8 Engaging Easter Activities for Toddlers 

Easter is a time for creative play! Keep curious toddlers busy by exploring and finding ways to welcome spring. These family-approved ideas are perfect for indoor celebrations and outdoor adventures. You’ll keep them smiling and spark their imagination.

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  1. Backyard Egg Hunt 

Kick back with a coffee and let your toddler wear their Easter pajamas! A backyard egg hunt is a fun and relaxing learning activity. All you need are plastic eggs and fun, educational additions.

If your little one is practicing counting, write the numbers 1-10 on the outside of the eggs. Then, ask your child to find each number to win a prize. Parents can swap numbers with colors or letters of the alphabet.

Some kids prefer to have surprises inside the eggs. In this case, write the numbers and letters on Legos or small pieces of paper. Reward them for completing their hunt! Festive ideas include bunny stickers or a springtime coloring set. While you get their bodies moving and their brain working, they’ll love that they get a cute gift.

  1. Easter Sensory Bins 

Toddlers love sensory bins, and Easter décor offers plenty of inspiration. To create your bin, choose a wooden box or plastic container. Create a base with cotton balls or Easter grass. More fun foundations include large jelly beans or colored sand.

Add colorful plastic eggs or mini-Easter baskets. Tiny toys like bunnies and carrots will set the scene and capture your child’s imagination. Wooden scoops and rakes will satisfy their curiosity and help them create their unique scene. Let them explore objects up close with small nets and magnifying glasses.

  1. Paint the Giant Egg 

Washable paint makes arts and crafts more fun and stress-free. Help your toddler create a beautiful giant egg in bright hues or pastel colors. First, you’ll draw a large Easter egg with a permanent marker on a piece of white or colored construction paper.

Choose a unique design to adorn your egg, such as swirls or polka dots. Create thick stripes or write your child’s name in bubble letters. Offer different shades of paint to create their artwork. Kids can use their fingers or a paintbrush.

Clean-up is easier when you put a canvas or towel under your papers and paint. You can also have your child wear an old shirt or an apron over their clothing. Palettes made from paper plates will let you throw old paint away. Let the eggs dry and then hang them in the playroom or on the refrigerator!

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  1. Sort the Candy Colors

Transform your child’s candy baskets into a fun learning activity. Jelly beans and candy-coated eggs are treats they can sort into special cups or boxes. Offer your toddler containers in different colors to match their candy pieces. Then, dump the candy onto a towel or table.

Let your kiddo place each piece into the correct box or bin. When their project is complete, they can enjoy their favorite flavors. Another idea is to let them exchange their candy for small toys or fruit snacks.

  1. Magnetic Indoor Egg Hunt

Easter weekend is for the family, so wear your family matching pajamas and enjoy an exciting group activity. A magnetic egg hunt makes the most of your time indoors. You’ll need a pack of plastic Easter eggs and small refrigerator magnets.

Place a fridge magnet inside each egg and then hide the eggs throughout your house. When you’re ready to hunt, grab a few magnetic wands for you and the kiddos. Ask your toddler to use their wand to pick up the eggs and place them inside a colorful plastic bucket or Easter basket. 

They’ll be amazed as their little hands create so much magic. The family member with the most magnetic eggs gets a special surprise. Adorable ideas include Easter-themed pencils or bunny-shaped fidget toys.

  1. Playdough Egg Art

Playdough is a creative, hands-on way to celebrate Easter. Shop for bright colors to help your toddler create beautiful egg-themed art. Grab a few cans of dough featuring pretty springtime hues and then set them up on the floor or a kid’s activity table.

Print out plain Easter eggs and then help your child roll out long playdough pieces or create tiny dough balls. They can place their designs on their eggs for eye-catching three-dimensional artwork. Take pictures of your toddler and their Easter-themed design. Have them wear their bunny print PJs or cute romper pajamas for an adorable photo opportunity.

  1. Spring Coloring Sheets

Keep it simple and sweet with spring coloring sheets! Print out pictures of Easter eggs or bunny rabbits. Toddlers will also love coloring bouquets of flowers or festive Easter baskets.

Pastel colored pencils and glittery crayons will make their artwork feel like spring. If they like markers, try bright, neon colors. They’ll love creating something new, and you’ll love the smiles on their faces.

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  1. Bunny Bean Bag Toss

A bean bag toss is an adorable way to keep your toddler busy. Creating your own bean bag game at home is easy. Grab a cardboard box from the closet or garage and then pick out a few pieces of construction paper.

Cover the box in white or gray paper to look like rabbit’s fur. Now, draw a cute face and bunny ears. Add eyes and a nose, along with white teeth and thick whiskers. Next, cut an opening for the mouth big enough to fit a few bean bags.

Include a few more pieces of construction paper to create ears and feet, adding pink paper for the inside of the ears and the paws. Tape or glue the ears and feet to the box and position your game in a safe, open space. Your toddler is ready for festive springtime play!

Make Fun Easter Memories with Your Little One

Easter is a time for getting creative and spending quality time with family. Keep things cute and festive with comfy spring clothes and Easter pajamas, and then choose a few fun activities. Whether your child likes running around or doing arts and crafts, this list has plenty of toddler-approved activities to help them celebrate their holiday. Snap a few photos and create special memories!

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