Fun Activities For Moms And Their Kids

The bond between moms and their kids is unbreakable. Kids actually see moms as their gods, which is so because they believe their moms have answers to everything. Just like sponges, children absorb almost everything they see and hear. They will try to emulate every move you make or even the silly sounds. To a mother, this is very fulfilling; seeing the kids progress, healthy and happy is the ultimate joy of all moms.

In as much as all moms try to put their foot down when instilling discipline, it is important to have some little fun with them too. Besides, good memories will be made in the process, and your kids will always remember them even when they grow older. In this piece, we will be looking at eight fun activities that you can do with your little ones;

Sing for them

From a very tender age, children enjoy music. You will see them smiling when you hum their favorite tune and their eyes glowing. As they grow, they will reach an age where they will start clapping and even singing the same tune. It is pretty interesting as a mother to see your child learn even the first few words of the song. And before you know it, they will be singing the whole song with you.

Dance with them

While singing, you can also couple it up with a few dance moves. You do not have to be a great dancer to dance with your kids. The simple moves that you know will work just right. Remember, to them, you are the best dancer ever. As such, hold your kids’ hands and dance with them in the house. You can either sing as you dance or put on some good music and dance with them.

Go for swimming

Going swimming is a good option for those sunny days. Children enjoy being in the water and playing some of the water games. If they do not know how to swim yet, you can teach them how to or hire a trainer to do it. Carry a ball with you that they can use to play while in the swimming pool. However, note that you should never leave your children unattended while in the pool, as anything can happen. Be there with them or ask the lifeguard to watch them for you.

Play games

There are so many games that you can enjoy playing with your little angels. A simple game such as peekaboo or even the classic hide and seek are amazing games that children enjoy. Let the kids hide themselves anywhere in the house and try to find them or vice versa. You can also get puzzle games and play with them. The puzzle games are an excellent way to build their problem-solving skills and help them think critically.

A smart cube 3*3 is also very good fun and educational tool that you can get to play with your kids. Let them play with the cube and try to solve it. Fortunately, today, almost everything has shifted to the online space meaning that you can also make turn make screen time valuable and download games that will help them develop their problem-solving skills. And the good thing is that they can compete with other young players from all over the world too.

Read with them 

Reading a storybook aloud for your children from a tender age is a very good practice. While reading to them, make sure you use tonal variations and can use gestures too. This will help build their creative side and their imagination as well. Besides the stories being interesting, they also get to learn a thing or two from them. You can upgrade the storybooks as the kids grow older as this encourages them to be good readers in the future. 

Take them to the park

Children thrive in outdoor spaces. The park is a very good option if you want them to have fun. You can try out some of the park activities such as going to the merry-go-round or paintballing. Also, you can race with them too and put a prize to it. Whoever wins gets the price. Such competitions are fun and make you look like a cool mom too. While in the park, you can also carry a home-prepared meal and get to eat together with them. 

Cook together

As a mother, you spend many hours in the kitchen preparing food for your lovely family. You probably have had to send your kids away from the kitchen from time to time as you were preparing the meals. However, have you thought about having them help you prepare some of the meals? Well, while many mothers may be skeptical at first, it is actually a fun thing to do with the kids. If you are planning to bake a cake for them, you can let them help you make the dough. Yes, it might be messy, but at the end of it all, both of you will have fun and feel accomplished when the cake gets out of the oven, ready to be devoured. 

Make some art

Making some art in the house is an excellent example of sensory play for the kids. It stimulates their sense of touch, movement, and sight. Buy them some art paper, some glitters, paintbrushes, and some paint. They will, without a doubt, have a blast while smearing the paint on the paper and adding a few glitters. Be ready for a messy affair too. Allow them to be creative and paint whatever they want. This also enables them to express themselves and build their creative skills. 

Final Verdict 

It is always good to make memories with your kids. It makes the bond stronger, and they will forever consider you a cool mom. And what a joy is it to you as a mom to see your kids happy!  

Keren Fisher

My name is Keren Fisher. I’m a Happy Mom of 3 Beautiful Girls. I am always online researching things to buy and activities for them to do. I have been blogging for the last 10 years

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