar to the adult costume, this costume is made up of three items: a vest, a shirt, and a jacket. The buttoned-up jean jacket, complete with sleeve cuffs, fits over the black and white dress shirt. Additionally, the metal snaps on the jean jacket pay homage to the original costume from the movie.

Moreover, both the jacket and the shirt are made from 100% polyester and are therefore durable. The fiberfill classic red vest has a separating zipper in front, too, and is a perfect replica of the jacket worn by Michael J. Fox in the film.

However, pants and shoes are not included. It is essential that you pair the costume with denim pants to replicate Marty’s exact look. On the other hand, while Nike Bruin shoes are synonymous with Marty, this costume is forgiving.

The costume is available in three distinct sizes: 18MO, 2T, and 4T. With these three sizes, you can turn your 18-month-old to three-year-old into a tiny twin of Marty.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to wear


  • Extra cost for pants and replica props

5. Fun Costumes Authentic McFly Jacket — Authentic Back to The Future II Costume

While this costume is only a one-piece jacket, it has everything you need to recreate the Marty McFly look from Back to The Future II. Simply rummage through your closet for a red t-shirt, wear this jacket over the shirt, and you will have recreated an authentic Marty McFly look. Note that in the second film, Marty travels to 2015. And in 2015, thanks to technology, jackets easily change form to fit the wearer. Also, jackets of this year can power dry once wet.

Hence, this jacket has vivid details that are bound to please fans of the film. The exterior of the jacket is made out of red waffle-style fabric. Meanwhile, the gray sleeves, collar, and pocket details are made out of faux leather material.

More Reasons to Love this Costume

The “accordion” style sleeves or pleated sleeves have straps that come with metal snaps, which hold up the sleeves in two places. Alongside that, these straps enable the wearer to adjust the length, too.

However, the jacket’s most fascinating detail is this: an auto-adjusting and auto-drying replica box attached to the waist. While the jacket does not actually auto dry, the jacket speaks phrases from the movie with the press of a button.

The phrases include: “Drying mode on; Jacket drying; Your jacket is now dry; Adjusting fit.” Furthermore, the jacket also lights up when you press the button and is available in all the standard men’s sizes. On another note, you could also use this jacket to pose as Marty Jr. if you purchase the color-shifting baseball cap from the second film alongside the jacket.

Diamond Select Toys Back to The Future Part II Marty McFly Cap Replica

Marty only wore this cap when he was impersonating his son. Therefore, it is not a must for you to purchase the hat to complete the look. However, most people aiming for the authentic look prefer to have the cap.

The Diamond Select Marty Cap is a one size fits all cap made from ultra-reflective fabric. The material enables the cap to shimmer and change color; thus, it recreates the futuristic baseball cap.

Additionally, the hat comes complete with the “back to the future” tag.


  • Incredibly detailed
  • Sturdy
  • Near-perfect replica from the movie
  • Pairs well with the hat
  • The hat is authentic


  • The material on the jacket is not breathable
  • You might notice a weird smell immediately after purchase

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Costume

There are three key things to take into account before purchasing the costume.

Pants and Shoes

As observed from the costumes discussed above, pants and shoes are not part of the Marty McFly costume ensemble. Before purchase, it is important to determine whether you have the pants and shoes that will pair well with the costume. If you do not, then you must take steps to purchase them separately. Marty is known for his blue jeans and Nike Bruin. Keep that in mind when purchasing the shoes and pants.

Which Marty McFly Do You Wish to Embody

This is an important consideration that will determine which costume to purchase. In the first movie, Marty traveled to 1955. In the second, he traveled to 2015. In the third, he traveled to 1885. Depending on where he was, Marty varied his clothing to fit that year.

Although the most popular Marty costume is the outfit he wore in 1985, it is entirely up to you to decide which version of Marty you wish to depict. Once you do, you can now go ahead and purchase the appropriate costume.

The Props

Especially for costume parties and conventions, it is important to consider purchasing the props that go with the costume. The most significant accessory other than the cap is the watch. Marty was never without his calculator watch. It had a calculator and buttons for keying calculations. Consequently, another key prop is skateboard. Marty was an accomplished skater and was often seen with his skateboard.

Ready To Buy The Best Marty McFly Costumes?

Best Marty McFly CostumesWith this guide, you now have an idea of what is available. While you can always go with something else, the discussed costumes review five of the best Marty costumes in the market today. With Halloween almost here, go through the guide and determine if there is something for you.

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