5 Best Rabbit Hutches – [Reviews & Rankings]

Best Rabbit HutchesRabbit hatches come in different sizes and designs. There are hutches that are compact to house only one pet rabbit at home. Others are quite spacious and include a main playing area for the rabbits (Source).

Rabbits are wonderful little animals to have at home. However, they are also fragile creatures that need a lot of attention to ensure their well-being. One way to make your rabbits comfortable is by buying the best rabbit hutch for them. The type of rabbit house you get will depend greatly on the needs of your rabbits, so you’ll want to choose carefully.

Top Rabbit Hutch Models

1. Pawhut D3-0016 – Best Indoor-Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

This product is lightweight and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a simple design that provides a rest and play area for your rabbits.


Pawhut D3 rabbit house boasts of a solid construction and impressive finishing using quality materials.

Pawhut D3-0016 rabbit hatch features a wood and metal alloy construction. The hutch is in the shape of a triangular prism with one part a being a wooden enclosure where the rabbits sleep. The other end is a meshed screen area where the rabbits can come out for fresh air, sunlight, and play.

This rabbit house has two doors; one of the wooden enclosure and the other in the meshed area. This arrangement makes it easy to clean the hutch or take out a rabbit for examining without disturbing the entire nest. The wire meshes are tightly spaced to ensure no predators go in and the rabbits are safely kept within their enclosure.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Quality design
  • Built with quality material


  • Lacks a carrying handle
  • No legs to raise the hatch from the ground

2. Trixie 62332 Rabbit House – Best Two-Story Rabbit Hutch

It is a two-story rabbit house that is spacious and comes with plenty of accessories for your bunny’s comfort. Trixie 62332 is built for the outdoors and can be a home for up to 4 bunnies.

The main hutch is situated on an upper level where the rabbits sleep. This height is perfect to keep the rabbits safe from any intruder below. There is a non-slip ramp that leads from the hutch to the meshed screen area below. Rabbits can hope down to the bottom to play on the grass feed or do their business.

Both hutch and meshed area are roofed to protect the rabbits from rain or direct sunlight. This feature makes the Trixie 62332 rabbit house ideal for outdoor use. There are two doors located on the upper hutch and the meshed play area below. This allows you to check on the rabbits or introduce another member into the pen.

Trixie 62332 measures 78.25L by 36.5W by 57.5H. The makes the hatch big enough for housing a few pet rabbits or transforming the entire structure into a commercial breeding pen. The overall construction is solid and designed for weather resistance. The bottom part of the top hatch is made of a pull out plastic tray that makes cleaning the pen easy. Trixie 62332 is easy to assemble at home with the user manual provided on purchase.


  • Functions as a residential and commercial breeding pen
  • Large enough to accommodate several habits
  • Built with quality  material
  • Plenty of accessories to facilitate comfort in the pen


  • Bulky and not easy to move around.

3. Petsfit Rabbit House – Best Value for the Money

This unit is the best value for money if you are looking for an indoor hutch that also suits the outdoors. The construction is pretty solid and the hutch has plenty of openings.


Petsfit rabbit house includes both a sleeping and play area to ensure the well-being of your bunnies.

Petsfit rabbit bunny boasts of a solid construction with grey and white accents. The hutch is raised on four legs to ensure the protection of the rabbits. The wood pieces come pre-drilled to make assembly easy with simple DIY tricks.

This unit features a pullout tray at the bottom for easy cleaning without making a mess. The entire structure is painted with a water-based paint that is resistant to peeling. This hutch comes with two rood openings at the main area and the screening area. It makes it easy to add or retrieve rabbits as well as cleaning and aerating the pen.

Petsfit rabbit house is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The meshed area supplies plenty of fresh air and sunlight into the pen. This hatch can house a maximum of two or three rabbits.


  • Solid and classic design
  • Built with quality materials
  • Spacious enough to house two rabbits
  • Raised for protection from predators


  • Not ideal for rabbit breeding
  • Large and heavy to move around
  • Bottom cleaning tray may leak at the edges
  • Requires constant cleaning if used indoors

4. Pawhut 2 Floor House – Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Pawhut 2 rabbit house is designed for the outdoors. It has plenty of doors in the main hutch and a running area for the rabbits. The construction is solid and the materials used high quality as well.


Pawhut 2 rabbit house boasts of a spacious main hatch and running area. The hutch is constructed with quality wood and strong mesh wires. This prevents intrusion from predators and also keeps the rabbits safe. Multiple doors are included in the main hatch for easy management of the pen.

The bottom of the main hutch has a detachable tray for easy cleaning. The main hutch and the running area are detachable and can be held back together with metallic latches. This not only reduces the bulkiness of the pen but also ensures your rabbits are safe even when out in the sun. If you have a well-trimmed backyard, the screening area can be done away with and let the rabbits hop around the yard.

Pawhut 2 wooden rabbit house is spacious enough to host two or more rabbits. It also includes a non-slip rump to guide the rabbits down to the screening area. In addition, the ramp also acts as a source of exercise for the bunnies.


  • Quality construction
  • Built from durable materials
  • Water-resistant paint to protect wood from rot
  • Detachable screening area makes the hutch less bulky


  • Heavy and not easy to carry around

5. Merax Pet Rabbit Bunny Wood House Hutch with ABS Tray – Best Rabbit Hutch on Budget

The Merax Wood Hutch is the best rabbit hutch to own if you are on a budget. It is built from quality material and features a detachable roof. This unit is ideal for hosting one rabbit as a pet.

This rabbit house is made from quality pinewood to make it durable. The construction is sturdy and the wood well polished to protect it from rot. This rabbit house is lightweight to make it easy to carry around while in the house.

The roof is detachable to provide light and fresh air to the hutch. The entire hutch is compact enough to house one rabbit. This is an ideal rabbit house to get your kids if they want to keep a pet rabbit in the house. When it is sunny outside, hutch can be moved outdoors for your bunnies to enjoy the sunlight.

There are a few downsides to this hutch. One it lacks a door, which makes it hard to control the rabbit’s movements or prevent predators from going in. You may have to build a protective fence around the hutch or use it inside a meshed enclosure. At under $100, it is definitely a top budget pick.


  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Ideal for one pet rabbit
  • Built with quality pine wood


  • Lacks a door which may hinder the security of the rabbit
  • Lacks a bottom waste tray therefore cleaning can be messy
  • Need to be reinforced with a perimeter fencing or mesh cage to ensure safety

Tips to Consider

One of the top decisions to make while rearing rabbits is where they will live. The best rabbit hutch you buy depends on whether you plan to keep rabbits as pets or you are considering rabbit farming. Moreover, there are a couple other things to consider to ensure you get the best rabbit house for the price.


It is advisable to buy a rabbit hutch that is big enough to fit your bunny’s needs. The best rabbit hutch ensures your bunny has enough room to relax and exercise. Consider a rabbit house that is spacious and the roof raised high enough. However, the ceiling should not be too high as rabbits love to feel closer to the ground as possible.

If you plan to add more rabbits in the future, then you need a more spacious hutch. Go for rabbit houses that can be renovated, to add more space, without ruining the original construction of the hutch.

Hutch Construction

Look for rabbit houses that are made from quality material. Modern hutches are designed with treated wood and include a meshed area.

Treated wood prevents it from rot when it comes in contact with water. Such hutches are perfect for outdoor use. The meshed area provides room for sun and fresh air to enter the hutch.

Inspect the rabbit hutch to ensure the overall construction is top-notch and safe as well. There should be no uneven surfaces or wires sticking out. The wood should be properly polished with no hanging pieces as rabbits can mistake this for food. Ensure the paint job well done and the paint used will not chip.


How portable the rabbit house is will depend on the intended use. If you are going to rare a few rabbits as pets, a portable indoor hutch would be ideal. The best portable rabbit houses are compact and made of a lighter material. On the other hand, raising rabbits for sale means you will need a permanent structure to keep them in.

Hutch Cleaning

The best rabbit hutch is one that is easy to clean without making a mess. Modern rabbit houses come with a detachable base to make cleaning easy. Some rabbit houses will have an open base to prevent rabbit droppings from piling up in the hutch. Such hutches will also include a secretion holder at the bottom to prevent a mess and foul smell from developing.

Hutch Accessories

There are plenty of accessories one can buy to make a rabbits life comfortable in its hutch. If you are going to keep a rabbit, or two, as pets, buy separate bowls that will be used for food and water. For the rabbit farmer, consider buying a large rabbit feeder that comes with inbuilt storage for keeping rabbit feed.

Bunnies have thick furry coats but they can still get cold in winter. Getting a heated pad cover ensures the rabbits keep warm even when it is chilly. Adequate warmth is also necessary if you have a couple of does that are nursing kittens. Another useful accessory is a pet hay manager. Rabbits can get their hutch littered up with hay especially when playing. A pet hay manager keeps the hay in one place ensuring the hutch remains neat at all times.

Be A Proud Owner

Rabbits are delicate animals that love a spacious home to live in. They also want to feel protected in their habitat at the same time having the freedom to roam as they please.

As a rabbit owner, you want a rabbit house that meets all the needs of your rabbits to ensure their wellbeing.

It can get daunting buying the best rabbit hutch on the market. However, this comprehensive guide should help make or break your decision about different brands.

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