How To Make Shoes Smaller [in a Few Easy Steps]

How To Make Shoes SmallerThere are few things as infuriating as trying on a new pair of shoes that ends up being too large and simply doesn’t fit well. In most cases, a quick run to the store with the receipt would do the trick… But what if the shoes were a gift? Or even worse, what if you’ve inherited them from a relative and there’s nothing you can do to fix the size?

Fear not, there are simple solutions to use for your predicament. If it needs to be bigger, you can get the top shoe stretchers. There are a few methods you can put into practice that will promptly fix the size of your shoes by making them smaller. None of these methods ends up being too difficult to apply, and your shoe will still look normal with no additional side effects once you’re done with the technique.

Method 1: Water shrinking

Before going into further detail with this method, we must warn you. Only apply this method if your shoes aren’t made from a material prone to water damage.

Do NOT attempt this method with suede shoes by any means.

Step 1

Grab a spray bottle and fill it with water to spray the shoes; or soak them directly, depending on how resistant they are. If you use a bottle, you don’t need to fill it too much. You won’t be using a lot of water anyway, just enough to gently spray the outside of both shoes.

If your shoes are resistant to water, you can fill a vessel with water and soak the shoes directly on it. As we’ve warned you before, do not do this with suede shoes. If you need to clean your suede shoes, head on over to this step-by-step guide. It will permanently damage the suede and the shoes will be rendered unusable.

Step 2

Keep them in a sunny spot to let them dry up or carefully apply heat to the shoes if there’s no sunlight. We won’t tell you how long to wait for the shoes to dry. Each fabric behaves differently on this regard. Just check their state each half hour to check if they’re ready, until you see fit.

If there’s no sunlight in your area, you’ll need to use an artificial heat producer to dry them out. Be sure to keep the heat source as far away from the shoes as you can, or they might end up catching fire or melting. This depends on which type of fabric your shoes are made of.

Step 3

How To Make Shoes SmallerTry the shoes to see if they fit now. If you feel like they’re indeed smaller but they still don’t fit, you might want to redo the process one or two additional times. If they haven’t become smaller at all, do not attempt the process again – you could be causing permanent and irreversible damage to your footwear without getting any results in return.

Method 2: The Internal Modification Method

Step 1

Get a pair of insoles that fit inside the shoes. Insoles area great way to reduce the space inside your footwear while also making them more comfortable for your own feet.

You won’t need to do much – just place them inside each shoe and watch them do their magic.

Step 2

Place a foam platform on top of the heel, inside the shoe, near the heel counter. This will make your own heel feel more elevated when you wear the shoe, further reducing the inner space of the footwear.

What you’re doing is trying to reduce the overall space inside the shoe, so instead of making the shoe smaller, you’ll be making it feel smaller without damaging it or crazily modifying its exterior look.

If they still feel a bit too large, you can place additional heel pads on top of each other until the fit is just right.

Method 3: Less-Intricate Solutions

How To Make Shoes SmallerApart from the methods we’ve shown you, there are other simple ways which are very easy to put into practice and will help you solve your problem – albeit not as effectively as the two methods we’ve described already.

Sub-method 1

You could use cotton to stuff the toes of your shoes, which will make the shoe feel more compact and smaller. This method works well with business shoes.

However, if you intend to wear them for an extended period, they will almost assuredly feel very uncomfortable after a while. You could use other types of soft fabric to stuff the shoe as well – it’s up to you.

Sub-method 2

You could also use foot pads to make your feet feel bigger. This method works quite well in almost any type of shoe, as the pads are applied directly to your feet. You can stick them wherever you need, and the results will be almost the same all the time.

Quick Tips

  • Avoid wearing big and uncomfortable footwear for an extended time. It could tire you out quickly and damage your feet’s health on the long run.
  • Walk normally and keep your posture straight. You could develop long-term health issues if you don’t abide by your body’s basic requirements.

What Did We Learn?

How To Make Shoes SmallerFootwear behaves differently, depending on the type of fabric that they’re made of. Some of these solutions might do wonders for almost any type of shoe, while others could prove to be ineffective in some cases. For example, using foot pads, top height insoles or stuffing your shoes will not work well if you’re trying to fix open footwear such as heels or sandals.

Be sure that whatever you decide to do is the right thing for your type of footwear. Stuffing your shoes will always be the less risky solution as the shoes will suffer no damage. Some types of fabric are not made to be in constant contact with water, so avoid using the first method if your shoes are made from fabric like this. Remember that your shoes can suffer permanent damage otherwise.

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