Best Post Hole Diggers For Fence Installation & Gardening

Best Post Hole DiggersThe best post hole diggers will make gardening activities such as planting, fencing, and hole digging much easier.

Post hole diggers are a great addition to the toolbox of anyone looking to make their garden life easier. They allow you to dig deeper with much precision compared to a shovel. Plus, they are the tools of choice if you are looking to install a fence, backyard signs, plant shrubs or trees in your garden.

Before using the digger, one must check the soil, mark the spots where you want to make holes, and then moisten the soil (Source).

Your post hole digger should be strong, sturdy, and have a cushioned grip for utmost comfort. To ease your search, we highlighted the best features of the best post hole diggers we have run across and what we didn’t love about it.

Most Common Issues People Have with Post Hole Diggers

  • Easily Broken Handles: If you simply purchase the first affordable post hole digger you find, you might end up with a model that isn’t durable for your needs. If the handle is made with weaker material than the blade, as an example, you might break the product before you are able to get if it a lifetime of use.
  • Too Much Effort: Not all post hole diggers are made for you to manually do all the work. Many people have issues with the amount of effort required on manual models. This is a common issue for those who don’t get one of the more automatic post hole diggers.
  • Not Deep Enough: Before you purchase a post hole digger you need to know how deep your holes need to be. It is frustrating to have to dig more than what would have been necessary if you simply purchased a different model.

What is a Post Hole Digger?

Whether you need a nice gardening tool, something to help you set up your umbrella at a beach, put in a new fence, and so on, there are many instances where a shovel doesn’t quite work for the job. Post hole diggers are designed to help you dig deeper and more precisely than a typical shovel.

Comparing The Best Post Hole Diggers

1. Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger – Best Overall

The Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger is a strong and sturdy post hole digger made for maximum strength and durability. It is professionally designed and constructed from heavy-duty materials to facilitate all garden work and dig all kinds of holes.

Notably, the handle is made of bright yellow fiberglass to perhaps make it easy to identify among other tools. Alongside that, it features a cushioned and comfortable vinyl grip that allows the user to use it for extended periods without feeling fatigued as well.

Moreover, it has a 6 ¼” point spread on its blades that make it a good choice for large holes.

This fence post hole digger is also easy to manage and offers great maneuverability even in tough soil conditions. However, it may require more attention and effort for digging precise holes. Overall, the metal blades are sharp enough for this product to be labeled as one of the best post hole diggers for both rocky and clay soil.


  • Heavy-duty use
  • Solid and durable
  • Cushioned vinyl grip
  • Extra sharp blades
  • Value for money
  • 6 ¼” point spread


  • Quite heavy
  • Wide point spread makes it difficult for digging precise holes

2. Earthquake Earth Auger Post Hole Digger – Best Gas Post Hole Digger

The Earthquake Earth Auger Post Hole Digger is the perfect choice for high digging performance. It is an efficient machine that makes your seemingly tough task super easy. The device can be operated single-handedly and can dig several holes quickly.

This gas-powered post hole digger provides a strong performance; boasting a Viper 2-cycle 2HP engine with a maximum turn bit of 250 RPM. This makes it perfect for quick and easy drilling with plenty of torque, even in rocky soil.

Furthermore, this product is solid and durably built for long-lasting use. It is also lightweight and weighs only 23lbs. For fatigue prevention and maximum comfort, the machine features an anti-vibration foam grip fitted in its 16-inch handle as well.

Additionally, heat-treated solid steel comprise this machine’s alloy gears. It also features a 36-inch auger with a replaceable spring.

To use it, you will have to mix the gas with oil in the 25-gallon translucent gas tank. Its translucent nature makes it easy to monitor the gas levels, noting when you are low on fuel.

Lastly, the digger has a one-year warranty while the engine has a two-year warranty.


  • Great value for money
  • Solid and durable
  • CARB compliant
  • Anti-vibration form grips


  • Low in height

3. Bully Tools 7-Inch Post Hole Digger – Best for Small & Medium Duty Tasks

The Bully Tools 7-Inch Post Hole Digger is a perfect post hole digger for garden tasks ranging from light to medium duties which include soft loam and clay based soil. This deep post hole digger features two-durable wood-reinforced fiberglass handles that have triple wall construction which ascertains durability. The digger’s 47” long handle reduces back strain as well as provides the needed leverage for tough outdoor conditions.

Additionally, the 7-inch blade makes this tool a perfect choice for landscaping, farming, and gardening. It is made of high-quality steel that easily breaks through the densely packed garden soil.


  • Great value for money
  • Commercial grade
  • Digs up to 4-feet holes
  • Durable construction
  • High-quality wood reinforced fiberglass handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not a good choice for heavy-duty use and rocky soil

4. Ames Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger – Best Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger

The Ames Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger is the perfect post hole digger if you need one that quickly churns through the rocky and clay based soil. It is a work-horse that takes over all the tough garden work for you; hence it is perfect for digging holes for mailboxes, flowers, and fences.

Its industrial-style design features 60-inches of length and an innovative make with blue fiberglass handles that protect the knuckles from common collision when in use. Moreover, this fence post pole digger also features a steel-carbon head that is 6.2 inches long for maximum soil penetration. The blades are pointed and tempered which makes it easy to dig 2 – 3.5 feet deep holes.

Manufacturers offer a 90-day return policy, followed by a limited lifetime warranty, perhaps a guarantee on the product’s quality and effectiveness.


  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for rocky and clay soil
  • Strong and durable handle
  • Pointed tempered blade
  • 90-day return policy


  • Quite heavy
  • Not good for hard packed soil

5. Xtremepower Gas Post Hole Digger – Best Gas Digger for Heavy Duty Tasks

If you are facing heavy duty garden tasks, consider the Xtremepower Gas Post Hole Digger. It is a beastly post digger with dependable performance and is perhaps worth every cent spent. It is the number one digging tool for all soil types, be it soft, sandy, rocky, or clay soil. Installing fence post, planting trees, shrubs, ice fishing and installing decks are can be done easily with this powerful digger.

Like most gas powered hole diggers, this product is powered by a 2-cycle single cylinder gasoline engine with 2.5HP. The engine is strong and overly reliable with a forced air-cooler which is perhaps the reason why it won’t overheat.

Additionally, it is lightweight and boasts an electric ignition located on its handle for easy access and quick start-up. It generates plenty of torque for quick deep digging.

On the other hand, its 2-cycle engine requires that you mix the gas in the ratio of 1:25 in the 1.5-liter gas tank. The 8-inch sharp auger bit can dig up to 3-feet deep holes with double reduction speed gears for heavy-duty digging.

For ease of use, the Xtremepower Gas Post Hole Digger’s handles are sturdy and covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Good value for money
  • Compatible with 12-inch auger bit
  • Powerful engine
  • Ideal for all soil types
  • High digging performance
  • Lightweight
  • Electronic ignition


  • Relatively slow to start

Features of the Best Post Hole Diggers

Post hole diggers are not typically a complicated product by any means, but this doesn’t mean that you should jump on the first good option you see. In order to help you find the best post hole digger to suit your needs, here are the features which you should look for.

Semi-Automatic Functionality

Many people make a false assumption that a post hole digger needs to operate manually with some good old-fashioned elbow grease. The reality, though, is that this is far from the truth. If you get a gas digger or electric digger, most of the effort required for moving dirt chunks and small rocks will instead be transferred to a machine.

Comfortable Ergonomic Handle

Getting a strong handle is one thing. While you use it, though, you should be able to remain free of blisters or any sort of discomfort. Since it isn’t as easy to use as top-rated gas-powered post drivers, getting one that would be comfortable to use is a must.

First, check to see if the handle is strong and sturdy. Then, try to find one which has comfort features. Ideally, one which is ergonomic and fits well with your hands.

Long and Sturdy Blade

The length and sturdiness of the blade for a post hole digger will help you understand two major important aspects of the product. For starters, it will tell you how strong and durable the product is.

The length is something to consider if you need to dig deep holes. Since a post hole digger will typically dig holes anywhere between 2 to 4 feet, those with particular needs or expectations should find the post hole digger which best serves the needs of their jobs.

Lightweight & Portable

A post hole digger is typically used on the go and needs to be carried around. For this reason, it’s important for many people to find one which is both lightweight and portable.

Of course, you shouldn’t let this feature stop you from getting a top-quality post hole digger. If your top option is a couple more pounds than average and you don’t mind exerting the extra effort, it will still probably be a good choice.

Included with a Warranty

Tools like post hole diggers are supposed to last a long time. It can be difficult to assume that this is the case, though, without a nice warranty.

Warranties typically illustrate the confidence of the manufacturer in the quality of their own product. It is common for high-quality post hole diggers to have a warranty of at least 1-year. Ideally, it will come with a lifetime warranty.

What to Consider Before Buying a Post Hole Digger

As mentioned before, post hole diggers come with varying features and characteristics. Therefore, to find the best product in the market, you ought to look into various factors that characterize quality post hole diggers. Outlined below are some of the top features to consider when searching for the best products on the market.

Type of Post Hole Digger

There are three main types of post hole diggers. They include:

Manual Diggers

Also called traditional post hole diggers, their scooping mechanism requires some muscle. They are perfect for light to medium digging for planting a tree or a small bush. They contain a pair of curved blades attached to two long handles. To use them, you have to push down into the soil as the curved blades cut through the soil. Then, lift the soil out by pulling the handles outwards and upwards.

Gas Diggers

Gas post hole diggers are ideal for boring out rocky soil or larger holes. These handheld augers easily cut through the soil and even the hardest packed clay. Such diggers are made of steel and are available in varying blade widths. The wider the width, the wider the hole.

Electric Diggers

Electric post hole diggers are quite similar to the gas counterparts but don’t have smelly fumes. They work well if you have a secure range power source. Compared to gas models, they are quieter but could be difficult to use in extended farms where the power source is a challenge.


Like other garden tools, the best post hole digger ought to have a comfortable, strong, easy to grip, and sturdy handle. New designs should eliminate a common post hole problem like knuckle collision. Most handles are made of either fiberglass or wood. Fiberglass handles are comparably much stronger and sturdy compared to other materials.

Size of the Blade

Always ensure that the blade is strong and sturdy for long usage. Thus, choose a blade depending on your intended use.

For instance, pointed blades with wide tops and tapered ends are great for digging soil, hard dirt, and gravel as the pointed end can easily chisel through obstructions. On the other hand, larger blades offer more power and broader scopes.


Post hole diggers are made from different materials. This could either be steel, wood, or carbon. Choosing the material also requires that you evaluate what activities you intend to engage in with.

Steel post hole diggers are comparatively stronger and more reliable compared to wood diggers or other cheap metals. Nonetheless, they cost more. However, they last longer than their counterparts.

Drill Bit and its Diameter

Manual and automatic post hole diggers have blades or bits made of high-quality carbon steel. This gives the digger extra strength for digging into hard grounds.

Automatic diggers feature interchangeable 4, 6, 8, and 12-inch auger blades for extra versatility.

The final size of the hole is often determined by the diameter of the drill bit. Most drill bit diameters range from 2 – 10 inches. Making a choice should also be guided by the diameter of the posts or poles to be used.


Post hole diggers are built to ease your garden work. Most models are lightweight which makes easy to use and maneuver. Lightweight models are convenient to carry around the garden or property.


Like other products, warranties are important features that guarantee the quality of the product. A long warranty is what to look for when searching for post hole diggers.

Any company that backs its products with a long enough warranty guarantees quality. This protects you from quality issues that could occur during manufacturing. Most companies offer one or two years while others offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Manual Vs. Gas Powered

There are two main types of post hole diggers on our review: the manual and gas powered.

Manual models are less expensive and easier to use but slower, whereas gas powered/electric diggers are faster and much expensive. Our post hole digger review outlined above will help you make a good decision on the best digger to purchase from the market.

With that said, have you tried any of the models we’ve mentioned above? Which is your favorite manual and gas/electric model? Share with us below!  Read more reviews on the best tools on the market today, starting from the Top-rated Plate Compactors.

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