How To Reconnect With An Old Crush

Do you find yourself reminiscing about one particular person from your past? For some reason, you never made a move or told them how you really felt. It could have been bad timing or maybe you both had a significant other. If years have passed and you still can’t get them out of your mind, you’ll be happy to know that there are several ways to reconnect with an old crush. 

Congratulations, you are finally ready to tell them how you feel! Easy right? Not exactly. Before you can say what’s from your heart, you need to find a way to get in contact with the person. Thanks to social media, finding a way to communicate with an old crush is actually quite easy. 

There are various platforms to choose from. The most difficult part will be finding the social media platform that your old crush uses. To start, search their name in each of the following social media platforms to reconnect with an old crush. 

Find A Form of Communication To Reconnect With An Old Crush

Reconnect With An Old Crush Through Facebook

If the person is over the age of thirty, this is a good place to start. If you find your old crush and their profile is not private, you can collect a lot of really important information about them. You’ll be able to see their relationship status, whether they have children, and other miscellaneous information about their life. 

It may be worth mentioning that this is also the perfect form of social media to get a quick dose of reality. If you haven’t spoken to this person in many years, they may not be the same person that you remember. Approach your search with an open mind. Also, if they are married, you will probably want to tread lightly and think about the consequences of your actions if you were to reach out. 

If you locate the person you are looking for, add them as a friend (if you aren’t friends already). Try not to be too eager about sending them a message. You can start friendly contact by “liking” a recent status or photo they posted or write a clever comment. This will get their attention and you can get a good indication about how they feel about you based on their response to you.

If your crush responds back with a clever remark or begins to interact on your posts, it’s a promising sign that you will definitely want to investigate further. Send the message!

Using Instagram To Reconnect With An Old Crush

If the person is under the age of thirty, this may be their primary form of Social Media. If you’re curious about what your old crush has been up to or what they currently look like, you’ll definitely want to conduct a search! 

Instagram is great because you’ll be able to reconnect with an old crush easily through direct messaging. Again, start with something simple like a comment or “like”. If those actions are well received, send a friendly message. 

LinkedIn For Love?

If your old crush was a coworker or is serious about their career, they will most likely have a LinkedIn profile. You may not be able to get a clear picture of their current social status and what they have been up to, but you can easily connect with them and send a message.

Connecting through LinkedIn may be a great way to start to see if there is any interest. For example, if they accept your invitation to connect, that is definitely a good sign. They may be welcome to hearing what you have to say or perhaps may miss the relationship you two shared. 

If they do not accept your invitation, this may be a clear sign that they really have no interest in speaking with you and it may be best to move on. 

What Should You Say To Reconnect With An Old Crush?

Once you’ve located their profile and have made the decision that contacting them is appropriate, it’s time to make contact. Once and for all, you can finally put your mind at ease and find out if there is potential for a love connection. 

Before you draft a super lengthy detailed message about how you haven’t been able to stop thinking about them, start slow. You may be ready to lay it all on the line but your crush needs to be ready to receive it. Timing is key. For best results, start the message with a simple hi and begin the conversation casually.

Once your crush responds, bring up memories about moments you have shared together and then you can work up to what you both are currently up to. 

Remember To Live In The Present

Rekindling an old crush comes with risks. If all of your memories are from 20 years ago, be aware that a lot has probably changed, for the both of you. The attraction that you once had and that you’ve been daydreaming about may not be the same. How would you feel if they have gained a significant amount of weight? Have a few children? Etc. Having realistic expectations before reaching out will keep you from getting disappointed or hurt. 

Reconnect With An Old Crush By Visiting Common Places

If using social media to connect isn’t your forte and you prefer a more personal and romantic reunion, you might want to visit places they visit often. If you have any friends in common with your old crush, utilize your network. Ask if your friends have any upcoming events where you two may run into each other.

Perhaps you know their favorite restaurant or night club. Use that knowledge and visit those places for a casual, serendipitous meet up. Be cautious when trying to meet them at places that you may not necessarily visit. You want to avoid stalker vibes at all costs. 

Send Your Old Crush A Text

If you have their number, sending a text message is a great way to Reconnect with an old crush. Start out with casual texts and topics. Test the waters and gauge their interest. If after a few pleasant conversations things are going well, take action. 

If you are getting the impression that they may be interested in more than a friendship, feel free to ask them out on a date. If you are unsure, start with asking them out for coffee or lunch. Keeping the activity light will relieve some of the pressure but still gives you the chance to get to know the person on a deeper level. 

When connecting with your crush through texting, remember to follow basic texting etiquette.


  • If your crush takes hours to respond to your text, don’t reply too quickly. You don’t want to appear desperate. 
  • If you text long sentences or questions and they are followed up with single word answers, take the hint. They may not be interested.
  • Be respectful and don’t text too early in the morning or late in the evening. 

4 Conversation Starters To Reconnect With An Old Crush

No matter how you contact your old crush, it can be tricky to know what to say. Here are four conversation topics to get the ball rolling.

Humor Their Heart

Many would agree that nothing is more attractive than a great sense of humor. Take a moment to find a funny meme or joke that may be relevant between the two of you and send it to them. Finding something that references an inside joke will let them know that they have stayed on your mind and they will most likely laugh and reminiscence about that moment. 

Any way that you can positively be on your crush’s mind is a win! A little humor can go a long way. 

Compliments Are Always Nice

Take a look at their social media feed and notice any recent accomplishments made. Have they recently earned a degree? Landed a new job? Adopted a pet? Sending a congratulations is the perfect ice breaker and can easily lead to a deeper conversation. 

Ask A Simple Question

Curiosity is an easy way to reconnect with an old crush. You can ask about anything that is on their social media. Did they recently post a picture of a homemade dish? Ask for the recipe. Recent photo of them hiking? Ask about the trail and mention that you hike all the time. 


Sports Are A Safe Bet

Sports fans typically follow a specific team or player for a very long time. Fans are usually loyal and if your crush is one of them, there is a good chance they are watching the games or recent events. You can always send them a message like, “Hey! I saw the Bulls game the other night. I remember you used to be their biggest fan. Did you watch that game?” 


There are many ways that you can reconnect with an old crush, however, one key ingredient is needed for it to be successful; Confidence. If you are confident in your approach and do some diligent research prior to reaching out, connecting with your old crush may lead to a current relationship. 

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