6 Best R2D2 Costumes [For Boys & Girls]

Cool R2D2 Costumes for Boys & GirlsIf you have a child who wants to totally geek out for Halloween and go as the one and only R2D2, then this is the post for you!

Known as a brave robot who saves his comrades many times throughout the Star Wars series, R2D2 is a great costume choice! 

The best R2D2 outfits for your resilient and reliable droid

We have searched the galaxy and found the six best costumes for your Star Wars fanatic!

Beginning with the youngest Star Wars fans and moving on through toddlers to young children, there is something for everyone. 

Something For the Littles

1.12-24 Month R2D2 Costume 

Your littlest one doesn’t have to miss out on Halloween fun. This R2D2 costume will disguise your baby as the plucky droid without compromising their movement or comfort.

It is composed of a warm flannel tunic with a matching hat. The robe and headpiece feature many of the details found on R2D2 without being too complicated.

The tunic style top will provide your little one with plenty of room to move about and gives easy access for bathroom breaks or diaper changes. A cute no-fuss costume for your little helper. 

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  • Made of warm flannel
  • Won’t restrict movement
  • Includes headpiece


  • Not the most detailed
  • The hat may slip off

2.Baby R2D2 Bodysuit 

Is your R2D2 new to the galaxy? If Jedi dad, and Princess Amidala mom, want to show off their newest Star Wars fan, consider this charming bodysuit in sizes from 0-3 months to 18-24 months.

The suit is appliqued with all of the loveable droids buttons, gadgets, and details.

Parents will love that it has a snapped inseam and three snaps in the back, babies won’t notice that it isn’t a typical onesie.

A matching hat with accents embroidered on completes this utterly adorable outfit. 

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  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Features embroidered and applique details
  • Has buttons on the back and inseam for easy on-off
  • Long-sleeved


  • Moreso resembles a onesie than a costume
  • Can be difficult to size if buying online
  • Legs exposed as it is a onesie only

Toddlers and Preschoolers

3.Star Wars R2D2 Toddler 

It can be difficult to get that classic R2D2 silhouette, especially with a younger child who won’t stand for being squeezed into a rigid costume.

Thankfully, this outfit is composed of soft and flexible materials while maintaining the robots figure.

It includes a cylindrical-shaped shirt and a domed hat that give the appearance of the well-known droid without being uncomfortable.

The entire costume features all the details of your little one’s favorite robot right down to his feet. In this soft costume, your toddler will be able to pleasantly roam the neighborhood in search of candy to “rescue”.   

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  • Flexible material
  • Lots of details
  • Has signature R2D2 shape


  • Not full body, legs are exposed
  • The hat may not fit all head sizes and shapes securely

4.Toddler One Piece R2D2 Costume 

Have a toddler that is a bit more finicky when it comes to costumes? Or maybe you are preparing for a chilly Halloween so often found in those Northern climates.

This R2D2 costume is sure to keep your little one warm, comfortable, and ready to defend his Jedi friends. Made of a sweatshirt like material the costume mimics a hoodie jacket and sweatpants.

The top and bottom are attached to keep your child cozy while out trick or treating.

You won’t have to worry about multiple components or itchy and irritating pieces, this cushy outfit comes equipped with all of R2D2’s details screen printed on. 

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  • Comfortable for those kiddos who aren’t fond of dressing up
  • Warm and soft materials
  • Highly detailed


  • Doesn’t have classic R2D2 shape
  • Attached top and bottom may pose a problem during bathroom breaks

Young Children and Preteens

5.Inflatable Kids BB8 Costume

Have a diehard fan of the new Star Wars movies? This inflatable costume will completely disguise them as the current galaxy adventuring droid.

The outfit covers your child from head to just above the knee with a see through panel for their face.

The polyester material expands thanks to an included battery operated fan and even features arm holes so they can be sure to grab their treats.

The surface of the costume is detailed with all of the classic BB8 characteristics. Once inside, no one will be able to distinguish your trick or treater from the modern starship super-tech. 

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  • Completely disguises your child as BB8
  • Inflatable costumes are currently very popular
  • Includes battery operated fan
  • Is quite detailed


  • Not ideal for those who dislike confined spaces
  • As your child’s face is partially covered by the panel it can make them difficult to identify
  • If punctured or torn will not be able to retain air

6.Princess Paradise Girls Classic Star Wars R2D2 Dress

Awesome robots aren’t only for the boys. Girls can still feel pretty and princess-like while sporting this cute dress.

Featuring a fluttery skirt, a tank top style top, and blue arm warmers this costume is perfect for even the most dainty Star Wars fan.

The satin dress is decked out with all the reliable droids details and even has a slight shimmer, aiding to the costumes metallic R2D2 components.

The best part is that your child can wear this again and again as it transitions seamlessly from Halloween costume to dress-up attire.   

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  • Girly style while still being on theme
  • Comfortable and stylish satin with metallic shimmer
  • Includes arm warmers
  • Multi-layer skirt
  • Can transition to dress-up attire


  • Tank top style is not the warmest
  • Is more of a dress than a traditional R2D2 costume

Handmade R2D2 costume! 

Handmade R2D2 costumeFor those that are crafty, a few basic objects can be transformed into the loveable Star Wars droid. There are many tutorials available online, but here are the basics. 

You will need a cylindrical trash can with a domed lid, spray paint, duct tape, straps or sturdy material, and any other odds and ends that fit the theme.

First, you need to cut out a section of the domed lid to reveal your child’s face and sand down any rough edges.

If the trash can you purchased has a hinged flap on the cover, you can remove the flap. Next, remove the bottom of the can and smooth out the edges. 

Then, paint the entire top and can with white and blue spray paint to represent R2D2’s robotic details.

As his buttons and features are mostly rectangular or circular in shape, with the use of painters tape this shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Finally, make use of the blue duct tape and other random objects to add the final details. Take your material or straps and affix it to the inside of the trash can to form two loops, one to go over each shoulder. 

Once complete, the trash can base can be worn backpack style with your child inside and the loops resting on their shoulders. The top of the trash can is worn on their head to resemble the domed top of R2D2. 


  • Cool R2D2 Costumes for Boys & GirlsRemove a section of the lid to expose the face and remove the bottom of the trash can
  • Sand down any rough edges
  • Spray paint the can and lid with white and blue spray paint to mirror R2D2s features
  • Add details with colored duct tape or odds and ends
  • Attach fabric straps in two loops so the trash can can be worn backpack style 

This costume may not be as flexible as some store-bought costumes but if everything is sold out and you are in a pinch it will certainly do!   

No matter your child’s age, they will be able to join the Star Wars fandom with any of these great costumes.

The resilient and reliable R2D2 is a commendable costume choice for those hoping to tour the galaxy, or neighborhood, in search of rebel alliance members to assist and treats to rescue! 

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