How to Stop the Bed From Sliding On Wood Floor?

I don’t often have to walk around to my husband’s side of the bed.  His clothes usually make their way into our hamper and he’s pretty good at making sure his nightly glasses of water get put into the kitchen sink.  When I do venture over there, whether I’m changing the sheets or stopping the 14-month-old from becoming too adventurous, I always find myself noticing that the bed is, once again, out of place. 

It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s the mattress, the frame, or both– like being victim to a rip current, the bed always mysteriously moves itself to a new position.  I’m concerned about potential damage to the floors and the walls, so I looked into the best ways to keep the bed from sliding.

In general, the easiest and best way to stop the bed from sliding on the floor is by using rubber feet or wheel stoppers to keep the bed in place.  However, different methods exist for different surfaces or needs.  You might opt to anchor the bed to the wall.  Or, if your bed only slides off of its frame, you can use Velcro, rubber mats, carpet tape, or mattress grippers to keep it in place.   

The investment both in time and money for any one of these techniques is so minimal compared to the permanent damage not employing one of these tactics can do to your walls and floor.

How to Stop the Bed from Sliding on Wood Floor

Wheel Stoppers

It’s super convenient when your bed frame has wheels because it makes rearranging rooms and moving that much easier.  It can be a huge inconvenience and eyesore, however, if your bed is constantly moving at the times when you’d prefer it stay in one place.

Luckily, items such as these were developed to counter the movement of frames on wheels.  Better yet, they not only keep the bed from moving, but they also protect your floors. 

Bed frames constantly moving on hardwood or tile floors, even from everyday movement, tend to cause scratches that result in an expensive replacement process for your floors.

Rubber Feet for Bed Frames

Alternatively, you can snag some of these suckers that replace the wheels altogether.  

Whether your bed has wheels or not, rubber feet are great little shoes for your frame to establish that necessary friction that will keep your bed in place.  Furniture cups can be positioned underneath the legs of the bed. 

You can remove the wheels first if applicable. Most rubber feet are sized to fit most furniture legs (including bed frames), so just slip one underneath into place and voila, you’re all set.

Hint: this effort might take two.  Have hubs hold the bed up while you slide the feet underneath.

Anchor the Bed to the Wall

Much like we had to do for this year’s Christmas tree that was just too overwhelmingly large for any stand we could find, never underestimate the power of being able to secure something to the wall.  You might already be accustomed to anchoring your furniture to the wall if you have little ones running around, so use the same concept to keep your bed in place.

Your metal frame is full of little holes just waiting to be anchored into the wall.  Chances are that your bed is positioned already in one of the only likely spots for a bed in your room, so it’s not as if you have to worry about needing to move your bed too often for anchoring to be inconvenient. How to Stop the Bed from Sliding on Wood Floor

Area Rug

This is how I settled our issue, personally.  I wanted to add more furry, glittery white touches to our bedroom anyway, so when I discovered a plush, furry, white, sparkly area rug at Target *and* I had a gift card in tow, there wasn’t much left to consider… except maybe which Frappuccino I’d be getting after my purchase.

When you have some more decorating to do anyway, kill two birds with one stone by adding a nice accent to your room while also keeping the bed frame comfortably in one place atop your new area rug.  Bonus: it’s a lot cozier to get in and out of bed onto a cute rug as opposed to your wood or tile floor.  Your toes will thank you for it.

How to Stop the Bed From Sliding on its Frame

The bed sliding along the floor is just one of the issues I have with the bed.  My house is full of big, strapping boys so just one Sunday morning session of the family hopping off and on the bed, and the bed is halfway off of the box spring.  

While you’re busy making sure that the frame doesn’t budge on the floor, you can take a couple of extra steps to keep the mattress and box spring within the frame, as well.


You know how strong Velcro can be, so why not use multiple Velcro pieces underneath your mattress or box spring to fasten in multiple areas atop your bed frame?  You can actually even use Velcro slips underneath of the frame itself in alignment with the floor.  

These little Velcro options are one of the least expensive yet effective ways to keep your bed in place.  I use Velcro adhesives so often that they’re essentially a staple in my drawer.  They’re safe for the kids to accidentally get into and they’re reliable and durable.

In fact, one of the things I have to legitimately worry about most is that my oldest makes a fun time out of sticking them all over his playroom.  

Whether it’s hanging cleaning supplies in hard-to-reach places or making straight lines out of cords that are otherwise an eyesore, I can find about a hundred reasons to bust out some Velcro strips in any given room in my house, so it’s no wonder they’d be beneficial in keeping beds from slipping as well.

Depending on your bed skirt or footboard situation, however, this isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing.

Rubber Mats

I love rubber mats for their durability and friction.  With two little ones running around the house, the more rubber mats we have by the doors and sinks, the better.  It seems that little throw rugs are just too slippery for wee ones who are just learning how to balance.

Since rubber mats provide that friction that’s missing when a soft mattress or smooth box spring comes in contact with a metal bed frame, you can line them under your box spring to hold it in place along the frame.  

Just one will do the job, but you’ll probably want to create an even layer of rubber mats underneath your mattress or box spring to even things out as best as possible.

Carpet Tape

The tape for the carpet is super strong and a great option for bed frame alignment.  Carpet tape has multiple uses and keeping your mattress aligned with its frame is just one of them.  

Line the bottom edge of your mattress with double-sided carpet tape so that you achieve just enough adhesive to keep the bed from sliding on its frame.  While carpet tape is pretty durable, especially the heavy-duty type, you may need to replace it from time to time depending on how often your bed gets shifted around on a daily.

How to Stop the Bed From Sliding on its Frame

Mattress Grippers

There are some fancy mattress grippers that adhere to your bed frame to keep your mattress aligned.  They essentially create a small wall along with your metal frame.  When your bed is nudged in any direction, the grippers will keep the mattress from moving off the frame.  

They’re like having a small defense army in place every time you dare to toss and turn.  Thanks to the bed skirt that you usually throw over your box spring anyway, you and your guests aren’t likely to spot the grips.


When putting together the place where you get the most rest, making it efficient and comfortable shouldn’t be exhausting.  You also want it to be as pleasing to the eye as it is when you’re actually getting some sleep.  Not only is a sliding bed frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. 

In extreme circumstances, and especially with little ones around, you don’t want the opportunity for a heavy mattress or box spring to slide off its housing.  

You can ignore the fact that the bed moves every time it’s nudged, but you could be in for a rude awakening when you go to sell the house.  Beds that aren’t sturdy can result in unexpected expenses in floor and wall repair.

With a few hidden tricks or even the addition of a cute new rug, you can be still knowing that the only place your bed will be going is with you on a trip to dreamland.