How To Clean A Waffle Iron (Step-by-Step Guide)

Cooking waffles is one of the best ways to spend a Sunday or a special occasion. Breakfast can be fun to make, and delicious. Cleaning up after making waffles, however, can be a struggle sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be!

To clean a waffle iron, you need to unplug it and let it cool down some. Then, wipe the inside out, with a dry paper towel. Use a warm damp sponge, to soak the grease and particles. Now, use a soft scrubbing pad, or brush, to brush away large particles from the grid. Rinse it, and let it dry, before using it. Wipe the outside clean, with a damp paper towel.

Waffle irons give you the joy of being able to make your favorite breakfast food at home. To keep your iron in good condition, you need to keep it clean, and working properly. Waffle irons can get dirty, and hard to clean if you do not take care of them.

Keep it Warm to Start

Food can get stuck onto a waffle iron very easily. If it dries on, it can be hard to get it off. If this does happen, you may be able to warm up the waffle iron. After you heat it a little bit, unplug it, and let it cool some. You want it to be slightly warm.

This helps warm the food particles, which makes it easier to remove. This works great if your waffle iron is exceptionally dirty. The avoid this in the future, wipe your waffle iron down after you use, it with a damp paper towel.

This helps keep the food particles from drying onto the waffle iron, in the first place. A little bit of extra maintenance will keep you from having to deep clean your waffle iron. Not every waffle iron should be cleaned warm. Make sure you read the instructions for your model, to find out what works best.

How to Clean Cast Iron Waffle Maker

You may have one of the old-school, cast iron, waffle makers. In this case, you will want to take a little bit of special care, with your iron. Start by cleaning them after each use. You will need to do this, to avoid having it get extra dirty.

Now, use hot water and a soft brush to scrub the cast iron. Do not use dish soap, because it can remove the seasoning from the iron. Make sure to remove any thick pieces. Once you have it clean, use a dry paper towel, to dry it off.

Next, you will need to season it again. Dip a dry paper towel into some vegetable oil, and lightly coat the cast iron. Buff it with a dry paper towel, to finish it off.

Waffle Iron Cleaning Hacks

Here are a few hacks, that will make it much easier to clean your waffle iron. Nothing is worse than a gross waffle iron. If you let it get too dirty, you get to a point where you don’t even want to use it. Instead, use these methods to keep it clean.

  • Keep it clean to start with. Clean your waffle iron after each time you use it. The more food, and grease, you allow to build-up, the harder it will be to remove.
  • Warm-up your iron first. If your model allows it, warm up your iron before you clean it. Make sure to unplug it after, and do not touch it until it is only slightly warm.
  • Read your instructions. Always read the instructions that come with your waffle iron. They can have tips on how they should be cleaned. This will also keep you from making any mistakes.

That’s it. You now know what it takes, to keep your waffle iron in good condition. Always keep safety in mind, when cleaning any household appliances.

What is the Easiest Way to Clean a Waffle Iron?

Now we are going to show you the easiest way to clean a waffle iron. Start by coming up with a maintenance routine. Clean your waffle iron after each use, that way, it will never get out of control. Waffle irons can get pretty gross if you do not take the time to keep them clean.

Step 1: Warm It

If your waffle iron’s instructions say that it is safe, let it warm up a little bit first. Then unplug the waffle iron, and let it cool down, to just slightly warm. Always be careful when handling a warm iron.

Step 2: Wipe Clean

Use a dry paper towel, or cloth, to wipe the inside of the iron clean, removing any particles or food pieces. This will help get the process started, be removing anything that is already loose.

Step 3: Use a Wet Sponge

Next, use a warm wet sponge, with some dish soap, and wipe down the inside of the waffle iron. Make sure to get inside of the grid as well. This will help soak the food pieces that are stuck on and make them easier to remove. If your waffle iron has removable grids, you can soak them in the sink to clean them.

Step 4: Scrub

Now use a washcloth, or a soft cleaning brush, to clean any of the thick food pieces off. You will need to use some elbow grease, to remove the hard pieces. Do not use any metal brush, or abrasive pad, that could damage the coating on the iron. Toothbrushes work great to get into the grid.

Step 5: Wipe the Outside

Wipe down the outside of the waffle iron with a damp washcloth. Let the unit dry, inside and out, before using it again. If the waffle iron becomes extra dirty, with grease, and stuck-on food, you may have to try a different cleaning process, such as using baking soda.

How To Clean Built Up Grease on a Waffle Iron

Sometimes, if you do not clean your waffle iron after each use, grease will build up. This can be hard to get off, even with a lot of elbow grease. You may need to try a different cleaning solution, such as baking soda, or vinegar.

Grease can be one of the hardest things to remove from an appliance. Sometimes, you will get lucky, and be able to remove it with warm water, and dish soap. Other times, you may need to use something stronger.

Getting the iron warm first can help a lot. As long as your model allows you to do so. Read instructions to find out what is not allowed. Always let it cool down so that it is only slightly warm.

Clean Waffle Iron with Baking Soda

If you have let your waffle iron get caked with grease, and food particles, then you may need to try cleaning it with baking soda. This process is pretty easy, as long as you don’t mind using a little bit of elbow grease.

You will start by making a paste out of the baking soda, and a little bit of water. Mix it up in a container first. Then, you can use a toothbrush, or soft-bristled brush, to apply the paste to the iron. Gently rub the problem areas with the baking soda solution.

Make sure you are using a soft material for scrubbing. Anything stronger could damage the protective coating. After you have removed all of the stuck-on grease and particles. Use a warm wet sponge to rinse away the baking soda.

Can You Wash a Waffle Iron in the Sink?

Most waffle irons are electric. For this reason, you cannot just throw them in the sink, to clean them. Some waffle irons have removable grids, that make it easier to clean them. If your iron does not have removable grids, you will have to wash it by hand, outside of the sink.

If yours comes with removable grids, you can wash them in the sink, with dish soap and water. When you wash your waffle iron, use soft brushes, and cloths, so you don’t damage the coating. Not every waffle iron is made of iron, some have protective coatings.

Waffle Iron vs. Waffle Maker

Some of you may be wondering, is there a difference between a waffle iron, and a waffle maker? Traditionally, a waffle iron would have been made from cast iron. However, most of the new models are electronic, and made from many different materials.

In today’s world, a waffle iron and waffle maker, are the same thing and mean the same thing. In case you are using a cast-iron model, we have also included instructions, on how to clean them as well.

Related Questions

How do you clean a waffle iron without removable plates?

To clean a waffle iron, without removable plates, unplug it, and wash it by hand. You will need to use a soft washrag, or brush, to remove the food particles and wipe it clean.

How to clean burnt sugar from waffle iron?

To clean burnt sugar from the waffle iron, try using the baking soda method of cleaning it. Make a baking soda paste, out of water and baking soda, and scrub the problem areas gently. Then rinse with warm water.