How To Clean A Bunn Coffee Maker (Step-by-Step Guide)

Bunn coffee makers are known the world over for delivering fresh coffee at the strength you want and by the amount and choice of grounds you need! It’s simple and quick – making it a great addition to any home.

Thankfully, cleaning the Bunn coffee maker isn’t very hard either. Just remember to wash the pot between coffees and also give the thermal carafe a good scrub every day. Dust the machine and clean it with a damp cloth every two months, and you are good.

This is important because the coffee, milk, and sugar concoction, as well as the cocoa mix and tea leaves (if you use them), can leave behind hard water stains and a nice place for germs to grow. So, it’s no wonder that according to this study, most people have very little idea about how dirty their coffee maker is, even if it looks clean on the outside.

Washing the Bunn coffee machine and maintaining high standards of hygiene is important to maintain the quality of coffee it makes. If you’d like a thorough step-by-step guide to cleaning the Bunn coffee maker, read on.

Follow these instructions to clean the Bunn coffee maker. This is the first step in cleaning the Bunn coffee maker. Here’s how you can do it:

How To Clean Bunn Coffee Maker

1)Wash The Pot

Mix liquid dish soap and hot water, and leave the pot soaked for about 25 minutes. After that, rinse it using tap water. Don’t use a harsh scrubber as it could scratch the pot’s stainless steel vessel or glass. You can also put it into the dishwasher as the pots and filters of the Bunn coffee maker are dishwasher safe. So, put the pot upside down on the top shelf of the dishwasher, but leave the lid outside.

Make sure the dishwasher’s dispenser works fine so that it can wash the pot. However, if the soap dispenser won’t open, give this guide a read.

Pro tip: never clean the lid of the Bunn coffee pot in the dishwasher

2)Wipe The Pot With Vinegar

In case you see stains or dirt spots on the glass of your coffee pot, wipe the pot with a soft cloth that’s soaked in vinegar. If you have the time, fill the pot with vinegar and leave it in there for three hours. After that, wash the pot using a mix of mild detergent and hot water.

Pro tip: Use a sponge or a cloth to clean its sides.

3)Wash The Brewer Regularly

As you wash your Bunn coffee maker’s pot and filter, it is important to clean the body of the maker as well. You can do it by regularly cleaning the brewer. However, when cleaning the brewer, avoid using lime or lemon-scented detergents. Instead, use a mild soap and clean the coffee maker with a slightly wet cloth.

Useful tip: Before you start wiping the brewer, make sure to unplug the Bunn coffee maker for your safety.

4)Clean The Brew Funnel Twice A Week

Take out the brew funnel by sliding it out from the coffee maker. Wash it with a mild detergent and hot water, or you can also put it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Pro tip: repeat this exercise twice a week if you’re using the brewer daily.

Washing The Thermal Carafe

Step 1: Take Out The Lid

In case you have a thermal carafe model, separate the carafe regularly to wash the lid. Remove the top by rotating it in the opposite direction.

Step 2: Clean The Lid Using Non-Harsh Detergent

As you wash the lid, it’s important to take great care of the valve in the center. Make sure you use a mild sponge for cleaning to keep the surface unscratched.

Pro tip: wash the lid with hands and not in the dishwasher.

Step 3: Wash The Valve

To do this, first, you need to take out the valve; remove it by lifting around the edges. Once you remove it, rinse and wash the valve with hot water and soft dish soap. You can also use the dishwasher to clean the valve.

Useful tip: clean the valve after every month.

Step 4: Put A Filter In The Bunn Coffee Machine

To provide the Bunn vessel a thorough wash, always put a paper filter into the funnel of your maker.

Step 5: Add Three Teaspoons Of Dishwasher Soap

Once you place a filter into the funnel, the next thing you should do is adding three teaspoons of the dishwasher soap into it.

Step 6: Fill The Pot With Cold Water And Brew

You can do this by pouring cold and chilled water into the coffee pot and then filling the water into the back of your Bunn maker. As you do it, return the pot and start brewing.

Step 7: Take Out The Filter And Wash

As you finish the brewing, take out the brew funnel and throw out the filter in the bin. Now, start washing the funnel closely with hot water to remove any detergent that might have left.

Step 8: Leave The Water In The Pot For 20 Minutes

Fill the pot with the water and leave it in there for 20 minutes. It’ll remove stains or dirt spots easily that might have developed on the sides of your pot.

Step 9: Clean The Insides Of The Pot Using Soft Brush

To remove stains from the insides of the pot of your Bunn coffee maker, use a soft brush with a handle and clean the insides.

Step 10: Drain The Solution And Wash With Water

Once you finish with the brushing, drain the water and soapy solution into the sink. After that, wash the pot with hot water to take out any remaining detergent.


Keeping The Coffee Brewer Clean

Step 1: Turn Off The Bunn Coffee Maker

Before you start washing your coffee maker, always turn it off first. And just to be on the safe side, unplug it also from the wall outlets.

Step 2:  Pour 1 Liter Vinegar In The Brewer

First, check if the pot and funnel are in place. Only after that, pour 1 liter of vinegar into the top of the brewer of your coffee maker.

Step 3: Wait Until Vinegar Drips All The Way

As you poured the vinegar into the top of the brewer, it’ll start dripping from the funnel to the coffee pot. Once it stops dripping, you can drain the coffee pot vessel in your sink.

Step 4: Pour 1 Liter Of Water In Your Coffee Brewer

After cleaning the coffee maker with vinegar, rinse it with water. For this, pour 1 liter of cold chilled water into the back of your coffee brewer.

Wait until the water completely drips from the maker to the pot, and repeat the process.

Step 5: Unscrew The Spray Head

As you finish washing the brewer with water, it’s time to unscrew the spray head. You can locate it between the funnel and the pot. Once you find it, start unscrewing it.

Step 6: Lift Your Bunn Coffee Machine And Empty It From All Liquids

After unscrewing the spray head, lift your coffee machine. While lifting, make sure you have one hand on the base of the Bunn maker and the other on the top.

Now, turn it upside down and drain all the liquids out from the maker.

Step 7: Screw The Spray Head

When you completely drained all liquids out of the machine and the dripping stops, put the maker back and screw the spray head.

Step 8: Pour Water In The Brewer Again

After you placed the spray head back to the position, now pour 1 liter of water in your coffee machine. It’ll help wash the maker and remove vinegar taste from it.

Related Questions

Why Is My Bunn Coffee Machine Getting Slow?

If your coffee maker takes forever to make your beverage, chances are it requires cleaning. Most of the time, the Bunn coffee machine slows down due to mineral and calcium build-up. Another possible reason could be a blocked valve.

How Long Will My Bunn Coffee Machine Last?

It could last for many years if you take adequate care of the coffee maker. But, if you don’t wash it frequently, your brewer may clog up and stop working.

All in all, expect your Bunn coffee maker to last more than a year without needing extensive repairs or replacement.

How Long Does It Take For The Water To Heat Up In A Bunn?

It’ll take no longer than 15 minutes for the water to get heated in a Bunn. But if that’s not happening, and you have to wait forever for the water to heat up, it’s time to give your coffee maker a thorough cleaning.