What To Wear To a Vegas Pool Party [Female & Male]

You are off to Vegas for nights full of lights, parties, shows, and casinos. But nightlife is not the only fun to be had. Vegas day clubs offer the music and party atmosphere of nightclubs plus swimming – a cool relief on the hot desert days. 

Dayclub “pool parties” are less formal than nightclubs, but they still have dress codes. These are not your next-door-neighbors backyard barbecues. 

Although you will be wearing swimwear, you need to wear dressy swimsuit covers to the day clubs. You have to walk through the casino to get to the day club, and your attire needs to meet the casino standards. Furthermore, the door staff will only allow you to enter if you meet the dress code. Check ahead of time for the specific club you are visiting to be sure your outfit meets the requirements.

Your swimwear should be something you are confident in. For ladies, one-piece swimsuits and bikinis should be solid fabric, not mesh or see-through. Cover up with a strappy sundress and wedge sandals on your way into the club. Men will also need to cover up on the way in, so grab a collared shirt, polo, or tasteful Hawaiian shirt that matches your favorite board shorts. Choose boat shoes or sandals to complete your ensemble.

What Not to Wear to a Vegas Pool Party

Each day club has a slightly different dress code, so you should check before you go. For the most part, the day clubs all discourage the same attire. Dayclubs don’t permit running shoes, flip-flops, or crocs. The dress codes do not allow team jerseys, t-shirts with messages printed on them, jeans, cut-off shorts, or athletic wear like yoga pants or sweat pants for swimwear covers. Tank tops and ribbed undershirts are also no-go. Heavy jewelry, long chains, large earrings, and other loose accessories are not permitted. Save those for nightclubs.

Ladies Swimwear for a Vegas Pool Party

Confidence is beautiful. Don’t feel compelled to wear a tiny bikini if that makes you self-conscious. A one-piece swimsuit with decorative ruching or cutouts can be just as attractive as a bikini. Of course, bikinis are welcome. Go for a new one for your Vegas vacation. Choose your favorite color or pattern and show off your personality. 

There are a few things to avoid, however. Mesh or see-through fabrics and pasties are not permitted. Some clubs discourage string bikinis as well, so double-check each location’s dress codes. Hooks, studs, and rivets on swimwear are also not allowed. If you are interested in topless bathing, there are a few adults-only clubs that offer this environment.

Men’s Swimwear for a Vegas Pool Party

Board shorts in your preferred length are perfect for the gents. Once again, grab some new pairs for your vacation, and feel free to express yourself with the design and color.


The entrance to the Vegas dayclub pool party will be located in the casino, so you are going to have to follow casino dress codes in addition to the dayclub dress codes. 


You will want to choose a loose cover-up for your bikini or one piece. You could choose any length, from a short flowy sundress to a full-length maxi. Remember that you may want to put it on and take it off throughout the day, so go for something easy to manage. Also, remember that Vegas is hot, so choose a light color over black. You might also select shorts and an attractive top, but consider the ease with which you can take them off and put them on.


For those wearing board shorts, top them off with a collared shirt. A polo that matches your trunks or a tasteful Hawaiian shirt make good choices. Undershirts and tank tops are not dressy enough for the club. 

Poolside Shoes


A few dayclubs ask that ladies wear heels with their swimwear, while others do not want hard-soled shoes around the pool. Check each club’s requirements. 

Wedge sandals that match your swimsuit will make your legs look like they go on forever. They are an excellent midway point between heels and sandals since they are easy to wear and look great.

Sandals are an excellent choice for anyone. They are easy to wear, and they’ll keep your feet from burning. 


Since tennis shoes are discouraged, topsiders or canvas slip-ons are easy to wear and appropriate poolside. You can also opt for a nice leather sandal, but leave the socks at home.


Ladies, this is a club, so fix your hair and do your makeup (waterproof, of course) before heading to the day club.

Heavy jewelry and chains are not permitted for anyone in the pool areas. Besides, you wouldn’t want to lose your favorite necklace in the pool. Leave your jewelry in your room. 

Hats are allowed. If you plan to stay all day, bring a nice hat to keep the sun out of your face when resting on the chaises. Ladies bring a straw sun hat for some portable shade. Guys, go for a Panama hat. Baseball caps and snapbacks do not meet the dress code standards.

Sunglasses are allowed but remember that you don’t want to end up with a reverse panda tan, so keep that sunscreen on.

Pool Party Cost and Safety

The cover charge for entry in these popular Vegas dayclubs is anywhere from $10-$50. You can also reserve bungalows (some are air-conditioned), cabanas, lily pads, and daybeds. Register for these when you book your trip. 

Be sure to bring your ID to the pool party with you. 


Remember that Vegas is hot. Hydrate well the day before you go to the club. You must remember to hydrate throughout the day at the dayclub. Every other drink that you have should be water or non-alcoholic. 


Remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day; you don’t want sunburn to spoil the rest of your vacation.

Tote Bag / Lockers

Dayclubs will allow you to bring in a small bag with the bare necessities. Door staff search bags thoroughly. They do not allow any pills (prescription or otherwise) or any liquids (drinks, eye drops, hand sanitizer). These will be confiscated at the door and discarded. Also, leave the cameras and wearable recording technology at home. 

Some clubs have lockers, but be prepared to pay a high price for them (up to $50) and to wait in line a long time to use them. 

The Buddy System

Go with a group of friends so you can keep an eye on one another. Take turns watching out for your groups’ belongings. You will have to set your shoes and bag down at some point, and you certainly want them to be there when you get back. Keep your shoes under a towel or chair. Otherwise, they will be blisteringly hot when you put them back on. 

Be responsible when you drink. Drunken swimmers can have serious accidents. Be sure to watch your friends’ alcohol intake. Be sure to eat throughout the day too.

What do I Wear to Vegas Night Swim Clubs

A few Vegas clubs offer night swim parties. For these, you have options. If you plan to swim, you can wear the same kind of attire as the dayclub swim parties. On the other hand, evening clubwear is also appropriate for these events. Some people come straight from the casino floor to the night swim parties but don’t swim.

Ladies who are not swimming might choose a little black dress, a cocktail dress, or that perfect bodycon that you have been planning on. High heels or heeled sandals are the tickets for lengthening your legs. 

Gentlemen who are not swimming should dress it up with a tailored suit or designer jeans and a dressy shirt. 

Attire that is not permitted is the same as that of dayclubs. Don’t wear baggy or torn jeans, tennis shoes, or clothing advertising sports teams. Shorts, cut-offs, and cargo shorts are not permitted. Beanies and baseball caps are too casual for nightclubs. 

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Final Verdict

Even though you are going to a pool party, it is also a Vegas club. Wear an attractive swimsuit, and make sure that your cover-up meets the dress code. Wear cute shoes that enhance your swimsuit. A hat to keep the sun off when you are lounging is a great idea. Don’t forget to hydrate and wear sunscreen. 

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