Is Egg Donation For Money A Good Idea ?

It seems like everybody these days has a “side hustle” or part-time job to help make ends meet. Housing, food, childcare, school, and transportation are just a few things that eat into the budget, and there never seems to be much leftover at the end of the month for fun things, like travel, dates, and clothes.

For many young women, the desire to make a difference in the world and help their fellow women is a larger priority than making a buck, but reality sometimes requires we drop one thing for the other. After all, there’s only so much time in a day. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way to help make a true difference in somebody’s life and be compensated fairly for your time and effort. If you are between the ages of 21 and 35, have no infectious diseases, have a healthy BMI, and can provide a full family history you may qualify to be an egg donor.

The Screening Process 

The screening process may be extensive, as it’s designed to weed out donors who are unlikely to have the most viable eggs.  Egg donors are very fairly compensated, and it requires very little time and effort from the donor once the criteria is met. 

The majority of egg donations are done through a fertilization clinic or agency, but you can also be a private egg donor. If you go through an agency, your identity can remain anonymous, your privacy is guaranteed, and they will help make sure the contract you sign protects you from any future legal issues or liabilities.

The agency will also handle your compensation, paying you from an escrow account that has already been set up with the hopeful parents. The compensation will also include the cost of any doctor visits. 

Donated eggs are collected from a donor and then fertilized and implanted into the uterus of the hopeful mother. There are many reasons why a woman may choose egg donation to assist with pregnancy, including past illnesses, genetic or otherwise, damaged ovaries, or age. In some cases, the donated egg is placed in another third party, the surrogate, who will carry the pregnancy to term for gay or lesbian families.

This is an IVF option that has a very high success rate, resulting in 50% viable pregnancies, and so it is growing in popularity from year to year. 

When Does The Process happen?

This is not a process that happens overnight. Once the prospective egg donor passes the screening process, the medical procedure will begin.  Donors are injected with a medication that stops the regular menstrual cycle. The next step is to stimulate egg growth, so the fallopian tube will release more than one egg at a time.

The eggs will be held on the follicles within the uterus until the collection procedure is performed.   There are some side-effects in this process, which are very similar to premenstrual syndrome or the changing from one birth control to another. Very rarely are there any further complications, and once the extraction is complete, the effects of the fertility treatment are completely reversible. 

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