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Thank you for wanting to submit a guest post on mommywithaplan.com. In order to make sure our readers get the quality content they deserve, we have very strict publishing guidelines.


  • We don’t accept every submission.
  • If the article is high quality, we will accept it right away and publish it very quickly. Otherwise, it may take up to 2 months to continue editing it.
  • Guest posts are different than sponsored posts. If you want us to do a product or service review, please email us at ruben(at)authoritygeeks.com

Post Specifics

  • Posts shouldn’t be shorter than 1500 words, but check the appropriate length.
  • Make sure the posts are properly spaced out. Space out every 2-3 sentences.
  • Use Proper headings
  • Watch for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax

The Process

  • Select the appropriate topic from the list
  • Put your name and email next to the topic of your choice. If the topic is already taken, please choose another topic.
  • Send us the article and wait for confirmation.