What Jewelry to Wear with a Royal Blue Dress

Royal blue dresses are a hot trend at the moment and for good reason. Such a bold color as royal blue gives off an essence of tranquility, elegance, and loyalty. Perfect for almost any occasion, it’s a staple every woman should have in her closet.

Working with such a sophisticated color can be intimidating when it comes to finding the right jewelry to wear with it. There are so many factors that go into creating the perfect look.

From the material of the jewelry to the occasion you’re attending, a lot of consideration must go into your jewelry of choice.

When choosing jewelry to style a royal blue dress, pieces made of gold, silver,  pearls, or diamonds are sophisticated and elegant. For a more colorful or casual look, you can also choose jewelry that boasts coral, yellow, or champagne colors. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what type of jewelry to pair with your favorite royal blue dress and how to style it appropriately for any occasion.

What to Consider When Selecting Jewelry for a Royal Blue Dress

There are a number of factors to consider when pairing jewelry with a royal blue dress. While the dress is a statement in itself with its brave color, the essence isn’t fully achieved without adding the right jewelry.

There is too much room for mistakes when styling a royal blue dress. You risk the chance of looking gaudy or even as if you lack a sense of fashion altogether. You can achieve this simply by choosing the wrong jewelry.

Before styling, you must take into consideration the color of the jewelry, the material the jewelry is made from, and the occasion which you are attending. With these factors in mind, you’ll find it much easier and less intimidating to style your dress.

Choosing the Right Colors

Choosing the right colored jewelry for a royal blue dress actually comes down to a science. Just take a look at the color wheel.

The easiest way to know if two colors will complement each other is to reference this wheel. Simply find the dark blue color and see what color sits directly opposite of it on the wheel. To save you some time and effort, the opposite color is orange.

Although, this is usually used as just a guideline for colors. The most common colors to pair with a royal blue dress include coral, champagne, and yellow.

Another way to use the color wheel when picking colors is by using analogous colors. These are the two colors on either side of your main color on the wheel. So, for royal blue, according to the color wheel, light blues and purples are potentially good matches.

Consider the Material

The material your jewelry is made from is a major feature to consider when creating the perfect look for a royal blue dress.

The best materials to choose from are gold, silver, pearls, and of course, diamonds. These elements will provide an elevated and sophisticated style.

It’s best to stay away from chunky plastic and clunky costume jewelry. Pairing these gaudy pieces with such a bold dress runs the risk of looking tawdry. It’s best to stay modest and simple when choosing more playful and casual jewelry.

Dress for the Occasion

A royal blue dress can be styled in various ways simply by the jewelry you choose to wear. As all eyes will already be on you thanks to the bold color of your outfit, you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

For example, women attending a business meeting should choose minimalist-styled jewelry with concise shapes.

Attending a wedding as a guest calls for jewelry that is a little more elegant, yet can be bold as well. I would suggest choosing higher-end materials and precious stones.

Dress as you see fit for the occasion in which you’re attending. Just keep in mind that your jewelry has the power to transform your royal blue dress for all occasions. 

Matching by The Type of Jewelry 

Silver Jewelry

Silver is among the classic jewelry that will never ever go out of style. However, it’s essential that you understand how to use it.

Whether you are wearing fine silver jewelry encrusted with precious stones, plain silver, or perhaps silver-plated jewelry, it’s one of the best options to pair with a royal blue dress.

Donning silver accessories can help you stand out in a crowd and achieve an elegant, understated look.

Silver jewelry lays perfectly against the color and complements it well. It’s also very subtle and adds just the right amount of elegance and sparkle.

To formalize your look for a high-end occasion, consider wearing jewelry with gemstones. 

Gold Jewelry

Gold pairs especially well with royal blue thanks to the way the color of your dress creates an elegant backdrop for glitzy accessories. Unlike silver, which complements royal blue, gold stands out against your dress.

The quantity of gold you use can change just how much of a head-turner your outfit will be.

 A simple brooch, bracelet, or earrings will give you some sparkle and class. Larger accessories as big necklaces, chunky rings, or large bangles are sure to turn heads and give any simple dress a chic but stylish look.

Be careful with gold jewelry when styling a royal blue dress. Too much gold can risk you looking gaudy. It’s best to keep your gold jewelry simple and elegant for formal occasions.

Yellow-Colored Jewelry

If gold is a bit too glamorous or perhaps too professional for your outfit, consider going with yellow jewelry.

It has among the brightest shades on the color wheel, even though it may be among the more challenging colors to pull off. If done correctly, though, you’ll surely be a stunning ray of sunshine in any room you walk into.

Yellow accessories are best worn during the summer to more casual events such as baby showers, cookouts, or happy hour.

Coral Accessories

If yellow is too bright, try complimenting your dress with bright coral accessories. It’s the perfect in-between color that is still bold and eye-catching, but not too bright. Coral jewelry still makes quite a statement when paired with a royal blue dress

When used properly, it produces a majestic and stunning appearance. Try coral earrings, necklace, bracelet, and even a coral-colored handbag if you’re feeling daring.

The color isn’t so demanding that you can’t also include a third basic color such as gold or silver to make it appear more professional for specific occasions.


Pearls are a quintessential option for women who would like to boast a classic and elegant look with a royal blue dress.  

The likes of Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy in royal blue dresses and pearls have graced numerous covers in the past and have become an iconic color for females that wish to dress formally with far more understated elegance.

While pearls do not have the same gleam as gemstones, their white radiance gives each woman who wears them a subtle sense of glamour.

Pearl necklaces are probably the most common pieces to wear with a royal blue dress but do not be restricted to this. Pearl earrings and bracelets are also frequent, as well as hairpieces and brooches.

There is something classic about the splendor of pearls that often makes it appear trendy with nearly all colors, but especially royal blue.


Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. To give your royal blue dress the ultimate elevated and elegant look, diamonds are never a mistake. Even the simplest diamond pendant necklace or dainty tennis bracelet can do wonders to this look.

From simple to flashy, diamonds – no matter their size – will surely stand out against the deep, rich color of your dress drawing attention from everyone in the room.

Champagne Accessories

Last but not least, in case you wish to go for a more muted type of gold, try champagne-colored jewelry. Like gold and pearls, the color stands out against the royal blue color, making it a fashionable yet understated accessory color.

You can make use of either champagne-colored crystals, pearls, gems, or even some other accessory to put in a hint of additional elegance to your dress. Add some bronze or perhaps gold accents to add another level to the outfit.

Royal blue dresses are “in” at the moment. And due to the versatility of theirs and classic color, it is here to stay.

Which Jewelry Will You Choose?

Royal blue dresses are very popular in today’s fashion. Thanks to their versatility and rich color. From business meetings to happy hours to weddings, a royal blue dress fits in virtually any place.

To ensure your royal blue dress is styled appropriately, consider which jewelry to pair with it. Whether you’re searching for a subtle look with minimalist-style silver jewelry or want to be the life of the party with yellow and gold jewelry, all of this can be achieved.

A must-have staple in every woman’s closet, the royal blue dress isn’t going anywhere. Now is the best time to find the one you feel absolutely gorgeous in and learn which jewelry to pair with it to create a dazzling and unforgettable ensemble.