FurReal Friends Star Lily My Magical Unicorn Review

Unicorns come to life with FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn Interactive Plush Pet. FurReal unicorn StarLily is an adorable interactive plush. Capable of responding to both voice and touch with over 100 sound and motion combinations, she is a must-have. 

This adorable unicorn moves her head and hoof while making unique sounds to interact. Best of all, her horn lights up, just like we all imagine a real unicorn would. Part of the Hasbro family, StarLily will find her way into your little one’s heart.


When someone pets StarLily on her cheeks or chin, her beautiful wings flutter. The same can be accomplished by petting her horn or back. When her wings flutter, her horn flashes in different colors. Add some fun by feeding her a sugarberry treat or braiding her flowing mane.

Supersoft Plush Friend for Any Child

Made for those ages 4 and up, this soft plush is a must-have. StarLily’s background is that of coming from an enchanted forest to be a new best friend. Ideal for cuddling, StarLily can be posed to sit, stand, or lie down. Put on a favorite song, and StarLily may dance along.

StarLily is a plush white with a blonde and purple mane. Her light up purple horn compliments her wide sparkly eyes and lashes. Her soft lavender and white sparkling wings rest proudly on her back. Perfect for the holidays or anytime gift, StarLily is a new best friend. A FurReal pendant hangs around her neck.

Large plush toyDoes not pair easily with an app
Learning over timeThe app must be loaded each time used
InteractiveRequires multiple C batteries
Great for many agesPackaging tough to open
Pairs with older iPhonesPricey
Beautiful toyGoes to sleep quickly
Not as interactive as described

Delicate wings and neck that may be easily broken

Instructions for Use

StarLily, like most children’s toys, is well secured in the packaging. Once StarLily has been carefully freed from the box, add the batteries. StarLily will require 4 C size alkaline batteries to operate. If desired, download the Hasbro StarLily app for online interaction. If not, a sensor on the back or feeding her a sugarberry will awaken her.

Then, play with StarLily in any way you wish. Her legs are posable. Her head tilts and bows as you speak to her. Even her horn lights up with a variety of colors. Her mane and tail can be brushed and braided or styled as you like.

Interacting with StarLily is as easy as speaking to her. The more you interact, the more she learns and does. The app allows for richer play and storylines, especially for older users. Over time, StarLily can do over 100 movement and sound combinations. With certain music choices, StarLily will even dance.

Unique Features

FurReal Friends StarLily, my magical unicorn, offers some amazing and unique features. A few of these are shared below.

  • Interactive with or without the downloaded app
  • Soft and plush, yet interactive
  • Posable legs
  • Moving wings
  • Interacts with voice, other sounds, and touch
  • “Learns” with extended interactions
  • Larger than many plush toys
  • Available from many retailers

StarLily can be played in a variety of ways. A child can wake her up with the sugarberry, a sensor in the back, or an app connected to the toy. When awake, StarLily has the ability to do or make 100 different sounds and movements. However, these do not all occur upon opening. The more a child interacts with the toy, the more movements and sounds that will be unlocked.

When the app is used, the toy will interact and can be taught new sounds and movements as games are played, and a child progresses through the levels. Many of the sounds are fairy tale based because of the magical nature of the unicorn, but horse sounds and other sweet sounds are also preprogrammed.

This includes a light-up horn, flapping, sparkly wings, and even the batting of gorgeous long eyelashes atop glittery eyes. Though the app “teaches” the toy more sounds, it is not necessary for play and interaction. 


There are few interactive unicorn options to compare to FurReal StarLily. Though most are less as far as price is concerned, they are also not as interactive. A variety of generic stuffed unicorns in multiple color combinations is available. These are soft, plush, and in many size combinations. Some have accessories like babies or manes and tails that can be combed.

There are some limited options for interactive unicorns as well. The Little Live Butterbow unicorn comes at a low price and is interactive. However, it is not posable. The unicorn is also not plush, and the hard plastic can be off-putting for some. The mane and tail can be brushed through.

Other FurReal friends in other animal forms are also available. Most are slightly smaller, such as Howlin Howie, the puppy, Snifflin’ Sawyer, the polar bear, or Cubby, the Curious Bear, but still interactive.

More significant leg movement can be found in the FurReal Walkalots that come with a leash and move with your child. The unicorn, dino, llama, puppy, bunny, tiger, monkey, and even panda versions are available. All are plush and a variety of prices depending upon size and year of release.

Customer Reviews

StarLily remains popular as a gift or toy choice, and with no known recalls, this is a plus. If a problem does arise with StarLily, then Hasbro can be contacted about a warranty, but this can be difficult without a direct call as warranty information is difficult, at best, to locate on the company website. There is no specific warranty information shared, so experiences may vary for each person.

Customer Reviews for StarLily are mixed, but the positive reviews seem to win out. A few comments are shared below from both ends of the reviews:

  • “She was an instant hit”
  • “Forget the app it never works quite right, if at all”
  • “Super expensive for my 6-year-old who loved it for about a day”
  • “Older and not working on new phones”
  • “Absolutely beautiful, so magical, and so soft”
  • “Seriously the best gift ever for a  little girl”

There seems to be a consensus that though StarLily is plush, gorgeous, and even fun, there is room for improvement. Improvements focus on the interactive app and StarLily’s inability to “walk” on her own.

Though these comments seem a bit extreme for a toy, the price point is high which means parents and children expect top ability. It seems obvious that StarLily is great for the unicorn lover in life, but may not be as entertaining as some hope.

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FurReal StarLily unicorn plush is an excellent gift for any child that enjoys interacting with toys that react to movement and sound. Though an app is available for further games and interactions, it is not necessary.

StarLily is plush, but the wings are delicate, so overly rough play or continuous carrying around may cause some breakage as certain points.

The neck and front right hoof are also a bit more delicate due to movement ability. For children who are overly rambunctious or prefer rough play, this toy will still be fun, but may not stand the test of time against this type of roughhousing. StarLily is a bit pricey for a toy, but the interactive nature and related app games make it worth the money.

StarLily first arrived a few years ago, so the overall price has lowered a bit to just over 100 dollars at many stores or used for as little as 10 dollars. Created for ages four and up, this toy grows inability as a child interacts, which can keep children interested for more extended periods.

An excellent option for the holidays or as a birthday gift, this toy will entertain and delight. FurReal pets, including StarLily, are available online or at most larger retailers for easy purchase. The only thing that must be remembered is to have at least four working C batteries on hand to get StarLily going right away.