Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Holidays can be the perfect time to announce your pregnancy. You can choose cute themes for your announcement and there are always props available. Plus, your family is usually gathered together around holidays. Valentine’s Day, a holiday for celebrating love, seems to be the perfect time to announce your new bundle of joy. 

Your Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement can be super cute. Use conversation hearts, heart motifs, and lots of reds and pinks in your announcement. Put your scan photos in heart frames and announce your due date with cute poems, including “Roses are red, violets are blue, on [due date], our sweetheart is due!” 

There are so many ways to use Valentine’s Day motifs to announce your pregnancy. Here are some cute ideas. 

Pregnancy Announcements with Candy Hearts

Candy conversation hearts are a great way to make your pregnancy announcement. These Valentine-themed treats are so versatile, and you can find them almost anywhere. 

1.Heart-Shaped Box

This simple announcement is such a clever use of candy hearts. A heart-shaped box (perhaps from some chocolates) provides the perfect container. Fill it with candy hearts, and choose a handful to write your due date on. A permanent marker and some cute lettering are great here. 

Place your scan photo on top of the hearts. Decorate the outside of the box with flowers and you’ve got the cutest Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement.

2.Candy Heart Math

This announcement is even simpler than the last! This minimalist design is adorable and doesn’t take much – a few candy hearts and a simple backdrop are all you need. Simply write your message on the blank side of some candy hearts and arrange them on your backdrop. 

You can write your baby’s due date, a message that you’re expecting, and more! The sky is the limit. All you need is your imagination and a permanent marker. Make sure to add space between the hearts for a personalized announcement you can add digitally.

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3.Conversation Heart Announcement 

This clever use of conversation hearts is a showstopper! These parents worked together to construct a card that used candy hearts just as they are. Embedding them in a message is a great way to make this announcement fit the Valentine’s Day theme. 

Plus, there are so many ways to do this! You can combine these phrases in multiple ways to create your pregnancy announcement. It’s so versatile!

Pregnancy Announcements with Announcement Boards

Announcement boards can be another cute way to get your message across. Combine announcement boards with other Valentine’s props to create a love-filled pregnancy announcement.

4.Our Sweetest Valentine

Everything about this announcement is so sweet. The combination of roses with the onesie and little booties is inspired for a valentine’s day announcement. If you are comfortable showing your scan photo, adding it to any announcement is a great idea. 

You can change up the announcement board to say anything you want. This is a digital announcement, which means that you don’t necessarily need to have all these things. You can recreate it with your accessories and board!

5.Minimalism with Booties

It doesn’t get much simpler than this! While some other announcement board setups are digital, this minimalist setup is 100% real.

It’s simple enough to recreate with your announcement board and baby booties. Add roses or other heart motifs (balloons, maybe?) to keep with the Valentine theme.

6.Two Tiny Feet

Announcement boards are great for these cute little Valentine-themed poems. The one in this example is a common Valentine’s Day announcement poem, but you can change it up as you see fit. Add a cute background, your baby’s scan photos, and your due date to make an announcement to share on social media.

Pregnancy Announcements with Photoshoots

Photoshoots are a popular way to announce your pregnancy no matter what time of year it is. These creative photoshoot ideas for Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements are easy to recreate and very cute.

7.Custom Balloon Message

This couple and their dog are so happy to announce their new addition! The messages on the balloons pull this announcement together.

Choose your favorite beautiful location for the backdrop. Order some custom balloons from your local party store, and you’ve got an amazing photoshoot.

Ideas for balloon messages can include your due date, candy heart messages, and other baby-related text.


8.Heart-Shaped Balloon Bundle

This photoshoot goes all out! The huge bundle of red and pink heart-shaped balloons takes center stage. Still, the scan photos she’s holding stand out. It’s a great idea to do solo photos during your announcement photoshoots. Couple’s photos are great, but photos of the mom-to-be can be great keepsakes.

9.Fairytale Love

This couples photoshoot is an adorable way to get your announcement out. Between the heart balloons and the ‘love’ balloon, the Valentine theme is on-point. Her foot pop and the way they’re holding the scan images make this a memorable and classy announcement.

Pregnancy Announcements with Big Siblings

It’s great to include your other children in your pregnancy announcement. There are a ton of ways to do that and the sky’s the limit! These are some of the best ideas for including your baby’s older siblings in your announcement.

10.Family Photo

This family photo is adorable. They have an announcement board image with a cute poem including the due date.

Both sisters are featured here with the scan photos of their new sibling. It’s a lovely way to get all your kids into one shot. Put this photo next to the new family photo when the baby is born. It’s extremely memorable!


11.Rose Petal Posing

This announcement features a big brother and big sister with a ton of rose pedals. The announcement board also features a ‘roses are red’ poem and the baby’s due date. What ties this together is the look on their faces. The brother and sister look like they just can’t keep their secret any longer. 

You can dress the set any way you want, but the standing board and the siblings together really make this something special.

12.Big Sis!

This big sister can’t wait to meet her little sister! This is a great announcement for parents who already know if they’re having a girl or a boy.

The announcement board’s frame takes this to the next level, and the text on the balloons is a great touch. 

The new big sister is dressed for the occasion and wears a huge smile. This announcement photo will look great on social media and in your home!

Pregnancy Announcements with Custom Shirts

Custom onesies for babies and t-shirts for mom and dad are a great look for a pregnancy announcement. The use of a onesie in the announcement makes sure that everyone knows what to look forward to!

13.Cupid Matching Set

This graphic onesie has an adorable message on it, but it’s mom’s shirt that makes this photo. The ‘Cupid’ theme is great and underlines a Valentine tradition that isn’t always used in announcements. Get dad a custom shirt as well for a memorable, fun photoshoot!

Pregnancy Announcements with Cards

In the days before social media, traditional pregnancy announcements included cards. If you have time to send these out and you don’t mind getting reactions at different times, cards can be great. Plus, you can personalize them for each person in your address book.

14.“Not All Valentines” 

This Valentines-appropriate announcement features a custom card you can send to your friends and family. 

You can use your scan photo, print the due date, and more. The message on the front of the card is adorable.

Plus, some family members don’t use social media. You can use these special announcements for them! They’re sure to love it.

15.Nesting Hearts Card

This card is also highly customizable. This style is simple but effective, featuring three hearts – and the smallest is inside the other.

The due date is written inside the smallest heart, making the purpose of the announcement clear. 

You can write whatever you want inside the card as well, leaving room for customized announcements, a cute poem, or whatever else you feel like writing!

16.Heart Math Announcement 

These customized cards are so sweet. It features dad’s name and mom’s name inside hearts on the cover, and the baby’s due date in a third heart. The best thing about this card is how easy it is to customize. Because of the way the message on the front trails off, it’s easy to imagine your loved ones with a sense of anticipation as they open the card. 

The overall design is cute! You can take the concept and run with it, producing a card that is entirely your own.

Final Verdict

Your Valentine’s day pregnancy announcement can be extremely special. Use this occasion to make a themed announcement. Your friends and family need something else to celebrate on this love-filled holiday! No matter how you choose to do it, it’ll be memorable for years to come! You may be interested in our other guide.