What Color Shoes To Wear With A Blush Dress [Wedding & Otherwise]

A blush dress can be the perfect foundation as a canvas to show off gorgeous accessories, or it can be a stunning art piece all on its own. Either way, it’s a staple of the modern woman’s closet. Blush is effectively a neutral color. You can find blush dresses for ultra-formal red carpet events and cotton sundresses for picnics in the park. The possibilities for shoe color and style to match with blush dresses are almost endless. 

Both light tan and nude are classic color choices that work for anything from tennis shoes to high heels and combine effortlessly with blush dresses. But don’t be afraid to branch out and add a pop of color with burgundy, dark teal, or even a tad of leopard print. 

Are you looking for a pair of shoes that is just perfect for one dress and one event, or do you need ideas for a few more practical pairs that you can wear with multiple outfits? Read on for creative ideas to brush up your blush.

Consider the Color Wheel

Anytime you are stuck trying to decide on color combinations, think about the basic color wheel. The combinations of colors can point you in the right direction for places to begin. Blush as a shade of Pink is part of the Red slice of the color wheel. Therefore, red and green are complementary colors. Red, blue, and yellow make a triad. Red, blue-green, and yellow-green are split complementary colors. If you look for shoes and accessories in these color groupings, you will be off to a great start, and you might just find a surprising combination along the way.

Beautiful Basic Shoes for Blush Dresses 

You can always stick with neutral colors. If the dress itself is a statement piece, you don’t need to distract from it with your shoes. A lovely pair of matching heels or sandals is an elegant choice.

An essential practical but beautiful shoe is a nude pump. It is a perfect choice for a day at the office in a smart blush suit and can support your feet with class and style into the evening with a long flowing dress. You could even wear it with a nice pair of trousers or jeans and a blush blouse. 

Another strong contender that can take you from daylight to dinner is a tan wedge sandal. These would pair comfortably with a knee-length wrap dress or a flirty flounce with some swing and perhaps a ruffle.

Consider the benefits of basic black. Add a black sweater or belt to your blush dress and create a whole new look. Most of us have several styles of black shoes in the closet already, so slip into the comfort of an old friendly pair. 

Day to dinner 

Tan wedge sandal

Fancy a Formal?

Whether you are a blushing bride, a bridesmaid, attending a star-studded event, or your senior prom, blush pink is an elegant color choice for your dress. How do you choose the best shoe color for your ensemble? 

Shoes for Blush Wedding Dresses

La Vie on Rose

Gorgeous blush adds a soft, warm hue to wedding dresses. It is a bit like wearing the perfect glass of Rosé. . . delicate, crisp, and pairs well with almost anything. Depending on the length of your dress, your shoes may not show much, but they do need to be comfortable. A medium heel is a nice balance of formality and wearability. You have many color options. You can match the shoes to the dress with a lovely matte rose heel. A metallic rose gold sandal for a summer wedding would also be delightful. 

Pretty in Pewter

You can choose to match the shoe color to other wedding color choices. Is the groom in charcoal? A metallic pewter shoe would create a lovely visual connection. 

Resplendent Reds

Perhaps the bridesmaids are resplendent in a deep ruby. Match your shoes to their dresses. The possibilities really are endless.

Blushing Bridesmaids

Blush bridesmaids’ dresses flatter every skin tone. And because blush is so flexible, your attendant’s shoes can be any color. To create a neutral background for stunning flowers, go with nude or rose gold shoes. On the other hand, you could match the bridesmaids’ shoes to the accent color in the flowers and the groomsmen’s ties. Blush, slate blue, and goldenrod combined create a lovely rendering of the red-blue-yellow triad. Slate or silver bridesmaid shoes provide a lovely foundation for this theme.

Shoes for Blush Formal Dresses 

Show Some Sparkle

Is your evening gown or prom dress a beautiful blush? Look for shoes that match the color with a bit of sparkle. Metallic gold or rose gold heeled sandals are stunning choices for a flowing formal. Pair these shoes with matching jewelry and a clutch. 

A Dash of Daring

If you feel more daring with your formal, consider a bright color for your shoes and accessories. You can stick to the same color family and choose a bold red or deep burgundy pair of shoes. Add a matching lipstick and take your ensemble to new heights. Carry a metallic purse and wear jewelry that combines your chosen shade of burgundy and the metallic shade of your handbag.

Blue-green Beauty

The split-complementary color combination is powerful. With blush, you could choose the iridescent beauty of a peacock’s plumage as your accent pieces. A resplendent teal shoe is stunning in contrast to a blush formal.  Add some teal sparkle in your hair with a decorative clip to show your true colors.

Sunday Services

Your Sunday best needs shoes that will carry you from services to lunch. Low heels, chunky sandals, or ballet flats are just the ticket for comfort and style. Nude, tan, and cream are always reliable.

Patterned footwear can add delight to your ensemble. Some quirky leopard print sandals and a matching tote are just the thing for a Sunday stroll downtown.

For the Work Week

Does your office require formal attire? If you wear a suit to work, the nude pump is a solid choice for any color palette. When you mix your basic blush with black or charcoal, choose black pumps or boots. 

Navy is a natural choice. As one of the three colors in the red-yellow-blue triad, you really can’t go wrong. Top your blush sheath dress with a navy jacket or long blazer. Slip into your glossy navy pumps or comfy ballet flats and power through the week.

A warm chocolate brown is an analogous color to red on the color wheel, so it offers a charming contrast to blush. Brown suede booties in the fall or mahogany wedges in the spring add stylish and seasonal grace.

Casual Fridays 

Can you relax a bit on Fridays? A complimentary color will be just the right combination to take you into the weekend. Pull an olive green military-style jacket over your blush dress, and march into some matching flats or mules with a little gold embellishment. 

Running Errands 

There’s no reason to skimp on fashion when you are running errands. You still need comfort, though. Pair some rose gold or leopard print tennis shoes with a blush t-shirt dress. They are fun and add some kick to your outfit and your daily routine. Grab your leopard print bucket bag and some sassy sunglasses, and you are all set. You’ll be able to keep up with the kids and the Joneses in this outfit. 

Summers and Saturdays

Are you heading out for a picnic date or a day at the park? You will need cool, comfortable shoes with your blush sundress. Woven tan slides are easy to walk in and easy to kick off to feel the grass under your feet. Top off your outfit with a matching straw hat, and don’t forget your sunscreen. A slip-on canvas shoe in natural cream provides comfort for walking and for napping on a picnic blanket as well. Carry your reusable canvas bag with snacks and a frisbee for some fun in the sun.

No matter what your style is, blush dresses can fit into your wardrobe. Just remember that the shoes you choose are the “sole” of your outfit. Pick shoes that are comfortable, functional, and share your own personal style with the world. 

Need more ideas?

You have a perfect blush dress, but none of these solutions are quite what you are looking for. How will you ever decide what to wear? Take a look a home design photos. Look at the colors of the accent pillows and throw rugs. They are the shoes of home design. You can find inspiration for the perfect outfit all around you.

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