What To Wear To A Mexican Fiesta Party [Traditional and Modern]

The Summer season is upon us! That means that themed parties are about to commence! A traditional Mexican Fiesta is filled with food, music, and of course, exciting entertainment. When you think of these occasions, flowy garments that come in bright, beautiful colors with delicate floral embroidery come to mind. These are actually just a few of the characteristics you will find in authentic fiesta attire. 

What you may not realize is that customary Mexican style clothing also incorporates sun protection. This means ample coverage of the skin. However, it also serves a dual purpose. Modesty is paramount in the Mexican culture and fiesta attire follows this rule. Why? Most of these events are circled around religious occasions and are celebrated outside. That means no skimpy outfits allowed! 

By integrating these attributes into your ensemble you are sure to look the part! Here are some of the top pieces to include in your signature look for the next festival you are scheduled to attend.

Finding Your Signature Fiesta Look

Women’s Attire

As you head out to celebrate and socialize in the sunshine, you should expect dancing to be on your itinerary! Therefore, look for clothing that allows for ample movement. All items should be loose and lightweight. Additionally, the fabrics are normally made of cotton, silk or agave cactus fibers. These materials will help to keep you cool and comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outdoors!

Traditional Clothing Options

A Huipil is one of the most common garments worn by women at fiestas. This refers to anything from a blouse to a tunic to a dress. These are unique, handmade pieces. Made with just two or three squares of fabric, they can be simple or ornate in design. It just depends on the occasion! Huipils are a staple in Mexico and Guatemala. They are seen as a work of art that showcases the story of the women that wove them. 

Other alternatives to a huipil are a quechquemitl and a rebozo, which are similar to a poncho and a shawl. Additionally, there are a multitude of dress types to choose from including Tabasco dresses and Jalisco dresses. These are all handcrafted, decorative garments that are a great addition to your closet that can spruce up your fiesta-themed look! 

Unfortunately, finding something authentic will be a bit difficult on short notice, not to mention pricey. However, there are some fantastic choices available on Etsy for under fifty bucks!

Modern Clothing Options

If you want to stray away from cultural norms and find something a little more current, then keep an eye out for apparel that comes in bold colors and patterns — the more the better! Choose options with vibrant pinks, neon greens, rich dark purples, luscious reds, and glowing yellow hues.

Then add in some floral designs or some strong stripes to keep that authentic vibe going! Also, look for ample texture. Ruffled and layered clothing are a staple in Mexican-style outfits. This is especially true in skirts and dresses. 

Moreover, remember that while you may be looking for a more contemporary style, the general theme of less is more should stay intact. Therefore, aim to wear long dresses and skirts. Stereotypically, these tend to extend to at least the knee, if not the ankle.

Then in terms of your upper half, billowing peasant style tops or tunics are great choices! The combination of these garments creates an appearance that is tailored to accentuate your movements and less of your bosom and legs

Finally, remember that if you intend to spin your heart out, make sure that you have the proper undergarments. This will ensure coverage when momentum gets the best of your apparel. 

Party Accessories

No outfit is complete without the right accents! Depending on the ensemble, consider a tan or black belt to accentuate your waist. Then add some flat strappy sandals! These are a simple choice that will keep you cool and won’t pull focus from your fabulous fiesta flair! 

Finally, you cannot forget your headpiece! The right hat can keep you looking, and feeling, cool. Make sure to acquire wide-brimmed varieties such as a fedora, a boater hat, or a floppy straw sun hat. Alternatively, for the ladies who want to be a bit more ostentatious, let your look flourish with a flower crown! This fresh, blossoming halo is a gorgeous choice, especially if your clothing is a little less eye-catching. 

Men’s Attire

Sharp, smart and suave. Men’s attire can be simple and sleek or it can be a more traditional over-the-top ensemble! Nonetheless, just like the women’s garb, this attire should be fashionable and functional. Therefore, men should also be looking for lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. This ensures a breezy and enjoyable time outside. 

Traditional Clothing Options

A serape or poncho is an easy and authentic option to throw on for a casual affair. This item is a classic choice! It is filled with vivid colors and has comfort is built right in! Unfortunately, these two garments are typically made of thicker fabrics such as wool. Therefore, when attending daytime Summer events, they might not be the best choice. This look is best suited for cooler seasons. 

For fancier fiesta apparel, a charro suit is a traditional and grandiose choice. Talk about making an entrance! Known for being exceptionally ornate, these suits are perfect for formal occasions and are normally adorned with a silk tie. This outfit choice can be quite expensive, but the intricate embroidery and attention to detail make it worth the money if you have multiple occasions to wear it. 


Modern Clothing Options

For the men who like to keep it simple, you can achieve a classy look with pieces that you may already have in your closet. First, you will need a pair of white or black linen slacks. Conversely, for a more casual affair, grab some tan khakis or Bermuda shorts. 

Next, add in a short-sleeve button-down shirt to complete the ensemble! This can be a vintage style, white guayabera shirt with small embroidered accents, or a more bold, patterned, and colorful number. 


Party Accessories

To complete the look, grab a tan leather belt. Depending on your style, you can choose a polished appearance with a basic clasp or you can go gaudier with a big western belt buckle. Next, boots are a must and in order to achieve typical Mexican style, the more pointy the toe, the better! An alternative for those who intend to wear shorts is a pair of huaraches. These are handmade sandals that provide a little extra coverage than American versions.

Last, but certainly not least, you can complete your fiesta ensemble with a traditional sombrero! According to tradition, this hat shows others your economic status. Therefore, the bigger, brighter, and bolder, the better off you must be! If this is too much though, consider donning a crisp, classic cowboy hat. 

Kid’s Attire

While not as flashy as the adult options, the general themes for kid’s fiesta clothes should remain the same as their adult counterparts! Pops of color, beautiful floral designs, and puffy skirts are great for little girls. Then get the classic button-down and slacks for your little cowboy. 

Accessories will be a little more subdued, but there are plenty of floral headbands and miniature hats to choose from! This will ensure that they have the same signature fiesta flair as mom and dad!

One thing to note — children tend to become overheated more so than adults. Therefore, try to avoid layers with the little ones in order to avoid heat related illnesses


Final Thoughts 

Mexican style clothing exudes confidence. It is brimming with colors, incorporates bold patterns, and most importantly, it is flashy in the most modest way. The intent is to catch people’s eyes with the exquisite designs, the shimmering metallic stitching, and the delicate and beautiful embroidery. 

Moreover, women’s fabrics should flow through the air effortlessly. When combined with the spectacular array of shades, it is hard to look away from the majesty of the motion. You can choose to dress in traditional Mexican attire or you can take the authentic themes of this customary style and make it your own!

Finding options that use rich and lively hues accompanied with soft and delicate materials will provide you with the perfect fiesta ensemble! Accents should always include leather and your outfit will never be complete without the perfect headpiece! 

Finally, when heading out to party at your next fiesta, you also need to wear the ultimate attitude! Don’t just let your clothes showcase your confidence and excitement! Spread some joy, let go of your troubles and show your convictions on the dance floor! It doesn’t not matter if you intend to salsa, merengue, or cumbia, you can be the princesa of the fiesta!

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