NARS Vs MAC Foundation – Which Is Better For Dry Skin?

The foundation is now an essential part of the women’s makeup kit; you hardly find a complete kit without one. A quality foundation keeps you from worrying about how to cover those pigmentations, scarring, blemishes, or even acne on your face. It leaves your skin perfect and glowing naturally, making an excellent background for your makeup.

The Nars Foundation and the Mac Foundation stand out among other brands of foundation. Having to choose between these two foundations can be entirely challenging as they are both of fantastic qualities. However, while you can get the Mac foundation in lot more shades, the Nars foundation’s smell is enchanting.

Advancement in the beauty world is land-breaking as you discover that competition is keeping cosmetic companies on their toes. There are various brands and formulas of foundation that making the right choice can be very hectic. Keep reading this article to know more about these two household name foundations that are very well known worldwide and among women.

NARS Vs MAC Foundation

The choice of foundation largely depends on the products you are looking for as there is no one size fits all. NARS and MAC are of excellent quality from great companies that have come a long way in the cosmetic industries. These two foundations are unique and have their special qualities attributed to them. 

Their foundations have always been in a constant horn-lock to be recognized as the best among all of their products. Both brands are widely recognized and loved by women and professionals in the beauty industry. They remain at the top even amidst several other foundations made by other giants in the cosmetic industry. However, below are some significant disparities between these great foundations. 

Comparative Table

FoundationNars FoundationMac Foundation
CostExpensiveLess expensive
ShadesAvailable in many shadesAvailable in many shades
TextureLightweight Slightly heavy 
RequirementAbout three pumps for total coverageAbout five pumps for full coverage
ScentVery enchanting light and soft smellHas this paint-like smell


SuitabilitySuitable for all skin typesSuitable for all skin types, especially oily skin


Both foundations are quite expensive compare to other brands available out there. The Nars foundation is, however, on the higher side compared to the Mac Foundation. Nevertheless, they are both fantastic products that choice depends on your desires and skin needs.

For example, one with oily skin would instead go for the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation to help regulate the oil. Depending on your budget and desires, both products are worth their prices.


Wearing an inappropriate shade of foundation will in no way give your face that perfect glow and look you desire. It will also not make a good coverage for those spots on your face. Identifying the shade perfect for your skin color is very important when shopping for a foundation.

The Nars Foundation is available in various shades; you can be sure of one that fits. The foundation is liquid with a semi-matte finish that is suitable for all skin types. Mac Foundation, on the other hand, has a whole lot of shades more. The Mac has a matte finish too and suitable for all skin types, especially oily ones. 


With the right shade in mind, the texture of the foundation is also essential when considering getting one. Getting the foundation with the right consistency will make a perfect background for your other makeup. The Nars foundation is lightweight with a watery consistency. It is well made and balanced that you don’t need to reapply as it lasts you all day. 

On the other hand, the Mac foundation is a slightly heavy liquid foundation that gives your face a perfect look and glows. You don’t have to worry about the Ultraviolet radiation as the Mac foundation contains SPF 15 to protect your face against the ray.


You will require about three pumps of the Nars foundation for total coverage with the natural look. About five pumps of the Mac Foundation are needed to get that perfect and glowing coverage you desire. 


Generally, dermatologists have advised that users stay away from products with fragrance in other to prevent skin reactions. Fragrance-free cosmetics sit well with the skin; you don’t have to worry about any breakout or sensitization reaction. The Nars foundation had a fascinating and lovely small free from parabens and fragrance (Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation). 

The Mac foundation, on the other hand, protects your skin from UV rays but has this noticeable chemical-like smell in some of their products (Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation). However, both foundations are suitable for your skin; you don’t have to worry about any reactions.


As mentioned earlier that your choice of foundation largely depends on your skin needs. Either Normal, dry, or oily skin, there is always a foundation that best fits your skin needs. The Nars foundation is suitable for all skin types with a tone correcting formula to give your skin a Natural brilliant glow. 

Aside from the fact that the Mac foundation is ideal for all skin types, it’s also the best choice for oily skin. The two foundations are from two big names in the cosmetic industry competing to stay on top of the market chart. One can be sure of the high-quality of their products and will not regret buying one. 

Professionals in the beauty business work with both foundations, but individuals are advised to consider their skin needs to make the right choice.  With all that is said above, let us make some reviews of Nars and Mac Foundations. 

The Nars Foundation

The Nars Foundation is a product of the Nars Cosmetics founded by a French Photographer and Makeup artist. Although he is a male, Francois Nars has mastered the craft of makeup that belongs to the women’s world. The Nars foundation remains the number one choice of lots of women out there, including professionals.

True, the Nars foundation can be on the high side; you can be sure this high-quality product is worth the price. After daily use of the product, the outcome of your skin testifies to the rich formulation of the Nars foundation. They are available in many shades; you will get the one that best fits your skin type and tone.

Pros Of The Nars Foundation

  1. It is lightweight and comfortably sits on your skin perfectly
  2. Formulated to help improve and balance skin tone over time
  3. Suitable for all skin types
  4. Sweat and Water-resistant
  5. Last longer for over 16 hours
  6. Available in different shades
  7. Well packaged

Cons Of The Nars Foundation

  1. It’s quite Expensive
  2. Applying the product for the first time can be a bit awkward because of its weightlessness.  

Mac Foundation

The Mac foundation is also founded by two males Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan, who eventually sold out to the Estee Lauder group. Frank Toskan’s incredible eye for colors and texture as he goes about his photography and makeup job can be seen in their high-quality products. The majority of women cannot do without the Mac foundation in their makeup kit, especially those who love taking pictures.

The Mac foundation’s price range is a bit pocket-friendly, and you get the worth of your money. Its wide range of shades takes care of all shade and tone colors; you won’t miss yours. Also, the Sun protection and water-resistant formula in the foundation make it superb for all environmental conditions.

Pros Of The Mac Foundation

  1. Available in various and wide range of shades
  2. Not too Expensive 
  3. Extended lasting coverage for a whole day
  4. Formulated with Sun Protection to protect your skin from UV rays
  5. Perfect coverage for skin blemishes and spots.
  6. Suitable for all skin types

Cons Of The Mac Foundation

  1. Slightly heavy on the skin
  2. Some of the Mac foundations have this paint-like smell


Review Of Few NARS And MAC Foundations 

The constant horn locking between these two colossi has brought about the formulation of high-quality and high-performing foundations. Till date, it has remained inconclusive about who is the best or whose product is at the peak of the radar. Below are some exclusive and trending foundations from the table of Nars and Mac.


  1. Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation 

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is one of the best among other Nars Foundations available in 50 different shades. It is lightweight, but coverage is buildable, blends easily on the skin, and with a minimum drop, you can be sure of full coverage. It is made with rich pigments and flexible polymers to suit all skin types. 

It is long-lasting; it sits on your skin for 16 hours with no need for reapplication. Also, It is sweat and water-resistant; your coverage remains intact without masking your face.   

  1. Nars Sheer Matte Foundation

Nars sheer matte foundation is another excellent foundation from Nars suitable for oily skin types. It is an oil-free foundation with soft matte-finish and sheer, with buildable coverage that controls oil, giving your skin a perfect glow. The Sheer matte foundation has a smooth and silky feel on your skin; it also contains turmeric extract that brightens your skin. 

  1. Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation 

Nars natural radiant longwear foundation is also a quality product from Nars produced to stay longer on your skin. It is formulated with apple, watermelon, and raspberry extracts that give your skin a radiant and adorable look in the long run. It is lightweight with buildable coverage and blends on your skin quickly.


  1. Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation 

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is one of Mac’s most outstanding foundations. It is in constant comparison and reviews with the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. It is very suitable for all skin types, especially the oily skin type and available in about 64 shades. 

If you regularly sit in front of the camera, then the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is your plug. It helps you beat the sharp and harsh studio light and leave your skin flawless, smooth, and radiant. Furthermore, it is formulated to last longer and also to protect your skin against UV rays during the day. It is slightly heavy but gives full natural coverage that takes care of all blemishes and spots on your face. 

  1. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation  

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation is another awesome product from the table of Mac. It is very suitable for all skin types and ideal in all weather conditions. It lasts longer on your skin, controls the oil, keeping your skin comfy and fresh. 

The natural and flawless look it gives your skin can not be overemphasized; it blends easily, giving your skin the medium to sheer coverage.

  1. MAC Matchmaster Foundation 

MAC Matchmaster Foundation is one excellent product from Mac that moisturizes your skin and gives you a demi-matte finish look. It is made with translucent pigments that suit your skin tone and has a medium buildable coverage giving you that desired outlook.

The two giants companies in cosmetics had other ranges of beauty products manufactured to go along with the foundation. As mentioned earlier, the foundation is the base that other makeup components sit on. You can choose other products from their long list of products to best compliment the foundation for an excellent outlook. 


The Nars and Mar Foundations, amidst their other products, have always been in a tie when choosing which is best. The mac foundation’s affordability made it preferred by some, but others stick with the Nars quality product irrespective of the price. It might be tough to decide which is the best as they are both high-quality and suitable for all skin types. However, you have to choose the one that best complements your skin texture and gives you the desired look.