Best RC Cars For Kids [Top 5 Reviewed]

The 5 Best RC Cars For KidsKids love playing with remote-controlled cars. In fact, it is a big favorite among children. However, many adults also partake in the fun with their young ones. If you are a fan of RC cars, you will always be a die hard fan. Getting remote control cars can be quite a fulfilling hobby. However, this doesn’t have to break the bank.

When searching for the best RC car, you will come across numerous cost-effective models that maintain their pace with expensive brands. Before buying one, you’ll want to consider the build, durability, brand, and whether you wish to go with an electric RC car or a nitro (gas-powered) one. That said, if you have been itching to dive into this hobby and enjoy some racing, bashing, rock crawling and off-road action, you will love our RC car lineup.

What Is The Best RC Car For Kids?

The Hosim 1/12 Scale RC Car may only be two-wheel drive, but it is just about the most fun you can have on four wheels. It is designed to be played with and beat around a bit, which is perfect for children.

You get everything from a 90 motor GP brush for intense power, to a 2.4 GHz radio, and a 9.6v lithium-ion battery. This RC car will speed around just about any surface while you can sit comfortably, up to 100 meters away.

The S-suspension is paired with sponge inserted rubber tires and aluminum shocks, which means stability and control. You are going to have traction, handling, and control to go with all that power. The Hosim 1/12 Scale RC Car is at the top of its class and will have everyone in the family begging for a turn.

How Much Do RC Cars Cost?

A new RC car can cost you anywhere from $20-$30 for the low-end, and up to over $1000 for some that brands like Traxxis and Team Losi sell. Which type you buy depends on what you are looking to get out of it. The low-end models are excellent for beginners and children. The high-end models are designed for hardcore enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their RC car experience.

There are some RC cars that cost as much as a real car, or more. They come from brands like Autoart or even Lamborgini, and they are more of a collector’s item then a car to be raced around a track. The Traxxis X01 is one of the most expensive RC cars that would be used by enthusiasts, and the base price starts at $700.

Best RC Cars For Kids

1. Hosim 1/12th Scale RC Car – Best Off-Road RC Car

If you are in the realm of getting the best off-road RC car, consider something that offers great impression and a solid driving experience. This clearly describes the Hosim 1/12th Scale RC Car. To begin, its impressive motor, despite being 2WD, features an aggressive 90 motor GP brush that guarantees a lot of power for its price range. It comes with a 2.4 GHz radio system with a range of more than 100 meters. For extended use, it is packed with 9.6v Li-ion battery with an included charger.

To greatly handle the tough off-roads, it comes with an S-suspension system that ascertains superior handling. This will not only make it look good when hitting the road but also enhances its control. Hosim 1/12th Scale RC Car boasts of rubber tires with sponge inserts and a rear wheel ball bearing drive. Its impressive soft compound RC tread and the aluminum front shocks will keep you going.

Unlike other RC cars with frequent overheating or overcharging complains, the Hosim 1/12th Scale RC Car has a well-designed circuit board that protects the car from overheating and overcharging.

Also worth noting is the truck’s wide stance that makes it stable when taking sharp turns. Besides, the wheels are made to protect the chassis as they slightly protrude in the front and back. This RC car is a great choice for beginners trying to satisfy their RC driving enthusiasm.


  • Well built
  • Great battery life
  • Versatile – runs on various surfaces
  • Universal parts thus convenient
  • A wide range of transmitter control


  • Too fast that traction may be a problem in wet areas
  • Plastic remote control

2. Maisto RC Rock Crawler – Best RC Car for the Price with Looks

This could be one of the best RC cars on the market, primarily because of its appearance. As mentioned, its strongest point is the thoughtful design. With the kind of efficiency it offers, this could be your latest best friend.

The articulated front and rear suspension are perfect for conquering tough rocks and rugged trails. Its low gearing nature makes it perfect for off-road driving. The Maisto RC Rock Crawler’s tri-channel transmitter allows up to three people to interact with the vehicle simultaneously.

Even so, the frequencies are boosted by the two built-in chips, which are quite easy to change. For the transmitters, you will need 3AA batteries and 6AA batteries for the vehicle. The car is good for all surfaces, ascertained by the highly geared 130-sized motor. Complementing the motor, the 9.6v NiMH provides satisfactory runtime. It turns well of  flat surfaces, doesn’t climb stairs but descends them interestingly.


  • Durable RC vehicle
  • A fully articulated multi-link suspension system
  • Works best on all surfaces
  • Tri-channel transmitter


  • Poor steering control
  • Average controller

3. SXJJX RC Car – Best Durable and Perfectly Sized RC Car

The SXJJX RC Car is a perfect choice for RC car enthusiasts looking for a durable and mid-sized vehicle. You will love the flames on the car’s chassis, not to mention its speed on grass. Some of the outstanding features of this vehicle include;

  • High-quality protection rack – the car has dozens of screws fixed tightly to ensure that the car remains durable and firm withstanding any abuse. It is also made from strong raw materials that extend the life of the vehicle. The direction spinner on the bottom also adjusts the vehicle automatically offering advanced protection.
  • Tough suspension – all the four wheels in the vehicle have independent suspension springs. This allows the body of the car to move more flexibly and easily. It also plays a great shockproof function that protects the electronic components of the car’s body.
  • Quality tires – the tires of SXJJX RC Car are made of high-quality PVC materials that are soft and elastic. The tires can be adjusted based on the driving terrain and speed.
  • Strong motor – the car’s strong motor installation provides immense power to the vehicle making it easy to complete difficult moves.
  • Transmitter – the car’s cool transmitter operates on 2.4GHz supported by 3AAA batteries that are included in the package. This provides additional control with distance as well as easy maneuverability. It drives easily on grass, sand, and curbs.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Doesn’t get stuck easily
  • Impressive design
  • Great for an introduction to RC hobby


  • Plastic remote
  • Average speed

4. Danchee Trail Hunter RC Car – Best RC Car for any Terrain

Featuring two motors with a dual mode technology, the Danchee Trail Hunter RC Car is a great choice for RC car racing experience. The vehicle comes with impressive features yet at an affordable price tag. First things first, it comes with a 4WD chassis that articulates both front and rear suspensions fully. It comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter that allows up to 20 players to drive the vehicle nearby without interference. To run the transmitter, you will need 4AA batteries while 6AA batteries are enough for this trail hunter.

The Danchee Trail Hunter RC Car is unique as it comes with a hill braking mode that adds more quality to the machine. When activated, the car automatically breaks when the throttle is released. This helps in maintaining low speeds especially on steep slopes and technical trails.


  • Unique hill braking mechanism
  • Great chassis articulation
  • Value for your money


  • Low speeds
  • Batteries not included in the pack

5. HPI Baja Q32 RC Car – Best RC Car for Speed

The HPI Baja Q32 RC Car lives up to its anticipatory speed with its astonishing performance. Despite the car being small enough that it can fit your palms, it packs great power that it startles users and bystanders.

This 2WD buggy features a composite chassis and a TF60 transmitter. The little car sits on foam tires that makes it perfect for asphalt or pavement driving. To continue its use if the batteries are over, you will need to recharge the vehicle, which takes approximately 20 – 30 mins.


  • Fantastically fast
  • Small and compact
  • Readily available replacement parts
  • Less charging time


  • Not perfect for all surfaces
  • Non-replaceable internal battery

Top RC Car Brands

There are a number of RC car brands that are going to give you quality and performance, as they have a proven track record.

Traxxas: King of The Castle

The 5 Best RC Cars For KidsTraxxas is the most popular RC car brand in the world for people who are serious about the hobby. Their lineup can get very expensive, with some models costing close to $1000. They still have RC cars available for those on the lower end of the price spectrum. The Traxxas E-Revo VXL is a great car under $100 that still boasts speeds upwards of 50mph and can be boatloads of fun. 

Maisto: 50 Years of Fun

Maisto is a toy company that has been in production for over half of a century. They currently have three different styles of RC vehicles on the market. You can purchase their Custom R/C Shop models that are RC versions of AllStars and Prorodz.

They also have the Street Troopers: Mobilized Attack Vehicles. These fun RC toys actually transform and can shoot projectiles. They also make the Monster Drift RC series which, as the name implies, is great for drifting and offroad.

HPI Racing: A 1980s Attitude

HPI Racing is one of the more popular brands in the world and has been making them since the 1980s. Their main focus is taking designs from real-life cars, shrinking them down, and turning them into an amazing RC car experience.

The cars are designed to be driven on the pavement and make you feel like a real driver. They also put out some great nitro-fueled buggies and trucks like the Vorza Flux and the HPI Savage.

Team Losi: Something for Everyone

Team Losi is another one of the top brands around the world, not only for their quality but the selection that they offer. You can get cars that are perfect for beginners, all the way up to the most hardcore RC car drivers.

They also tend to offer more options and accessories than most other brands, so you have the ability to customize your RC car a lot more. Team Losi has the best of both worlds and would be a great selection for any experience level.

Buyers Guide 

The 5 Best RC Cars For KidsAs mentioned before, getting to know more about RC Cars, either as a part-time hobby or full-time venture can be time-consuming. You can watch all the YouTube videos thinking that you are ready for RC cars. What you don’t know is what awaits you when it’s time to make choices.

Type of RC Cars

There are various types of RC vehicles, mainly differentiated by its power systems. Some of the common models include:

Nitro RC Car System

Nitro RC vehicles have carburetor engines alongside their fuel tanks. These fuel tanks are run by nitro gas that brings the difference with electric RC cars. Nitro cars bring the experience of controlling a real car. Besides, nitro fuel can be found in your local shops, thus running it won’t be much hassle.

Nitro cars main advantage is that there are no fears of the battery running low. This is simply because it has no battery. They are also excellent for RC car racing. The limitations of nitro cars is that they make a lot of noise, which can be a nuisance. Also, they can be quite expensive to maintain.

Electric RC Cars

Unlike nitro cars, electric RC cars run on electric motor systems, which depend on electricity. They are the most affordable, long-serving and hassle-free RC cars. They don’t go through the combustion process, which is why they don’t make noise. This makes them perfect to be raced on any track.

Batteries for RC cars are also quite inexpensive. Their only drawback is that you will have to change the batteries frequently.

Apart from RC cars, children often enjoy playing around with moving objects including cars. For convenient control of the car’s unique and exciting features, buy the best battery-powered cars for your kids.

Car Design

The 5 Best RC Cars For KidsAll RC Cars should be strong and well finished. However, note that extra strong designs are prone to fatal accidents, especially when they collide with hard obstacles. Nonetheless, it should be strong enough to take up small hits and random bangs.

Battery Lifespan

Hobbyist will agree that an RC Car’s charging and playing time are of immense importance. The maximum racing time for most high-end models is 20 minutes. On the other hand, full-time charging should take not more than 3 hours.

Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries differ in performance. So to say, RC cars with rechargeable batteries are usually faster compared to vehicles with non-rechargeable batteries.

RC Car Controller

When it comes to the car controller, consider its battery, precision, and quality. these three factors have a lot to do with its performance. Easy to use controllers with precision signals shared with the car makes driving fun. Some controllers have complex controls that may disappoint amateur drivers. Such are specifically made for professional RC racers.

RC Car Speed

You should keep the highest speed of the vehicle in mind when searching for one. beginners can opt for low-speed RC cars as they get to learn. Besides, high-speed cars cost more.

Build Method

Your RC Car can be delivered in two ways. It could either be readily made or require some assembly. Ready-made cars, as the name suggests, are those that are delivered from the store when they have been already assembled. Manufacturers usually install everything except for the battery for electric cars or nitro fuel for Nitro RC cars.

On the other hand, “construct it up” vehicles are delivered in parts. Owners will need to construct the car themselves after purchase. Thankfully, their car comes with an attached user manual that makes it easy for the purchaser to assemble.

This type gives the purchaser some freedom to choose parts as they can buy better parts from the store for replacement.

Ready To Buy The Best RC Cars For Kids?

The 5 Best RC Cars For KidsAs an RC car fan, it can be difficult to find the best RC car for kids, especially with the overwhelming varieties out there. Majority of the available cars are hobby class, making it even more challenging to find a good one.

Nonetheless, you should always keep the following in mind before settling on one:

  • Avoid going for cheap options on the market. Cheap value means that they are probably made of low standards parts.
  • Take some advice and consult experts on buying RC Cars. They can help you find the correct one.
  • If you are short on budget, consider buying a 2WD RC car. 4WD are quite more expensive as they can handle better than 2WD.

Besides RC cars, your kids might love to sing and express their feeling through music and lyrics. So, CD Players are perfect for keeping your kids entertained.

Having said that, which RC car do you think is your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below!

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