What Color Shoe To Wear with Red Dress

If you love the look of red dresses, then you are not alone. Red dresses stand out and they can be so beautiful. They can also be casual. Since there are so many different types of red dresses, some people find it difficult to know what color shoe to wear with a red dress. 

If you are wondering this same thing, hopefully, this guide will help you to match the right shoes with your red dresses from now on. It is important to note that there will be some red dresses that have hints of other colors in them. These shoe color recommendations still work all the same. 

With just about every red dress a black, white, gold, or neutral/nude color shoe will look the best. These colors can go with any style from glamourous to casual wear dresses. They can go with any length of dress, as well. 

What color shoe to wear with red formal dress?

If you have a red formal dress that you are going to wear to a fancy event, you need the perfect color shoe to match. In fact, the shoes that you are wearing can make the entire outfit so much better. 

The top recommendation for the proper shoes to wear with a red formal dress is metallic-gold colored shoes. The heel can be a cooler or warmer tone. The style can be flat or a sandal. No matter which options you choose, as long as you have the metallic-gold color, it will pair perfectly with the red formal dress you are wearing. This type of shoe looks most stunning with a bohemian style formal red dress. The other great thing about wearing a flat or sandal metallic-gold shoe is that, while it works perfectly for a cocktail-type event, you can also wear it for other more casual events, too. 

There are even metallic-gold pumps that you can get to wear with your red formal dresses. Those shoes can give you a bit of a lift and make you feel even more confident when strutting around in your red dress. 

Don’t have a formal event to attend? Do you need ideas for other types of dresses or events? You don’t have to worry. This guide has all the different types of shoes to wear with every red dress you could think of – for any event, too. 

What color shoes to wear with red sequin dress?

There are so many stunning red sequin dresses. There are shorter and longer red sequin dresses. There are flowing and straight red sequin dresses. No matter which one you choose, one of the most perfect color shoes to wear with this type of dress is a black shoe. The black color often amplifies the look and style of the sequins. It also draws out the sequins which makes the dress look even more amazing. 

If your sequin dress is completely red, black shoes are definitely the right ones to choose. While you may want to stick with black flats or a black high heel, you can also choose a black dress boot. This can make you look and feel a bit more edgy. 

If you want to look glamorous and you have a red mini or mid-line sequin dress, all black heeled sandals would be perfect. They are sophisticated, yet feminine at the same time. 

If you have a red sequin jumper dress or a red sequin maxi drss, a pair of black high-heeled boots would be perfect. These black boots give you a laid-back look which is great for more casual events. 

What color shoes to wear with wine red dress?

There are many beautiful wine red dresses. If you love this color in your clothing, then you are going to need the perfect shoe to go with those dresses. The best shoe color option for wine red dresses is a neutral color. These colors are pale and low-key. They make the wine red color of the dress stand out even more. 

While you can choose any neutral shoe color, it is best to pick a skin tone or beige/nude color. These are the colors that are going to make your wine red dress the center of attention. You should stay away from the nude colors that have hints of pink in them. This will start drawing attention away from your beautiful dress. 

In regard to the style of neutral shoe for pairing with a wine red dress, oftentimes, a flat sandal works perfectly. This is especially true if you are wearing a maxi-style or casual wine red dress. 

What color shoes to wear with red velvet dress?

There are many people who love the feel of velvet. If you are one of them and you have a red velvet dress, you can find the perfect shoe to match that dress. One of the most recommended shoe colors for red velvet dresses is silver metallic. Red and silver complement one another perfectly. 

If you want the perfect outfit altogether, one thing to keep in mind is to wear more than one thing that is silver with your red velvet dress. For instance, you could get a silver hand purse. Imagine yourself wearing that red velvet dress with silver metallic shoes while carrying that silver hand purse. You are going to look and feel like a superstar. 

In regard to the style, when wearing a red velvet dress, just about anything will work. However, if you get a strappy silver metallic stiletto – look out. That is going to pull your entire glamorous look together. Don’t want a glamorous look. If you want something casual, you can still wear that red velvet dress with a silver running shoe. This can take the hot skater look to a whole new level. 

You may not even have to go get a new pair of shoes. You might just have the perfect silver metallic shoes already on hand. The other great thing about silver metallic shoes is they go perfectly with so many colors. So, even if you have other color dresses, this same shoe might look wonderful with those, as well. 

What color shoes to wear with red prom dress?

Do you need the perfect shoes to complement that red prom dress? If so, a contrasting color for the shoe can be a bold, but beautiful choice. A black shoe can be attractive and fun. However, if you don’t want to go bold, you could get white shoes to complement the red prom dress. The white color can lighten up the outfit. While it isn’t as bold, it can still bring a fun feel to the outfit. 

The style doesn’t really matter for the red prom dress. However, if you want to go with a comfortable feel, you may want to get white or black boots or sandals. These match perfectly with red prom dresses and make it easier to dance around, as well. You could also choose to get black or white high-heel shoes if you want a fancier, more glamorous prom look. 

What color shoes to wear with red orange dress?

If you don’t generally go with a straight red color when picking out your dresses, maybe you have picked out a red orange dress. These dresses are just as beautiful and give off a more unique vibe. If you are looking for the perfect color shoes to wear with a red orange dress, go with gold. This is such a pretty combination. Gold is a warm and neutral color. However, it also adds festivity and a bit of mystique to the outfit. 

Don’t really like gold with your outfits. Another great color shoe to match a red orange dress is purple. The contrast will be stunning and you will look amazing. Not only is this a styling win, but everyone is going to be looking your way. The best purples for this type of shoe are lavender or deep purple. 

You could also go with a blush or beige-colored shoe to match your red orange dress. This combination will show off your legs while making the outfit feel natural at the same time. 

Related Questions

What color shoes to wear with red lace dress?

Do you have a red lace dress that you need to complement? If so, the best shoe color to match this type and color of dress is beige or nude. This shoe color will make the dress feel casual, but elegant, as well. 

In regard to the style of shoe to wear with a red lace dress, your best bets are platform heels, court shoes, or barely-there sandals. 

What color shoes to wear with long red dress?

Do you have a long red dress that you love wearing? Are you looking for a new pair of shoes to perfectly match this dress? If so, you should get a nice pair of black high-heels. This is a great combination for going out to dinner or to a fancy event.

However, if you are looking for casual wear a black pair of sneakers would look perfect with a long red dress. You could also get a pair of sandals if you want to wear your long red dress around the yard or on a day when you are running errands.