Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Family Fun Center

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Family Fun CenterFinding the right destination for a family trip is one of the most crucial things. It is important because getting it right means giving the kids possibly the best time of their lives.

The trip is not about the parents, it is about them. This is why it is safe to say Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Family Fun Center is a great choice for this. 

There is just so much that you can do at the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. It can be the venue for the best birthday party to give your kid.

If creating priceless and unforgettable memories for your kids is your sole goal, choose this family fun center. 

Why is it so popular among families? 

This is the question that seems to be on the lips of many people. The Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix has many exciting features that have made a popular destination among American families. 

A kid can enjoy many exciting rides from any of the four go-kart tracks as well as 80 karts.

The park has 4 amusement rides options for you that will ensure that you leave the family center with laughter, smiles and a story to share. 

There are numerous arcade games available for kids to play in the family center. Go with your neighbors and friends too.

This way, they bring their kids too and your kids can have familiar faces to share the excitement of these games with. 

The Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix offers four major things; 

  • Race 
  • Ride 
  • Slide 
  • Eat 

Put all of these together and the entire family is in for a time of their lives. 


Race with friends and other kids on the four GO Kart Tracks available in the 7-acre park. The tracks have been tagged “4 Tracks of Fun” and this is exactly what you get. 


Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Family Fun CenterWith 3 amusement rides, Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix will be giving your family a fun-filled day that would include the ride of your life.

Imagine have an amusement ride on your birthday – the joy on the face of the celebrant is almost indescribable. 


It is simply impossible to have a complete excitement LVMGP package without trying out the super slide that the family fun center has to offer.

It is a perfect way to cap off all the fun and the kids will definitely enjoy it.  


The premier family center didn’t just become the number one choice for families by offering excitement without any thought for food.

It has made thoughtful preparations for the family to enjoy great food while having a great time. This is one particular feature that ensures that the parents are not neglected from all the fun. 

The attraction of race, with the scintillating experience of the ride, a fun-filled slide and great eating options are why the amusement park is so popular among families. 


Mega-Ride Wristbands 

The mega-ride wristband offer of the amusement park is one that is designed to ensure no member of the family is left behind in the fun.

The mega-ride wristband offer comes in two packages, which are; 

Mega Ride Wristbands (Unlimited Rides) 

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Family Fun CenterThis package comes with three options that do not include the Adult Grand Prix Track. The options are: 

  • A 60-Minute Mega Ride Wristband (available at $24.95) that gives you an entire hour of unlimited thrills and excitement.  
  • A 90-Minute Mega Ride Wristband (available at $37.00) that offers an extra thirty minutes on the first option. The longer, the better. 
  • A 120-Minute Mega Ride Wristband (available at $49.00) which is a complete two hours of fun. A family can have two hours of an unforgettable experience with this option. 

Mega Ride “PLUS” Wristbands (Unlimited Rides)

Just like iPhones, the mega ride wristbands package comes in “plus”. This extra package includes the Adult Gran Prix Track. This is the true all-encompassing family package. 

These are the options available to families: 

  • A 60-Minute Mega Ride Wristband (priced at $39.95) Enjoy unlimited rides and thrills with this offer. 
  • A 90-Minute Mega Ride Wristband (priced at $52.00) 
  • A 120-Minute Mega Ride Wristband (priced at $64.00) It is the perfect way to spend two hours as a family. 

The mega-ride wristbands are the best way to enjoy the new ride in the park-like the twirling Tornado Twister

From the Eyes of the Owners  

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Family Fun CenterThe owners of the Mini Gran Prix had a dream to build something that would bring joy to the family and they created this.

The Barton Family made this decision some three decades ago. The development was championed by Jerry Barton whose ingenuity and creativity were complemented by his siblings Matisun and Taylor. 

A project made by a family for the good of other families – that might just be the best description for the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. 

Mini Gran Prix Arcade Games 

The Mini Gran Prix provides kids with a safe and healthy environment to entertain your kids all seasons. There are many options to choose from so that every kid can find something they like. 

Add the latest hi-definition arcade games that the amusement park has to offer as a birthday special. Thrill friends with retro arcade games like skee ball for your party. 

The arcade games also take into consideration all ages – there is a game for every kid in the park. 


Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Family Fun CenterThe glowing and rave reviews by families that have spent time in the park are all you need to convince yourself to be part of.

The Mini Gran Prix is dedicated to giving families a good time for every visit. This is why the park is ever-changing in its arcade games options and ride packages. 

Have your birthday parties, family holidays, group events or just family fun day in this hotspot family destination.

Experience laughter, create new memories and enjoy to the fullest. For any family that spends time in the Mini Gran Prix, they can only have fun stories to tell.   

This is truly a 7-acre of fun for the family.

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