Best Rosie The Riveter Costumes Review [Top 5 Full Body Ideas]

Two distinct images characterize Rosie the Riveter. The first depiction is a painting by Norman Rockwell that appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post in 1943 (Source).

Rosie the Riveter Costumes

The second depiction is a poster by J Howard Miller displayed in the Westinghouse factories for a two-week period.

Though the Rockwell iteration was a favorite during WWII, over the years, it is the Howard Miller depiction that has captured most imaginations. It portrays Rosie flexing while wearing a red bandanna and accompanied by the words “We Can Do It.”

These two iterations have inspired countless costumes. Whether you prefer the first or the second iteration, the costumes discussed below pay homage to both.

Here is a review of the top rated Rosie the Riveter costumes.

Best Rosie the Riveter Costumes

1. Delicious Riveting Rosie Costume—Highest Rated Rosie Costume

Rosie the Riveter has been a symbol of women empowerment for years. So crucial is the message she sends that two powerful women have drawn inspiration from her.

Beyonce donned the costume and posted the image on Instagram while Hillary Clinton used the Rosie the Riveter image in her presidential campaigns. Numerous consumer goods have also used Rosie the Riveter to send a message of female empowerment.

If you wish to join the list of people embracing female empowerment, then this Delicious Riveting Costume is perfect for you. It draws inspiration from J. Howard Miller’s depiction. The costume consists of a romper, a belt, and a headscarf.

The navy blue one-piece romper is 100% polyester, and it has the added advantage of being poplin stretch fabric. Poplin is a plain weave of any fiber, in this case, polyester. The plain weave nature of the material ensures the romper is durable, easy to iron and resistant to wrinkles. The stretchy aspect guarantees the romper is comfortable to wear and that it facilitates natural movement.

The romper has functional back pockets and folded cuffs which inject a dash of style into the costume. The final detail on the romper is the embroidered Rosie patch. With this patch, no one can confuse you as anyone other than Rosie the Riveter.

The red belt accentuates the romper. Note that the belt is elastic and that means fit will not be an issue. The final piece of this costume is the iconic white and red polka dot headscarf. It is a perfect replica of the bandanna Rosie the Riveter wore.

With the bandanna tied, you are ready to attend your WWII themed party, Halloween or cosplay. Shoes are not part of the costume, but you can easily pair this costume with a wide variety of shoes. From high heels to boots and even converse, they all complement the costume.

The costume is available in all the standard women’s sizes. Just remember, costume sizing and clothing sizing are not similar. Consult the size chart to get the appropriate size and take into account that the costume’s fabric is stretchy.


  • The costume is affordable.
  • The costume is stylish.
  • It is easy to wear.
  • Closely resembles the vintage Rosie the Riveter look.


  • The costume is a bit low-cut.

2. Princess Paradise Girls’ Rosie the Riveter—The Cutest Rosie Costume

It is not just adults who would like to rock the empowering Rosie the Riveter costume. If your daughter has encountered the Rosie the Riveter depiction anywhere.

Then she might want to rock a Rosie look for Halloween, or a costume themed party. The Princess Paradise Girls Rosie the Riveter will transform your daughter into this powerful iconic character.

The costume consists of two pieces—a jumpsuit and a head wrap. The jumpsuit has a front zipper to guarantee your young one can easily get in and out of the suit. The suit also has an elastic waist for easier fit and to ensure trips to the bathroom will be hassle-free.

Similar to the original Rose the Riveter costume, this suit is navy blue. The embroidered Rosie patch makes the jumpsuit identifiable, and the red ribbon bow detail on the waist is cute and appropriate for children.

The jumpsuit has rolled sleeves and rolled pants. It is essential to note that these cuffs are sewn in and cannot unroll. The rolled cuffs inject style and also resemble the original Rosie the Riveter. The final piece making up the costume is the polka dot head wrap. It resembles ties the look together.

It is also important to note that the fabric on this costume is not stretchy. As a result, though the costume is available in all the standard children sizes, the sizing runs small. You must, therefore, consult the sizing chart, and if you are in doubt, you can always order a size up.

Shoes are not part of the costume, but the costume is forgiving and can accommodate a wide range of shoes. However, red converse shoes pair well with the costume.


  • An adorable costume for your 4-12-year-olds.
  • The costume is pocket-friendly.
  • The costume’s fabric is high quality, and the costume can be worn as everyday wear.


  • Sizing runs a bit small.

3. Fun Costumes Hardworking Lady Costume—The Most Professional Rosie Costume

The Fun Costumes Hardworking Lady draws its inspiration from the Norman Rockwell depiction of Rosie.

It is in that depiction that people got to see the coveralls in full. This costume reimagines that look but with the distinct difference of being 21st-century wear instead of a 20th century style.

The suit is made up of a jumpsuit and a head wrap. Though only consisting of two pieces, the design and details of the suit ensure it is sophisticated enough. To start with, the suit has a printed patch on the notched collar. The printed patch depicts a woman’s face complete with the words “We can do it” and “Rosie.”

Not only does this patch immediately identify the costume as a Rosie depiction, but it also pays homage to the words that accompanied the original Rosie the Riveter costume. The suit has a front zipper that makes it easy to get in and out of the costume. Thanks to the polyester poplin fabric, the costume is comfortable, has a forgiving fit and is easy to wear.

The jumpsuit’s pockets are not only functional; they are also stylish. The belt loops ensure you can accessorize with a belt though the costume itself does not come with a belt. The cuffed sleeves and pant legs are synonymous with Rosie the Riveter, and they are also chic.

The costume wouldn’t be complete without the red and white polka dot bandana. The bandanna measures 7.5” x 38” which gives it a wide fit range.

The costume comes in all the standard women’s sizes, but once again, it is important to remember costuming sizing is different. Make a point of consulting the size chart and reading reviews to get a sense of which fit will work best for you.


  • The costume is affordable.
  • The costume is well-detailed.
  • The costume is comfortable.
  • The costume is of high-quality thanks to the fabric.


  • Extra cost might be incurred for appropriate shoes.

4. Princess Paradise Baby Girl’ Rosy The Riveter—The Most Adorable Rosie Costume

While the costume’s name references girls, it is essential to note that the Princess Paradise Baby Girl’s Rosy the Riveter costume is unisex. It is an infant Rosie costume whose sizing can fit a 6-18-month-old infant.

It consists of a jumpsuit and a headband. The navy blue jumpsuit has a front center zipper that makes it easy for you to get your infant in and out of the costume. The Rosie patch identifies the costume, and the rolled sleeves and pants replicate the original Rosie the Riveter costume.

The sleeves are not sewn-in, but the buttoned sleeve tabs keep the cuffs up. The costume takes into account diapering, and it has closures from the crotch all the way down to guarantee easy access for diapering. The final piece of the costume is, of course, the iconic red and white polka dot headband.

Note that the high-quality fabric allows the jumpsuit can be worn as everyday wear and not just for Halloween or costume parties.

While an infant may not need shoes, it is important to consider purchasing socks that complement the costume. The socks will keep your infant warm on a cold Halloween night. The costume is available in all the standard costume sizes.

However, similar to the Girls’ Rosie the Riveter discussed above, the fabric on this costume is not stretchy. As a result, consulting the sizing chart and getting the right size is vital.


  • The costume is affordable.
  • The costume is adorable.
  • The costume allows for diapering.


  • None

5. Forum Novelties Rosie the Riveter Adult Costume—The Sexiest Rosie the Riveter Costume

Rosie the Riveter was in no way depicted as sexy on any of the iterations available. However, that does not mean you cannot embody the hot version of this female empowerment icon.

In their own ways, femininity and sexiness are also ways of celebrating female empowerment.

With this in mind, the Forum Novelties Rosie the Riveter adult costume reimagines a sexy version of Rosie. The costume is made up of a shirt, pants and a hairnet. The blue and white polka dot shirt is low cut and bunches up at the bustline.

The blue pays homage to Rosie’s original costume, and polka dots are a nod to the head wrap. The high waist pants have cute button details on the waist for style. The red is reminiscent of the head wrap, and it pairs well with the blue polka dot shirt. Note that the collar and the cuffs also pay homage to the original costume.

The costume is easy to wear, it is made from 100% polyester, and the fabric is sturdy. An added advantage is that you can pair the pants with a different top and wear the outfit as regular wear.

Instead of a head wrap, this particular costume comes with a black hairnet which goes well with the costume. The prop does not come with the costume, but you can purchase the accessory separately at an affordable price.

The costume is available in all the standard women’s sizes. However, it is important to consult the size chart to ensure you get the right size. Once you’ve purchased the right size, you are ready to represent American symbol of girl power uniquely. Just make sure you pair the costume with appropriate shoes.


  • The costume is affordable.
  • The costume is different from other Rosie the Riveter costumes in the market.
  • The costume is versatile.
  • The costume is not overly revealing despite the sexy tag.


  • The costume is not readily identifiable as a Rosie the Riveter costume.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Costume

A common theme among all the Rosie costumes is that you should be extremely careful when selecting size because clothing size and costume size are vastly different. For that reason, it is important to take these three costume sizing tips into account before purchase.

“True to Size” does not exist

Different vendors with varying size metrics design costumes. It is unlike the clothes in regular stores. Such garments are designed by a single brand that adheres to an agreed upon size metric.

Therefore, you should throw any preconceived notion of sizing out of the window when browsing online stores for your costume of choice.

Rule of Thumb When Selecting Size

The rule of thumb when purchasing costumes is to take the actual measurements and compare them to the measurements on the size chart offered on all product pages.

Buy The Best Rosie the Riveter Costumes

Do not assume that just because you are a size four, the size four costume will automatically fit you.

Instead, compare your measurements with those provided on the chart and select the closest match. The closer the match, the better the costume will fit.

Read The Reviews

While most read the reviews to determine the quality of the product, reviews are also a valuable tool that will help you find the right size.

In most reviews, past customers discuss their experiences with fitting. It is common for a customer to list their exact measurement and the size they purchased. If that particular customer was satisfied with the fit and you happen to have similar measurements; you can confidently buy a similar size.

Other Things to Consider

While fitting is vital, there are two more things to consider before purchasing a Rosie the Riveter costume. First, the costume normally pairs well with appropriate props. Examples of props include a toy hammer or spanner. The accessories are affordable, and they will give you a more authentic Rosie look for either Halloween or cosplay.

Second, if you plan to purchase the costume as part of a family theme, then there are other 1940’s or WWII costumes that combine well with Rosie the Riveter costume. Just browse the manufacturer’s product page to see what else they offer.

Ready To Buy The Best Rosie the Riveter Costumes?

Nothing signifies female power better than the Rosie the Riveter costume.

Buy The Best Rosie the Riveter Costumes

The guide lists the best and unique Rosie costumes available in the market today. Whether you prefer the original classic depiction or a unique reimaging, the guide has you covered.

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