How Much Exercise Do Kids Need [Must Read]

These days there seem to be so many things kids need to do.  Whether it is schoolwork, homework, extracurricular activities, or simply finding the time to be kids.  It is easy to overload them with activities even though you have the best of intentions.  How do you know if they are getting enough exercise or whether they need to slow down their activities?

How Many Hours Per Day Of Physical Activity?

Kids over the age of 6 should aim for at least one hour of physical activity per day.  This does not need to be taken all at the same time and can include physical education and recess.  Kids can struggle to sit down for hours at a time, so they need regular exercise breaks if they are being home-schooled or if they are on holiday.  Break this exercise down into manageable chunks and you will be surprised at how much exercise kids will be able to do.

Type of Exercise

There are three main types of exercise that kids should be doing.


This is the type that will get their hearts racing and their blood pumping and should take up a large portion of their 60 minutes per day.  Classes such as swimming and dancing can be great for this. Some exercise classes and after-school activities feature socially distanced kids activities to make sure your kids remain safe during the pandemic. You could also include aerobic activity into family time by taking them walking or hiking or even letting them run around in the park.  This will also help them to burn up excess energy.

2.Muscle Strengthening

This should be encouraged about three times per week and includes activities such as gymnastics or climbing.  One option would be to take the kids to the park and let them play on the climbing apparatus.  This will improve their muscle strength as well as allowing them time for aerobic activity, thus ticking two boxes at once.  This is great if you have limited time.

3.Weight Bearing

This type of exercise is a great way of helping them to build strong bones.  It includes things like jumping, skipping, and running.  Set up your backyard with a trampoline or let them use a skipping rope outside.  That way they will get all the weight-bearing exercise they need, and it will feel more like fun than hard work.

Avoid Burnout

Burnout can occur if your kids are working too hard.  This is often associated with training in organized sports, as your talented child strives to be the best they can be.  Watch out for kids who often get injured or tired, as this can be a sign that they need to slow down.


Don’t forget that kids need to eat healthily, especially if they are very active.  They should aim to eat at least five types of fruit and vegetables per day and avoid sugary or fatty food.

Follow these tips to help your kids maintain good exercise habits.

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